After scolding fiercely,The buddy in front of the TV took a deep breath,But his face is still not pretty:“All right,My reaction was a little overdone,But it seems that this carcivicof‘Attentiveness’Beyond my expectation。”

He Will“Attentiveness”The word is very heavy。
Everyone in front of the tapecivicCar owners,The mood is as heavy as that guy’s expression on TV,They suddenly found,I was cheap at the beginning、The Honda that I bought to save fuelcivic,Maybe very fuel efficient,Maybe very worry-free,But the price paid for this may be heavier than I imagined。
“Originally according to my plan,Is going to put this carcivicDisassemble all、test、Dismantle the Chrysler after the measurement‘family’of,But now i changed my mind,”The buddy in front of the camera said:“I am really curious now,This Chrysler‘family’What is the level of the rear anti-collision steel beam?Than thiscivicGood or bad?and so,friends,I decided to dismantle this Chrysler next to me‘family’Up。”
Don’t need this buddy to say,Actually watch this dismantling video in front of the TVcivicOwners have long wanted to see this car used to match HondacivicChrysler for comparison“family”What is the level of the rear anti-collision steel beam:Is the thickness of the steel lighter or thicker?Is it stronger or weaker??
From their instincts,Chrysler“family”More expensive than HondacivicSo expensive,A Chrysler“family”I can almost buy two HondascivicThere is leftover,Chrysler“family”Winning is justified,Not to mention“family”Still born in“kind”Chrysler,But ascivicOwner of,They are entangled again、Don’t want Chrysler“family”Can win……
But the result is obviously not based on their expectations,Especially this“Skew frame”The purpose of such an obvious video……
Chrysler“family”The rear bumper and rear anti-collision steel beams were quickly removed,Take this Chrysler down“family”When the rear anti-collision steel beam,The guy who made the video frowned in surprise,Then tell the audience in front of the TV:“Chrysler‘family’The rear anti-collision steel beam is significantly better thancivicA lot of weight,I guess at least double the weight……Lucas,Help me push the scale over。”
OK,This even the electronic scale is ready。
But the audience in front of the TV would not consider why the electronic scale was prepared in advance,They were also attracted by this test:Weigh on the scale,This test is really fair and reasonable。
First197chapter Smart marketing(I wish you all a Happy New Year,Everything goes well)
The result of the above scale makes the crowd in front of the TVcivicThe car owners are all dumbfounded:HondacivicThat of“Iron sheets”Rear anti-collision steel beam,weight8.75kg;Chrysler“family”Rear anti-collision steel beam,weight17.8kg,It’s HondacivicThe rear anti-collision steel beam is much doubled。
There is no actual weight data more convincing,You say that the manufacturer is attentive?Where is the intention?For consumers,Judge whether a manufacturer has used his mind on a certain product,The easiest way is to use full materials,I dare not say whether Chrysler is full of materials,But at least better than HondacivicIt’s full of materials。
You said that other people’s design is energy-absorbing design?