Bai Qi said to him:“This is normal,it does not matter,Take your time。So many classrooms,You can also design。”

“Different,There are no rules in every classroom,Must be the same,It’s all active。”
Chapter Eighty Seventy One Discretion
After listening to Baiqi’s thoughts, Lin Yuner felt that it was indeed。
In this classroom,No blackboard table and chair bench。Yes,Moved here later,Then need to design the position of the podium。
Computer placement,The location of each classroom can be designed differently,This has to be measured。
and then,The book corner at the back is almost the same,She thinks because after all,Of books in each class。
The quantity should be about the same size,Must have the same position can be changed,Regarding the placement of the line sweep tool just mentioned by White,This should also be good。
Lin Yoona thought that when they were at school, the cleaning tools were all casually placed in the corner and there was no special arrangement of tools.。
Place for cleaning tools,how about this,She can design a slot for cleaning tools,In this case, it will be more expensive and more regular。
It’s ok at the back of the classroom。Place a blackboard or a whiteboard with marker。
Because the students’ chalk must be worse,Whiteboard can be used for students to do questions。