“Made everyone tired“Xia Jian said,At the greeting of Guo Meili,Sat on the last table,Yao Junli sat down beside Xia Jian unceremoniously。

Fang Fang and Heiwa ran to another table and sat,Xia Jian took a look,Which table Wang Huimin and Hongyu are sitting at between Mu Rong Sisi and He Jing,Then I relieved my heart,How about the first day,It’s not okay to get someone to say hello。
“Hey!Mr. Guo,There are only three of us on this table?Is it a bit less“Xia Jian asked Guo Meili a little puzzled。
Guo Meili smiled and said:“A few more,Should be here soon“
Guo Meili’s voice just fell,I met Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu,And Zhao Hong、Ouyang Hong came in,When they saw Xia Jian,Especially Chen Erniu,He yelled,And fell on Xia Jian,Keep punching Xia Jian on the back,Scolded:“Dare you come,I’ll find you wherever“
What is brotherhood,Never fell,I don’t even know if anyone will help you,Xia Jian passed this incident,Only then can I really feel the warmth and cold in the world。
Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong said hello,This woman is strong,Although there are not too many words,But Xia Jian can feel the excitement in her heart,Xia Sanhu smiled honestly。
But Zhao Hong is different,She went to sit next to Xia Jian,Don’t say a word,Xia Jian understands her character,She doesn’t speak,It shows that there is a fire in her heart,She is looking for the right opportunity to spray the fire in her heart。
The dishes came soon,So that everyone can have fun,Guo Meili arranged liquor、Red wine、And beer,Anyway, what can you drink,Just drink anything。
Wait for everyone to pour the wine,Xia Jian stood up,He said loudly:“Thank you all for your time,Concern for me,Have you walk with me all the way,One life is enough“
His voice just fell,There was thunderous applause in the hall。
First0359chapter Apartment completed
There are already a thousand glasses of wine,Don’t be speculative。
This night,They kept drinking and chatting until midnight,Fortunately, Guo Meili greeted the boss in advance,The restaurant’s full-time employees waited until they all left。
How to get back to the hotel,Who sent him back,Xia Jian never knows,But when he opens his eyes,I found out that I was already lying on the bed。