Tongchuan held a school-owned construction of Shaanxi assembled building talent training ceremony

Li Rong said that in recent years, Tongchuan City has further implemented the concept of new development, and push high-quality development, actively build industrial clusters such as high-end equipment manufacturing, and accelerate the development of new materials industry, to create a new building materials production base, create provincesLevel assembly architectural pilot demonstration city is the goal, vigorously promotes the development of assembly architecture.

The completion of the Weili Kane Assembled Building Industry Park is the fruitful results made in the assembled building industry in Tongchuan City.

The school-enterprise jointly established Shaanxi assembled architectural talents training bases. It is not only the integration of the school’s deputy cooperation, and the integration of organic combination of engineering is also strengthening and improving the construction of talent training system in Shaanxi Province.Tongchuan Vocational and Technical College and Weili Kane must cooperate, closely cooperate, effectively accelerate the cultivation of technical talents, and transport all kinds of assembly professionals in the province and even the country, and strive to build a new highland of assembly professionals.