“sorry,I can’t hold back。What an enemy this car has with you?Just repaired and had to return to the factory。”Brother Xiu looked around and said:“It looks okay,If there is no big problem inside,It didn’t take long。This is a rear-end collision?Fortunately。”

“Brother Xiu, please drag the car back,We were scared,Want to leave here quickly,talk to you later。”Wang Shuai is not in the mood to talk to Brother Xiu,The key is that the actual situation is not easy to tell others so much。
Brother Xiu looked at Chen Wenjin’s car and said:“Your car can be repaired at the refit shop,I left the three bosses first。”
“When will Brother Xiu’s store open??”Wang Shuai asked more questions,Brother Xiu said:“Early next month。”
They have already finalized the store opening,Signed all that should be signed,Early-stage funds are also in place。
After Brother Xiu left,Wang Shuai said:“Let’s talk to another place?”
“Ok。”Xiao Xiao agreed,Then walked to Chen Wenjin’s car。
Wang Shuai looked at Chen Wenjin helplessly and said:“Do you think this is God’s will??”
“Return to the center of the earth!”Chen Wenjin didn’t take a sentence。
Wang Shuai just laughed,Suddenly asked another serious question:“If i have an accident,Would you save that?”
“Nianzha, you have recently been changing,Will save。”Chen Wenjin deliberately looked up and down twice,Wang Shuai laughed when he heard it:“I just pretend to believe。”
Chen Wenjin started the car,There is still the smell of residual smoke coming in when the wheels are rubbed in the car,So he opened the window,Ran for a while,The smell is finally gone。
Windows rise,The temperature in the compartment gradually dropped。
Xiao Xiao suddenly said something:“Actually I want to go home now。”
“Then I’ll drive you back。”Chen Wenjin slowed down and stopped by the road,Wang Shuai also stopped the car,I thought there was something wrong with his car,But Chen Wenjin said about changing cars,He sent Xiao Xiao back。
So Wang Shuai said nothing,Drove Chen Wenjin’s car directly。
Chen Wenjin drove Xiao Xiao’s car,Follow his own car,Talk to Xiao Xiao:“A little worried,Wait until Wang Shuai enters Qinghe before sending you back,Coincidentally,OK?”
“Ok。”Xiao Xiao has no objection。