Talk about it,Hong Tairan stretched out his hands at the same time,Slapped them on the shoulders。

The three people on the battlefield are all venerable,No one of the spectators around is qualified to intervene,I can only watch this scene happen。
Lu Menglin frowned,Keep warning signs,Finally gritted his teeth,Jumped into the arena,Rushed to three people。
Talking late,Then soon!Hong Tairan stretched out his hand and patted Tu Chunchun on the shoulder,Palm to midway,Suddenly turned into claws,One paw pinched Tu Chu’s throat,Resolutely,This is definitely not a means of pulling a frame,But to kill。
Almost simultaneously,Fan Chu seems to be early
Be prepared,Purple awns in the eyes burst,He finally urged out the secret medicine power at this critical moment。
The strength on Fan Zhui’s fist increased rapidly,The whole body gang energy erupts,As if turned into a terrible whirlpool,Hold Tu Chunch firmly,So that he cannot be cloned。
The change at this moment is too fast,Everyone in the audience didn’t even have time to exclaim,I can only watch this scene happen。
Between the sparks,Tu Chuan suddenly shrank his neck,As if all the neck was retracted into the chest cavity,Then suddenly opened his mouth,There was a terrible roar from the throat。
Roar out,Not only the volume is loud,And there is a tragic breath that shocks the mind。Everyone who heard this voice,It’s like being hit on the head with a hammer,Eardrum humming。
Hong Tairan was also stunned by this stern roar,Claw Jin took a long time to catch it,At this time, Tu Qinchun had already used a trick to listen to thunder,Shrinking the neck into the chest cavity,Protected。
“Wang Ba Ting Lei”versus“Hedong Lion Roar”Two great tricks come together,Finally escaped the killer trick of the insidious villain。
but,This does not mean that Tu Qinqin did not pay the price,Because of the relationship between these two tricks,Makes him too late to protect his body,Fan Zhui’s fist strength took advantage of the gap,Strong printed chest。
Next moment,Tu Ching’s figure flutters and retreats,There was a sense of panic in the retreat。
obviously,he got hurt!Tu Ching’s chest is broken,A clear fist mark appeared on the heart,Shocking。