At a three-way intersection,Three people stopped。Grandpa Long Lu smiled and said:“The road in the middle is to the town,About thirty miles away,The left is going to my house,Still forty miles,And the right can lead to the national highway,Need sixty miles。I think they should stay on these two roads,At least one day”

“Makes sense,Or your analysis is right,Then I’ll go home with you”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。
The old man nodded,Go forward first,Xia Jian and Long Lu hurriedly followed。
When the sky gradually darkens,A village of dozens of people appeared in front of Xia Jian,Looking at the village in front of you,Xia Jianmeng thought of Xiping Village for five years。
“Let’s go!stop looking,Poor and backward village,Although the material is not rich,But there is still spiritual wealth”Long Lu said,Took Xia Jian who was in a daze。
Long Lu’s house happens to be on the edge of the village,Just entered the village,Turned left,Xia Jian pointed to the open yard and said:“ This is our home,Hurry in!”
Xia Jian nodded,And walked in with Long Lu。Just entered the gate,Long Lu shouted:“grandmother!we are back!”She said,He threw the basket on his back in the yard。
Came out of the upper room in his seventies,Silver-haired grandmother,She shook her body,Look very happy,She walked out,Shouted:“Yo!My grandson is back,Let grandma take a look,Are you tired these days。This old immortal just suffers,I have to get my grandson”
Long Lu smiled and said:“Stop scolding grandpa,I volunteered,Guest at home,You say that people will laugh at you”
“Yo!The young man looks very energetic,Big eyebrows”Long Lu’s grandma glanced at Xia Jian,I couldn’t help laughing。Long Lu saw Xia Jian still carrying a basket,Took it down for him。
Long Lu’s grandpa yawned and said:“Stop talking nonsense, old lady,Boil water and cook,Thirsty and tired”The old man said,Took Xia Jian into the room。
Wooden table and stool,And wooden bed。Xia Jian took a look,I feel that this place is different from his hometown。He can’t help but think of,In terms of location,Here already belongs to the south,Southerners don’t know how to sleep on kang。
It turns out that Long Lu’s grandpa and grandma live alone,The old man saw a visitor at home,So he called Long Lu’s mother,Help her cook together。
Dinner is rice stir fry,Although the dishes are few,But Xia Jian was very happy。About half a month,Really didn’t have a decent meal last time。Although Zhu Hui did not treat Xia Jian badly,But the chef’s craftsmanship is really not flattering。
Long Lu in front of his family,Keep holding vegetables to Xia Jian,This made her grandma unavoidably misunderstood,Xia Jian has heard it from the old man’s words,But he is not easy to explain in person。
These days we eat and sleep,Can neither eat nor sleep well,Wait till the meal is finished,Long Lu took Xia Jian to a small house alone,She smiled and said:“I was wronged,People in the mountains have such conditions,This is my house,You will live there”
“See what you said,My hometown is also from the countryside”Xia Jian said,Looked up and looked around。
The house is simple,Set up a desk,Next is this bed。But it’s still clean,The sheets and duvet cover seem to have just been replaced。I really think of myself as a guest,Xia Jian suddenly felt like being regarded as a VIP。
“You sit,Don’t rush to sleep,I will boil some water, soak your feet,Get rid of it!”Long Lu said,Ran away。