“You’re still a poor boy?I am afraid that my income is not as high as yours!”

Xiang Chen ran on Tian Dazhuang’s sentence,As for whether Tian Dazhuang is lucky,Xiang Chen just said casually,Not particularly concerned,Why don’t you push your heart when you meet?
“Isn’t that Brother Xiang, you take care of me,But Brother Xiang, why have you stopped working in the afternoon??”
For Xiang Chen,Tian Dazhuang is still very grateful,After all, if Xiang Chen didn’t appear,,Not to mention the considerable income now,I’m afraid I’m still being bullied by others,Dare not fight back,There are only a few poor takeaway orders that people don’t want to take.。
Thinking back to Xiang Chen who appeared when he was beaten,Tian Dazhuang only feels like a god descending from the earth。
“Don’t look at me ambiguously,I have no interest in men at all!”
When Tian Dazhuang looked towards Xiang Chen,That look made Xiang Chen a little creepy,Push Tian Dazhuang directly,Walk towards the student dormitory area。
Naturally, Xiang Chen would not explain the advice from his daughter to Tian Dazhuang, a silly boy who had a love for the first time.,Just like Tian Dazhuang would not share that little secret in his heart with Xiang Chen。
Since Xiangyang returned from military training,Xiang Chen has completed Xiangyang’s small wish for a short time,But it hasn’t been two days since I was proud,Immediately after the daughter’s wish list, the second wave came again。
According to the information provided by Xiangyang,Xiang Chen only knows that the girl who delivered meals these days is called Bai Lu,Is Xiangyang’s roommate,Was accidentally injured during military training because of Xiangyang。
After returning to school, Xiangyang did not find Bai Lu’s shadow in the bedroom,I heard that Bai Lu had to be observed in the school’s medical room for some special reasons,But Xiangyang didn’t dare to see Bai Lu,Even in normal class,Xiangyang also hides far away,I didn’t even dare to inquire at the end。
no way,Xiangyang can only beg Xiang Chen,At least Bai Lu’s three meals a day Xiangyang is contracted,It’s just that Xiang Chen is the last one to pay。
In the past few times, Xiang Chen always delivered takeaways to the door of the medical room,Leave a note on it,But today Xiang Yang gave Xiang Chen a new mission instruction,Be sure to feed Bai Lu’s mental state to Xiangyang。So Xiang Chen decided to stick to it,Until Bai Lu appeared!