Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona with a little laughter,Said:“Yoona,I just said,Don’t be so boring and listen to people’s corner?If you want to know when the two of them just now,What did you say,Then you can go out and listen,You always lie on the door,What’s the matter with you?”

Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan“rebuke”,He also gave Xiao Fan a straight and unceremonious look,Then said:“How can it be the same,I went out to listen,Can only hear what i want,Only in this way,I can hear what they are saying!”
“did not think of,My Yoona will be careful now!”That’s what Xiao Fan said,I just stretched out my hand and scratched Lin Yuner’s little nose.。
“Damn!And do you know what i heard just now?”Lin Yuner asked mysteriously。
“Oh?What did you hear?”Xiao Fan asked, raising his eyebrows。
“Both of them actually realized their mistakes,Not to be able to ask for our forgiveness,And deliberately use bitterness here。”Lin Yuner said excitedly。
“Oh?really?”Xiao Fan made a look of disbelief。
“Of course!And haven’t you noticed?I feel that both of them have been kneeling here for a long time, right?,It’s really hard for them,but,I really don’t know how they suddenly communicated,When I was on the street at first,They are all arrogant and powerful!”When Lin Yuna talked about this,,The expression has also become a little confused。
Xiao Fan looked happy for a while,When I look suspicious for a while,I also think that Lin Yoona is really funny,I didn’t find it before,She still has such a cute side?
“OK,OK,about this issue,Let’s not think about it,Anyway, they have put away their dirty thoughts now,Get back to the right,Isn’t that great?”Xiao Fan said。
“Ok,Xiao Fan,You are right!Make people recognize mistakes,Is more important than the punishment,Isn’t it?”Lin Yuna said。
Xiao Fan on this,It’s a sign of agreement,But he had never thought about this problem before,He is wrong about the wrong person,They all use severe punishment as a means,He will use the most severe means,To make those who make mistakes pay the price they paid by Yingai。
This,Is Xiao Fan’s way of doing things。