He Yueyingzi shook his head and smiled bitterly,While turning to the bottom for Wei Xiaoxing。

original,There are nine sequences in this list,From the first sequence to the ninth sequence,There are only 18 strong players in the first three sequences,To the fourth sequence,The list alone is packed a few pages,Over a hundred people。
To the fifth and sixth sequences,Basically you can only look at the search,Because there are too many pages,Fortunately there are search engines available,Want to know whose ranking,Just enter the name of the strong person to display the ranking。
If you turn to the ninth sequence that Wei Xiaoxing said,,I’m afraid there are thousands of people above。
But if you think about it, it’s normal,The Earth’s population is more than seven billion,Before the era of national mutation,There are not a few high-level warriors and magicians,At least millions of people。
Red mist falls,Global variation,Countless people gained strength through mutation,The strong have more base,There are a total of nearly 10,000 strong people on this list,It is equivalent to entering the ranks of the strongest in the world,Actually it’s not that easy。
Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu these two little guys,If you want to enter this top ranking,At least you have to cultivate to the fourth-order mutation level,Or practice it to the point where you can train your whole body,Have a chance to be on the list。
It can be seen that,Lu Menglin can quietly rank among the top ten global powerhouses,What an amazing thing!
Rested all night at Dongda,Early next morning,Lu Menglin led a group of teachers and students from Beiwu University,Accompanied by He Yueyingzi,Take a car to the direction of Mount Fuji。
Mount Fuji is the number one mountain in the East,Legend has it that she is like a goddess with a veil,Not easy to show people in their true colors,Only people who are lucky,To see the whole picture of Mount Fuji。
And the Matsushige School Headquarters,In a remote but peaceful town on the north side of Mount Fuji。
The bus crosses the winding road at the foot of the mountain,The shade on both sides is lush and dense,Lush,Misty in the mountains,Quite like a fairyland。
“This place is wrong!I feel so cold!Teacher Cao,Hug me!”Wei Xiaoxing, the monkey sitting in the car for a while is not honest,Winked at Cao Wen。
“roll!”Cao Wen glared at him unceremoniously,Looked out of the window again。
To this monkey,She is really helpless,Or,She has gradually gotten used to this boring way of getting along with each other。
“He Bu!I am cold,How about you hug me?As long as everyone gives a little love,world.”
I didn’t wait for Wei Xiaoxing to finish,He Bu has silently pulled out half of his new saber,The dazzling blade made Wei Xiaoxing consciously close her mouth。
Kanhachiro gave this knife to him,No one thought,Kanhachiro who was sent to the hospital,Actually asked someone to speak,Say sorry to He Bu,And thank him for his kindness,I have to give him the hidden knife。
He Bu originally brought only an ordinary sword,And broke in the battle,So he also respected Xie Bumin,Accepted Kanhachiro’s apology。
This Toyo sword named Ju Wenyu,Forged with the lost ancient method,Steel mouth is very good,Sharp and unmatched,And the weight and length of this knife are very suitable for He Bu’s figure,He slept all night holding this knife,Zheng Chou can’t find anyone to try the knife!