“Let’s go and have a look,Nothing to do anyway。”

Tianshalong flew towards the coral island,At a height of more than 100 meters from the island,I wish Minglang found out that the dragon shepherds on Coral Island are wearing hats with the logo of How to Train Your Dragon。
It’s from How To Train Your Dragon……
And it’s a higher position,Because it seems to be the academy hat that represents honorable status。
Zhu Minglang hesitated for a while,Finally, I use a silk scarf to cover my face。
I just killed Pu Shiming not long ago,The Pu family is very powerful,For safety, there is still no need to expose one’s strength prematurely,Then I will be listed as a suspect。
“friend,Can you do us a little favor,We are from Mancheng How to Train Your Dragon,Below is the teaching of the High Court,Lin Zhao,Several people around me are also hospital patrols。”One of the middle-aged older people said。
He wears a garden hat,Dress well,The tone is also very sincere。
“How are you staying here?,When i’m in the air,I saw a large number of Tyrannosaurus sharks in the nearby sea。”After Zhu Minglang confirmed the identity of the other party,This made the Tiansha dragon land on this coral island。
“We are also helpless,Keep a friend,We are looking for the cause of Nihai’s pollution,As a result, he was attacked by a tens of thousands of years of cultivation.,Someone of my companions was injured,Even if the bleeding stopped,The King Eagle can still smell our scent。”The Great Teacher Lin Zhao said。
“You dare not fly?”Zhu Minglang glanced at those hospital inspectors。
Two men,A woman。
Men in their 30s,On the contrary, that woman is younger,Should be no more than 30,Eyebrows and eyes give people a sense of pride that is not easy to get close to,Just because of injury,Pale and bloodless,A bit weak and helpless。
“Yes,The Great Sea Eagle King possesses strong tracking skills,Our dragon is marked by it,Just call out,It can be smelled thousands of miles away,And kill it right away。”The Great Teacher Lin Zhao said。
“She can’t stop bleeding,As a result, these tyrannosaurus sharks……”The chubby hospital visitor said。
“Could you please escort us back to Mancheng,Thanks。”The Great Teacher Lin Zhao said。
“I discussed with my dragon。”Zhu Minglang said。
Now it’s not a question of wishing Minglang’s willingness。