“Open the door and let her in!This girl hasn’t come to our house for many days“Old Xiao said happily。Xiao Xiao heard Fang Fang’s coming,A little unhappy and went back to the room。

In a while,Fang Fang walked in quickly,She is carrying two big bags in her hand。She walked in the door,Said with a smile:“Hello Uncle Xiao!This package is for you,This bag is for Xia Jian’s son“
“Damn!You just come,What are you doing with so many things??Hurry up and sit here“Old Xiao laughed,Let Fang Fang sit beside him。
Fang Fang greeted everyone in the house very politely。She saw that Xiao Xiao was not there,And asked with a smile:“Where is Xiao Xiao?Didn’t she come back tonight?”
“Oh!I am here?Change clothes”Xiao Xiao responded loudly in her room。
Old Xiao looked at Fang Fang,Suddenly lowered his voice and asked:“I heard Xia Jian say,You are on holiday,What the hell is going on?”
“Hi!Not offended,But I am also somewhat responsible。It’s over,Notify me to work today,And gave me back the gun”Fang Fang said,Gratefully glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian happily said:“Should have let you go to work,You are not wrong”
“You can do it!Things now,Sometimes it is unreasonable,It’s about strength,Don’t you know this?“Xiao Xiao walked in from outside。She did put on a formal dress。
Fang Fang and Xiao Xiao said hello,Xiao Xiao squeezed and sat beside Xia Jian。Sun Yuejuan, who was sitting on Xia Jian’s side, quickly moved her body outside with interest。
Xia Zecheng is smarter,He laughed and said:“You young people chat,Our old people don’t understand,Let’s go back to the room and sleep!My upper eyelids have already started to punch down my eyelids“
Sun Yuejuan,Can’t ask for it。She stood up immediately,Say hello to Lao Xiao and Fang Fang,So I went to bed with Xia Zecheng。
“Uncle Xiao!How are you doing?Do you still go out for boxing in the morning??“Fang Fang asked Old Xiao caringly。
Old Xiao Haha smiled and said:“Getting older,A little inconvenience,Sometimes activities in the yard,Usually don’t go outside。If it’s Xia Jianzai,You can walk around with me“