The man checked,Confirmed to be a student of Bailian Academy“Hello,I am the mayor of Lianfeng Town”The mayor immediately introduced himself enthusiastically,The voice is trembling even more,no way,The shadow left by this evil eater is too big。

Speaking of introducing Fuming into the house“Wife,Pour water”
“You’re welcome,Can you tell me about the time for Shi Ming to shoot in the past two days?”Fuming took the tea,Ask the mayor。
“harm,Don’t mention it,These two days have caused people to panic,He made these two shots at night,No one dares to go out at night!”
Fuming nodded,Sure enough, this guy shot at night。
The mayor took a sip and continued:“Dead every time,The genetic locks in the dead body are gone,Dying!I can’t help it,I asked the college for help,It’s okay you are here,Otherwise I really don’t know what to do”
“so,I am the first to come?”
“Yes,Any questions?”The mayor thought he was afraid,Hurriedly asked。
“It’s okay,Just so,Not to stun the snake!”Fuming smiled and shook his head,Dispel the mayor’s worries。
“How are you sure he is Shi Ming?”
“I met him,I saw him killing when I went out that night,I had a face-to-face with him,I remember him clearly,I specifically looked for the files of the bad eaters,I was sure it was him the first time I saw his picture!”
“If it weren’t for more people,,I’m afraid I’ll explain it there too!”The mayor recalled that scene,The hand holding the teacup is also shaking slightly。
Fuming already has a plan in his heart,The corner of the mouth raises a smile unconsciously。
“That one。。。Do you already have a solution?”The mayor asked cautiously。
“That’s it,No one knows anything about me except you,I’ll take him down at night,Just relax”Come back to life,Comforting the mayor softly。
“call。。。”The mayor heard this affirmative answer,Also let go of my heart,It’s not him that he trusts his life 100% now,But he can only hold on to this hope。
Fuming and look at the sun outside,Calculate the time and there are still two hours,The sun goes down,The sun goes down,Night is not far away。
Late night,There are few pedestrians on the street,And some shops that opened during the day closed even earlier,God knows if that bad eater will fall on them。
A dark shadow flies back and forth on the roof,A gloomy look scanned the street“grass,Don’t you just kill five or six?,Why are you hiding?,Do you want to break into the house and do it??”Shadow Road。