Merit Golden Light,Can’t say that the other person must be a good person。

but,It can also show that the other party is definitely not a big evil person。
If it’s not for the golden light,Li Ming won’t come。
“This fellow,Quite strange!”Yunhedao waved his hand,A set of tea sets sitting on automatically moves,Soon a pot of tea boiled,After being brewed automatically, a piece of tea will be separated into the cup in front of Li Ming。
“My original god from Oxwei County,I also know most of。Those who don’t know at least know some characteristics。Fellow Daoist shouldn’t be from Oxtail County, right?!”
“Daoist Yunhe really has good eyesight!”Li Ming nodded:“Ming Taoist,Not from this oxtail county,to be exact,I come from a small world,After breaking through the soul,Small world resources are not enough for me to practice,Naturally come to this winter travel world。”
“I heard that Daoist Yunhe is a loyal elder,Specifically for advice!”
Li Ming half-fake and half-truth told the Taoist Yunhe about his situation。So‘Frank’Let Yunhe Taoist also be surprised by small snacks。
But think again,Both sides have merit,Character is relatively secure。
Taoist Yunhe himself is indeed a loyal elder,Yep,The same is the Yuanshen Taoist,This flattering is very comfortable。
“Cough,Friends Ming Dao is too polite,What do you want to know。”
“Yep,Mainly what are the main powerful forces in Oxtail County,If I want to join a powerful force,Is there any way?!”
“That’s it。”Taoist Yunhe nodded:“These are all public news,Tell you if it hurts。”
“We Oxtail County,It is one of the eight hundred prefectures in the Winter Tour World,Powerful。”