Describe the bamboo with "water"

A strip of the vertical and horizontal water guides straight, a stock stream enters thousands of households, and a water source project of Xingxing Water Conservancy is eight parties … in Sichuan Mianzhu, It is possible to feel the strong pulsation that has accelerated the development of water contributions. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Mianzhu City was closely covered around the "water-saving priority, space balancing, system management, and two hands", focusing on improving rural water conservancy infrastructure, solving drinking water safety problems of rural people, and enhance water ecological environment quality In the economic and social development, the "Happy Live Water" of the source is injected into the economic and social development.

With water-insurance ecological painting, the blue-way surrounded by the ecological new painting, the crystal clear mountain water is moving in the mountains, there is also a normally established garbage bucket and an ecological ditch, which is planned to be planned to be planned for local conditions … . Guests have come to the fore, have been seen as "gidding", the mountains and streams, now become the "new engine" that the village is increasing. Once, the river embankment in the village section of the Masawa River, the river bed was severe, the water was deposited, the garbage of the river was full, and the pressure on flood flood flood in the flood season was large. With the implementation of the SMS governance project, not only the ability of the embankment fire floods, but also ensures the safety of the lives and property of both sides of the strait.

Today, full of vitality and vitality, making villagers have a more deep feeling of water in the water.

"This is a great thing for the government to do for us. The river governance is smooth, not afraid of flooding, we can live in Heroes.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Mianzhu continued to improve the quality of water and ecological environment, relying on the construction of the ecological cleaning small river basin and accelerates the loss of soil and soil, and complete a group of ecological cleaning small river governance projects such as Wetland Ditch, Hanwang Town, Hanwang Town, and Comprehensive Management. Soil flu errors area square kilometers. At the same time, complete the governance of the kilometers of small rivers, and vigorously improve the production and living conditions of the people of the governance zone, the masses are really enjoying the "bonus" of green development. "Great Minsheng" is directed to the stock of Qingquan to enter the village of Yuncang, Guangji Town, and the villagers Yin Xian will prepare lunch for his family.

The crystal clear source in the faucet is constantly, she quickly washes a vegetable to eat for a lunch. Before 2019, she was so convenient to use water at home.

"At that time, it has been water supply to our village. It uses Shanxi water source as a production and living water. It encounters drizzle, and everyone is very difficult.

"Yin Xinghui recalls.

In order to solve the problem of the villagers’ water, Mianzhu is incorporated into the scope of rural safety drinking water, through the expansion of the Golden Water Water Factory, will extend the main network to Yuncang Village and the original Hihe Village, and the villagers will no longer have to drink water and use water. And drinking water safety has also been guaranteed.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Mianzhu continued to promote the construction of rural safety drinking water, and the new construction of the new management network extension project, 7 of the water plant renovation project, 1 to implement the water plant expansion project, concentrated water supply beneficiary population of 4,11,974 people, The concentrated water supply rate, the penetration rate of tap water is%, the water quality standard is 100%, and the user satisfaction is over 90%, which solves the problem of living drinking water in rural people.

In addition, the transferring water pipe network has basically achieved full coverage, "the" happiness of water "flows into thousands of households. Rural drinking water safety is concerned with the well-being of people’s livelihood, farmland "drinking" water is more related to farmers’ income.

The people’s piety filial piety, and the two branch of Mianqi is built in the 1960s and 1970s. Basically, the Ditch is mainly due to the fundamental remediation, the channel side slope is serious, and the channel is severely oriented. The weeds, the trees are blocked with water. Every year, during the spring irrigation, the masses can not be used, and the flood period can’t be rushed. Let everyone suffer.

In 2017, Mianzhu implemented a large-scale irrigation area, improved farmland irrigation, and improved water-saving ability, and promoted agricultural increasing farmers’ income, and the local people did not govern. Combining farmland water conservancy construction with new rural construction, urban and rural renovation, modern agriculture development, is a good technique that Mianzhu continues to improve the comprehensive utilization, enrichment and expand the construction of water conservancy and cultural construction. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Mianzhu surrounded the backbone water conservation projects of the Run Zone and the water-saving transformation of the volunteers such as Rigu, and the construction of small water conservancy projects, improved the effective irrigation area of ??10,000 mu, and resumed effective irrigation area 10,000 mu Newly added high-efficiency water-saving irrigation area 10,000 mu.

Today, in the land of Mianzhu, the size of the size can be seen everywhere, the tunnel and farmland are connected, the channel is connected to the industry, and the industry has developed, and the flow of 汩汩汩汩 extends. "The Heier", the river, the river, the river, clearing the stream in the village section of the two rivers and towns in the city, and the village-level river long is easy to patrol the river embankment. He took the record book and wrote while looking. Where is the river need to be cleaning, is it along the river greening, there is no illegal occupation of the waters … He has to record it carefully. On the river (lake) long publicity behind him, the city, town, village three-level river (lake) long duties, rivers and lake profiles, management targets, supervision phones, etc.

"Now the river is clean, the environmental protection awareness of the villagers is getting stronger and stronger, and many villagers actively participate in river governance work.

"Yi Gao Cheng said that the treatment of water must first configure the full implementation of the people (Lake) long system, quietly changing the role positioning of the masses to participate in water environment, from the outside to the body, reflect the new change of Mianzhu Tunts water pipes In the Hanwang Town, "prohibiting the mites" "strictly forbidden to swim" "river long system publicity card" and other marks can be seen everywhere. The town uses LED screen, leaflet, SMS, banner and so on. In order to interpret the publicity, the masses pour garbage to the rivers and lakes, the disorder, etc. Strive to be river guardian. "The water of the Maetail River became cleared, and it lived here. The environment is good, and the foreign tourists are more, and everyone’s days are getting better.

"Bai Gucun Village Valley Changchun said. During the" 13th Five-Year Plan ", Mianzhu introduced and improved the implementation plan of the river long system, the lake’s long-term work program, and included 20 reservoirs in the territory, 38 channels included in the lake head system implementation scope, further Broaden the scope of the long system for widen the river (lake); The direct responsibility of the party and government "one hand" has established a long-term system of three-level river (lake), the town, and the village; at the same time, the focus of water pollution prevention, water environment governance and the supervision of river sands, and actively carry out patrol Tour supervision, and deal with the problems found in the patrol river, establish the four-dimensional gathering new mechanism of "party government + private + enterprises + education", open the new pattern of water and green water and long-rising green water.

(Li Liping).