Kong Zhen pulls Sun Youcai,Comforting all the way,What I was thinking about was how to get rid of Sun Youcai as soon as possible,Go back to my department for consultation。

Fortunately, the two troublesome figures have been dispelled by Dean Wang.,Just deal with Sun Youcai alone,Kong Zhen’s downside doesn’t feel the same as before。
“Old hole,Dean Wang does too,Why don’t you give me any face?”
After talking about how to retaliate against Xiang Chen and the others,Sun Youcai started to talk to Kong Zhen about his direct leadership。According to Sun Youcai’s mind,Wang Xingzhi should have helped him,But the current result,Sun Youcai still feels suffocated,Even if he has the upper hand in the ending。
From the infusion room to Kong Zhen’s office,Sun Youcai is always complaining along the way,How many times Kong Zhen wanted to interrupt,Didn’t succeed。
“Mr. Sun,Just calm down!”
Put Sun Youcai in his office,I got a nurse to give Sun Youcai a new infusion,Kong Zhen finally caught the opportunity to speak。
“Now is a special period,The people in this people’s hospital followed,There is no extra time to help you out,It’s just that the family of three is lucky,Caught up with the worst of the flu,Otherwise, use your Sun to speak,I just blocked them from the hospital list!”
Kong Zhen persuaded Sun Youcai,It’s hard to arrange the big boss around,The office door was pushed open again by others。
“What are you doing!”
Seeing Wang Xingzhi being carried,Kong Zhen was instantly angry,Isn’t the People’s Hospital not without medical trouble,But it’s so grandiose,It’s too much!
Sun Youcai behind Kong Zhen also stood up,But this time it was not because of shock or anger,But simple shaking,Standing when coming,My legs start to tremble,It took a long time to stand firm。
“Wu……Wu boss,Boss Wu,true……What a coincidence!”
Sun Youcai is also one of the top figures in the city of Wanghai,He naturally knows Wu Weihua。It’s the little nurse next to Sun Youcai,I don’t know what I should do right now,It was originally just an infusion job,Now it seems that I accidentally got involved in a terrible storm。
I heard Sun Youcai saying hello to Wu Weihua,Kong Zhen finally knows where the three people in front of him are.,Can’t help but feel a little nervous,But I saw Wang Xingzhi who was still being carried,Kong Zhen’s still faceless。
“I don’t care how amazing you are,But you are very rude to our dean now,If you do your own way,I’m going to notify people to call the police!”
Kong Zhen said sharply。
“Call the police?”
Wu Qiao Qiao glanced at Kong Zhen,There is no unnecessary change in the expression on the face,There is no voice when talking。
Winked at the people around me,That person also put Wang Xingzhi down。