Although Father Wu is dissatisfied with Gu Cangnan’s manner of talking to him,But my son caused such a big disaster,I do manage to lose,So I can only bear it。

“You good son,In front of the project leader’s husband, he said disgusting words to the project leader,People don’t follow,Use the project to threaten people,dad,You said,He looks like this,Can his husband let him go??”Gu Cangnan finished these words,I’m almost out of breath。
If it weren’t for Wu Yifei’s always behind him,Keep going for him,I guess he can faint out of anger。
But Father Wu and Mother Wu did not expect Wu Yibo to dare to be so bold,Suddenly the old face flushed with shame,He grabbed Wu Yibo and said:“go,Give me home!”
Wu Yibo did not expect that the savior he moved in would also be on Lin Yuner’s side.。The degree of anger in my heart cannot be described in words。
For Father Wu and the others,,Gu Cangnan didn’t stop it,He has completely lost patience with this brother-in-law,It just so happens that today I have such an opportunity to clarify everything,He is eager to separate the relationship!
After Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan returned to the company,,Just summon all the project team members to the conference room for a meeting!
And Xiao Fan after Lin Yuna entered the meeting room,Back to my office。
What happened to Lin Yoona today,It’s a warning,If there is no Xia Qing’s proposal today, let him and Lin Yuna discuss the project together,He really can’t imagine what will happen。
A fist hit the desk hard。
A desk of pure solid wood is just under Xiao Fan’s fist,It’s becoming a mess。
After all the security staff heard the noise,I immediately came to Xiao Fan’s office,Want to see what happened,But it doesn’t matter if you look at it,The head of the security department with a gloomy look,A desk that has long been invisible。
What kind of power is this?,The power of a punch can beat the desk like this。
But no one has the courage to speak,So after looking at each other for a few seconds,Everyone seems to see nothing,Silently retreated to the training room,Just start“One two one two”To train。
“I say Xiao Fan,What happened to you here?Are you robbed??”Qiao An’an’s voice rang at the door。
Xiao Fan’s face looks better at this time,Raised his head and said:“How did you come?”