“Of course,Can i still lie to you?There are swords that can cut everything in this world, and there are swords that can cut everything.,Both of these are swordsmen!”
Leo’s expression moved,This is a bit familiar。
I only heard the owner continue to speak:“Jianhao is actually divided into two parts,One is to master flying slash,This means that the strength and physical strength of the swordsman has broken through the limit;The other is the realm of iron cutting,This represents the swordsman’s belief in going forward bravely。Only by meeting these two requirements is the real swordsman!”
Leo thoughtful。
“You really didn’t lie to me?I can cut the iron?”
“of course!”The owner laughed,“Don’t believe you can try!”
“it is good!”Leo can’t wait to test if he can really cut steel easily。
“Wait!”The owner suddenly stopped Leo。
“teacher,What else?”Leo puzzled,He is anxious to cut the iron。
“Please settle the bill,Destroy the house one million Baileys!There is also a consulting fee of 5 million Baileys!”The owner stretched out his hand with a smile,Ask Leo for money。
Leo suddenly got black lines:“teacher,Is it too dark?This little house costs one million Baileys?”
“Humph,This is my sword hall,How to teach others without a house,How to charge tuition?”
“So five million consulting fees are too expensive?”
“Not expensive,You have broken through the realm of iron cutting,Become a swordsman!A swordsman is worth five million?”The owner said here thoughtful。“It seems that Jian Hao may not be worth five million!but,I want to have a meal too,What’s wrong with charging more!I have to keep it for retirement!”
Leo took a deep breath,Respect,But I still want to hack the old man to death.。
“I know the teacher!I’ll send it to you when I get the money,Of course if I find that I can’t cut the iron,I won’t give this money!”
The host’s face finally moved:“Don’t stumble, kid,My old man is not so foolish!”