Zhao Xiaoli said this,Let Li speak a little in the wind。

Especially the identity of the two,Directly from the scorpion big sister,This matter is passed out,So Zhao Xiaoli’s reputation will definitely appear crisis。
Originally Zhao Xiaoli took a long time because of the situation of Liu Dafu infertile.。
Now there is another pot,He really shielded。
What is it?,I am afraid I have a few people.。
“Hey-hey,Scull,Waiting for me to make it!”
“Row,Then I went to wait for you to brew,We are not ready tonight.。”
Zhao Xiaoli said this time is clearly meaningful。
But Li Hui’s wind is not to be put.。
Just face Zhao Xiaoli’s back smile,There is also the water in the eyes.,He suddenly understood the sentence。
Cat is not eating,Men have no temptation,Even if there is,Can only explain the temptation。
“Scull,You are not gone with Ling Sister.?”
Still call a scorpion?”
“Hey-hey,Don’t I change my mouth for a while?!”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also start cleaning up a tableware。
Zhao Xiaoling saw this scene,It is the initiative to help。
She naturally understands what programs after packing down the bowl。
On the evening,The song sounded in the courtyard.。
I have to die, I love to sing.。
Li Hui Feng is also a smooth Lin Lin。
The next morning,Li Hui Feng got up early and gave birth to breakfast.。
Zhao Xiaoling, who has not been with Li Hui, is also a very exhaustive cooperation last night.,It’s not tired until yourself.,Sale sleep。
Just wake up, her whole person is red.,Abnormal temptation。
Use the Spring Festival Evening Hao Jian’s line,That is how many people have seen it, they all keep it.。
nature,Li Hui also belongs to the type of holding。
The first thousand three hundred and forty-nine chapter Yang Li began to act
Two women wake up early,Wonderful breakfast at the table,It’s all feeling。
Li Hui looks at the two women’s lazy appearance,A happy heart。
“breeze,Your eyes are a little bit of feast.,eat first,In the evening, we will come.。”