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Suicide with warning signs can save lives

Passing through the soul-September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Reports show that, on average, more than 20 people die by suicide each year, and the number of suicide attempts is generally about 10 times that of suicides. Therefore, there are still about 200 suicide attempts each year.

Obviously, most suicides show abnormal behaviors before suicide. If the people around them, especially their relatives and friends are careful enough, they may save one’s life.

  Suicidal people often use “mental breakdown” to describe their situation. They have a pessimistic sense of frustration with the changes in life and the fight against them. They are desperate and feel that life is a burden and not worth noting.

Usually they feel that they are incompetent and worthless, and they feel that they have failed no matter what they do.

They were most disappointed that the people around them were working very hard to find ways to help themselves, but they were powerless and strengthened the feeling of helplessness.

When you feel that you are worthless and others are unable to do so, you will surely feel that you have no future and no hope.

When a person is so depressed and desperate, he will always think of worse reasons. A common thought is that since he has no future and no hope, “tomorrow” will only be more painful and sad, and will only cause more trouble to others, soYou will increasingly feel that suicide is the only way to relieve your troubles.

  In the face of death, some people are very contradictory.

Generally speaking, suicidal people have some early signs, such as extreme sadness, feeling overwhelmed and worthless; living with no purpose and not interested in anything; paying special attention to topics such as death or violence, often “thinking about death”; Seeking to take drugs, suicide or other ways; suicidal mood, extreme moodiness; changes in eating and sleeping habits, appearance, behavior, and abnormal personality; dangerous or self-destructive behaviors, such as driving crazy, taking drugs, etc .;Very calm; life crisis or frustration; organizing items, including giving away or throwing away everything, visiting “farewell” to family and friends, drafting medical orders or writing letters.

  When you find that the people around you have suicidal thoughts, you must not irritate the suicide. You should take the initiative to communicate with him. Do not judge the correctness and error of such suicidal thoughts and replace accusations.

Suicidal people generally believe that suicide is justified and even the best option.

If accused, it will cause greater suffering to the suicide.

You can give the suicide person a full understanding and let him feel that there are still people in the world who care about him and understand him.

“Don’t worry, take your time, we support you.

“Once you find someone threatening to commit suicide, don’t pay attention, you must keep calm and don’t leave someone alone; keep them away from guns, knives, medicines and other” suicides “;help.
While waiting for help, be sure to listen to a certain ear.

Keep eye contact; ask questions to find out how he committed suicide and whether it was “planned suicide”; if another suicide occurs, call the emergency number immediately and perform on-site first aid.

  In a crisis situation, suicide victims often feel depressed, helpless, depressed, and worried.

We listened to understand the main problem, and told him clearly and clearly that suicide is a way to solve the problem, but it is not the best way. It is better to jointly seek a constructive way to solve the problem.

Practice has proved that a patient’s trusted relatives and prestigious relatives and friends who are good at ideological work play no less important role in psychotherapy than a professional psychologist.

  It is necessary to inspire suicide and care and responsibilities of relatives and friends.

When a person makes a suicide decision, he often closes his or her heart and has no time to take care of the feelings of others.

We need to help him remember his responsibility to his relatives and friends, and let him think that suicide will cause some kind of pain to his relatives and friends, so that he will care about the world again.

Although the suicide person may have used various means to ask relatives and friends for help before he made a suicide decision to give a hint of suicide, his relatives and friends often cannot provide him with effective help because his help information is not clear, if he is disappointed with his relatives and friends.

  Therefore, when you find that there is something wrong with friends and relatives, you must give enough recognition, express your alignment and friendship, let him associate with you, help him re-recognize the power of friendship and affection, so that he can take the initiativeThe strength of everyone’s support to improve their situation.