“Lying grass,dying?”

Qin Feng saw all these battle scenes in his eyes。Zhong Fa and Joe
Wei is right in front of them,But after those two left the battlefield,He and Cen Wen directly faced the two Heavenly Scavengers!
After all, they didn’t move their position much just now。
Qin Feng is a little worried,of course,At this moment his head is spinning fast。Because he also has the right to choose,He still holds a throwing knife in his right hand。It’s impossible to kill the enemy,But life preservation should still be possible。
of course,He can also throw Cen Wen directly in front of the two scavengers。After all, their goal should be Cen Wen first?The scavenger is to deal with the betrayer.?
Although Qin Feng is in the ranks of spiders,,But compared with Cen Wen,There should be a sequence。so,If once you do,He can abandon Cen Wen and escape alone。That’s it,He got stuck in tangled thinking!
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Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Fake order?
“You really don’t care about me?”Qin Feng couldn’t help shouting。