Qiao Tianyu knew that it was a disaster,Hurry up and take the adult in the family to the village cemetery to find Xiao Nizi。

Who knows when I find Xiao Nizi,Xiao Nizi was already trembling from fear,Crying so much,And in the next half month,Xiao Nizi doesn’t know anyone anymore,Crying and crying day and night。
The family sent Xiao Nizi to the hospital again,I asked the witch and Taoist priest to exorcise Xiao Nizi,Exhausted everything,But Xiao Nizi just didn’t meet。
After this state lasted for half a month,After getting up one morning, Xiao Nizi suddenly stopped crying,But the whole person became crazy,Everyone has to accept a reality,Xiao Nizi is crazy。
But the fact that Xiao Nizi went crazy is very weird,In order to cure Xiao Nizi,The family took Xiao Nizi to the Imperial Capital Hospital,But I was told that there is nothing wrong with Xiao Nizi’s brain tissue,There is no way to treat。
Since Xiao Nizi’s brain tissue has no problems,The superstitious family can only attribute Xiao Nizi’s madness to the upper body of the evil spirit,So I did everything possible to take Xiao Nizi to find the masters of famous mountains and rivers to help Xiao Nizi exorcise the devil。
Although the Qiao family did everything they could think of,But Xiao Nizi just didn’t meet,In the end, the Joe family had to give up the treatment of Xiao Nizi,Accepted that Xiao Nizi went crazy。
And as the one who made Xiao Nizi crazy“The culprit”,Qiao Tianyu naturally became the target of public criticism,Qiao Tianyu was almost killed by his father that time,Later, my father took out all his family savings and accompanied Qiao Dajiang to treat Xiao Nizi everywhere.。
Later, after Xiao Nizi did not get better,Dad has to adopt Qiao Tianyu as his son to his second uncle who has no son,In the end, the second uncle refused。
Although the second uncle refused,But Qiao Tianyu has always been ashamed of his second uncle and Xiao Nizi,Qiao Tianyu spent all his time to repay this favor debt,So always,Qiao Tianyu is very close to the second uncle’s house。
After he becomes famous, he will take care of his second uncle in every possible way,Ending the second uncle’s retirement,In the end, it was also Qiao Tianyu who gave the second uncle Ma Dai Xiao as a son,Sent away second uncle。
Qiao Tianyu and Second Uncle、The story between Xiao Nizi is over,Speak unceremoniously,The most sorry person in Qiao Tianyu’s last life,It’s Xiao Nizi!
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