When Guo Meili saw Xia Jian,Busy stand up,Zhang Luo made tea for him。Xia Jian waved his hand and said:“no need,Just drank tea with Hu Huiru for more than two hours,I’m almost drinking up now”

“President Xia!You are a friend。Is Hu Huiru charming?,You go find her for tea?”Guo Meili asked with a haha smile。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“No no,She called me to drink tea。Because she drives,And i rode a motorcycle,So I changed drinking to tea”
“I don’t see it all!Hu Huiru is too charming”suddenly,Ouyang Hong walked in through the door with a smile。
Xia Jian stood up a little surprised,He smiled and asked:“How did you come?Isn’t it time for work??”The sudden appearance of Ouyang Hong,Somewhat surprised Xia Jian。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Why can’t i come,I feel like you are a free man in this world,Can’t I walk around freely at work??It’s not where it went”
“Hey!Since you are here,Let’s talk about business。Is Wang Youdao going to be transferred to the province??”Xia Jian lowered his voice and asked。Ouyang Hongyi listen,Hurriedly closed the door。
She frowned and asked:“I just learned about it,Official documents have not been issued,But this will happen sooner or later。Hey!Who did you hear?”Ouyang Hong asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“I didn’t listen to Hu Huiru。It seems that this is really a certainty。Our work will be difficult to carry out in the future“Xia Jian said,Then lay on the sofa,A lazy look。
Guo Meili hit him twice and said:“Almost sitting up。I make time to come,Just want to tell you this,Now that Xia Jian knows it,I won’t say much。Got a word,Do your job well,Who is the mayor has nothing to do with us“Guo Meili is comforting Xia Jian。
“Nothing,What if he is Chen Jiang as the mayor?We just need to respect the law,I don’t believe he can pick bones out of eggs“Guo Meili said coldly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Mr. Guo is right,The most urgent task is to do our job well。I want to ask you,This heavy rain,Is there any damage to the project in Qingshan County??And fruit industry base,And peach seed planting…“Xia Jianyi talked about these projects,Can’t help but feel a little anxious。
“President Xia is relieved,There is nothing wrong with the Qingshan County project。But the Apple base is not so lucky,There are several landslides,But the problem is not too big,Can be remedied。There is no problem with pepper planting,Listen to Chen Xiaolan’s reflection,It doesn’t rain much on either side of the mountain“Guo Meili reports to Xia Jian one by one。
Xia Jian nodded,Asked again:“Where is the walnut base in Donglin Township??It’s not that there is no heavy rain at all, right?!“
“President Xia!You are all gods。What is happening is that Donglin Township has been raining continuously in recent days,Not only does our walnut tree have no effect,But added moisture,It’s pretty good now!”Guo Meili said,Laughed。
Ouyang Hong was very happy to see Xia Jian and Guo Meili talking,It cools her to the side。Sometimes women are so careful,Don’t think Ouyang Hong is the mayor of a city,But sometimes she still plays a little bit。
“Then you guys chat,I have something to leave“Ouyang Hong stood up as she spoke,Just go。
Guo Meili Bingxue Smart,She immediately understood what Ouyang Hong meant,So he smiled and said:“Mayor Ouyang, don’t leave,President Xia is talking to you,You guys chat,I still have something to do“Guo Meili finished,Opened the office door and left。