Even if he actually said when he faced the heart of the heart, he couldn’t say anything.。

“thanks,I will definitely take the first one after a week.。”
“Um,You go back.,Why are you doing?,But not allowed to give me a love in school.,Give me the impact to minimize in school??”
Qin Xue just wanted to open,However, Li Hui is in the case of death.。
“Hey-hey,headmaster,I want to leave you a few days.。”
“Time for a few days is not looking for me.,Looking for your class teacher.,How is it to hurry?。”
I saw Zhang Hongyang began to hurry.,Li Hui Feng is directly pulling the hands of Qin Xue.。
This scene made Zhang Hongyang,Tight the road that is airs:“I said that when the ear is windy.?
Not ready to give me beautiful love,Otherwhere, I will be welcome.。”
Hear the voice of Zhang Hongyang,In the past, Qin Xue, who was cold and beautiful,First exposed an incomparable smile。
“Giggle,Do you just know how to make a bomb??
An accident, but you have to fly yourself.。”
“Hey-hey,I’m not afraid,Because you are accompanying,Are people not talking?,Peony flower is dying to do ghosts,I am dead.” After that, I haven’t waited for Li Hui to say it.,A white slender jade hand is gently blocked his mouth.。
“I am not allowed to tell you.,Not allowed now,I will not be allowed in the future.。”
In the cold eyes of Qin Xue, the first time exposed gentle color,That is, this wipe is soft in Li Hui’s eyes as if it can melt the glacier snow.,He felt that any man saw such a gentle scorpion, I am afraid who can’t help but protect this woman.,Li Hui has never thought that the cold and beautiful teacher will actually have such eyes.。
“Hey-hey,Not anymore,But it can work with the principal’s most beautiful teacher’s jade hand,I also feel very” I just said half of it.,Li Hui said that an acquaintance came over.。
Come, is not someone else,Hedu is Lin Tian, who was poked in him last night.。
Lin Tian’s face is some swollen,This is entirely caused by Lin Zeming, the slap last night.,Therefore,He came to find the principal to ask for a holiday today.,By the way, a wave of Qin Xue。
The woman who can’t get it is about to ruin her.,Just I didn’t expect Just came to meet the scene of Li Hui Feng and Qin Snow.,He almost vomiting this scene。
Li Hui’s natural is also to see Lin Tian Nai’s bad eyes.,However, he is lightly taking the jade hand of Qin Xue in the face of Li Hui Feng.,When the surface of Lin Tian is directly kissed。
This is also a touch of shame on the cold face of Qin Xue.。
But look at Lin Tianyou,He feels more painful.,As if the slap in Lin Zeming last night, I was playing directly on his heart.,Not only have some pain in the cheek。
“teacher LIN,Early。”
Li Hui’s hand holding Qin Xue,Side slowly from Lin Tian’s side。
Lin Tian heard that Li Hui’s greetings was almost angry.,But for your own image,He also nodded faintly。
Qin Xue looked at Lin Tiannan’s evil eyes,Can’t help with Li with the wind and hurry。
“Gill Li Hui,It seems that I really had a little bit.,I didn’t expect your believer’s ability.,Just now I feel that Lin Tian is going to be blown by you.,You are not afraid that he tells you before the principal.?”
Tell me what?”
“I am telling me that Teacher Qin is in love.?
The principal of the people will know early.,And I bet with the principal.,Is it not all white??”