She laughed:“Lu Hao Cheng,I hope that Lu Group will go out of the country.。”His company has just founded,Your current results,The world is amazing!

Lu Hao Cheng whispered in her ear:“Blue,Have you,Can。”
Blue Xin smiled slightly,Charming。
Li Yina turned and looked at the two,Say:“Blue,Aunt now has a trip today,You first stroll,At eleven o’clock,I am here to find you.,Then eat together。”
Lan Xin nodded:“good,aunt,We are here waiting for you.。”
Li Yina smiled nodded,Turn around。
Lu Hao Cheng also said,“Blue,Let’s go to turn.!”Only him and her,Lu Haocheng is more pleasant.。
Always,I look forward to her back.,You can do things with her.。
Blue Xin looked at him,“Do we really don’t need to leave help??”
Lu Haocheng looked at the European,As a representative of their company,More than enough。
“Need not,Ou Jingli has the ability to compete。”Short sentence,I am a trust in Ou Jingui.。
Blue Xin nodded,The two turned to other exhibition areas.。
Blue Xin asked:“Don’t you have to participate in the exhibitor process??”
Lu Haozheng shook his head,“Our company has someone,I will wait for a while.,There is a designer and partner exchange meeting,But it is at noon。When we come together。Blue,If there are foreign-funded enterprises today,I will also go to our company in-depth investigation.,I will receive it by you personally.。”
Blue Xin laughs:“OK,If your luck is good,Willing to work,However, our company has always been green,Fashion,Technology positioning,From all aspects,Have all companies in all kinds of innovation and improvement,It will be advantageous in cooperation。”
I want to get the recognition of others,First of all, we have to improve your own value,Now the overall clothing industry is transformed and upgraded.,She didn’t let every trend of every time,Fusion of multiple elements,Can catch up with the trend market。
Blue Xin thought about it.:“A few days later is our company’s fashion show.,Participants will also pass。If there is a foreign company,This is also a good opportunity。”She is also looking forward to this issue.。
Lu Hao Cheng really wants to talk,Suddenly heard the voice of Le Zhenxi。
“Blue,I’m here。”
Le Zhenxi excited sound,Lu Hao is a gloomy。
Is it so difficult to talk about a love??
Blue Xin to Le Zhenxi,Le Zhenxi, a casual suit owner,Wearing on his body,Sunlight is handsome,There is no lack of maturity and stability。
She smiled and took the leader.,Say:“熙,Are you also in the Pavilion??”
Le Zhenxi laughed:“Gimmick,There are many houses in Jiangyou.,I am still there.!”
Le Zhenxi smile is quite proud,Refers to your own exhibition area:“Blue,see it,This year’s exhibition area,We and your exhibition area people。”
Blue Xin looked behind him,Congratulations:“熙,congratulations。”Le Zhenxi has been with today’s achievements.,They are inseparable from the day of day.。
When she overtime,Xi Xi is also overtaking,She is not overtime,He also took time to accompany her.。
Le Zhenxi’s eye brown is full of excitement,Lu Haocheng was completely treated as air。
NS585chapter:Playing him to find a tooth talent

NS585chapter:Playing him to find a tooth talent
Don’t know,Lu Haocheng wants to be a few punches on his smile.,Playing him to find a tooth talent。
He thinks like this,The fist is also held.,But in front of Blue Xin,He has no courage to smash。
His punch is going out,Blue blunt and herely。
He is too understanding of the temper.。
“Blue,This is your credit。”Le Zhenxi finished,Smile and glanced over Blue Xin。
Blue Xinyi face,Is this the relationship with her??
Lu Hao became a face color,He moves footsteps,Tight post after blue,I looked gloomy。
What is the relationship between this and blue?
Blue Xin asked him:“熙,I don’t seem to have done anything.?”