but,Since I met Lu Yao at my cousin’s banquet,,She discovered that this daughter who was not recognized by the Lu family,It’s not as embarrassing as Lu Xin said。

The head raised high,Straight back,With a look of indifference to everything,Made her feel deeply,This woman,not to be trifled!
“Xinxin,you listen to me,It’s not that i don’t help you,But true”
“okay,Stop talking,I’m going to see grandma now,Her old man will”
“Lu Xin!”
Duan Xiuying is so angry,Stopping Lu Xin’s turn to walk,After so many years,Every time I clash with Lu Yao,She was defeated terribly,Every time she flies like thunder,The clouds are still light over there,Set off her like a jumping clown。
But she is still fighting spirit,More wars and more courage,Never give up,Really admirable!
Are all children of the Lu family,Parental emotion,Being a child can’t interfere at all,But Lu Xin doesn’t listen,Have to fight for a difference。
in fact,What’s in dispute?Lu Yao hasn’t been to Lu’s family for so many years,Who loses and who wins is already clear at a glance,Why have to kill them all?
Used to follow her,Just want her to assist,Now Lu Liang has clearly warned her,Can’t joke about your happiness。
Lu Xin’s eyes are not so cold,There was a sneer at the corner of the mouth,“Duan Xiuying,You helped me do so many things against Lu Yao,If i tell dad,You said,He will punish my biological daughter,I still have opinions on you, an undocumented wife?”
This threat is even worse,Duan Xiuying is unable to resist,Can only promise to help her,“Xinxin,I can help you,but,You can never betray me。”
What Lu Xin wants is her words,Wave of small hand,Very impatient,“Got it,As long as you help me,How could i betray you?You are my sister-in-law,We are a family。”
Threatened by the prospective sister-in-law,Duan Xiuying was dizzy with anger,Loss of normal judgment,Led by her nose。
Observe carefully the photos Lu Xin found someone to take secretly,Pick out a few ambiguous ones,“The look of this man at Lu Yao is not easy,You focus on him;And your recording,Find someone to edit,Just stay focused。”
Lu Xin nodded,Understand her meaning,I knew Duan Xiuying had a plan,With her help,Absolutely even more powerful。
“Xinxin,More haste less speed,As long as you can keep your breath,Lu Yao will be out sooner or later,If you are too hasty,May be counterproductive,Take your time,do you know?”
Lu Xin is desperately anxious,Now they are together,With the consent of the family,It would be bad if you bring it back to Huo’s house!