Hearing some serious voices that Songshimin changed,Su Yugu knows that he has thought more.。

“Hey-hey,Song uncle, you think more,It is an ordinary little farmer.,And still sold in the town,There are few people buying at all.。”
“Since no one is bought,Why did he sell so expensive??”
For such things,Song Shimin is also a curious asked。
“Forehead,I don’t know this.,Maybe he feels his apple value this price,And each other seems to understand Chinese medicine,Very powerful,As long as you see you, you can see your condition.。”
“Look at it, you can know the condition.?
That is really a bit of acceptance.,But how can such a medical skill selling an apple??”
“Hey-hey,I don’t know this.,But since there are such people sell apples,And the price is still so high,It is definitely a magical situation,Song Shu wants me to give you a first taste first??”
Say,Su cool directly pick up an apple and washed it.。
“Xiao Su.,Don’t feel troublesome,And I should not dare to eat these things now.。”
“Hey-hey,Song Song,It’s fine,I have asked the nurse before coming.,They can eat less,But don’t be too much。”
Su cool washed the apple and found a fruit knife and gently cut a small piece.。
Just a short moment,The apple’s fragrance passed out,The ward is even filled with Apple’s taste。
“Um,This taste is really good。”
Songshimin was originally thinking just try it.,But when he smells this taste, he suddenly has an appetite.。
“Hey-hey,Not bad right,You will try it later.。”
Su Liang directly handed a small piece of apple to Songminmin。
Song Shimin gently put in the mouth,Then slowly bite。
moment,Apple’s sweet taste is finally blown,Especially this apple’s juice seems to be extra。
With the juice of the juice,Originally a bit of stuffy summer actually has a cool feeling。
Just feel this cool feeling,Song Shimin suddenly felt bad,Because the doctor said that I don’t want to eat too cold.,May be bad for the wound。
But followed by,He stunned。
Chapter 140 Medical Miracle
The cool feeling actually turns warm,The warm feelings directly from the stomach,But soon disappeared without trace。
Such a magical feeling can be said to be that he lives this big half.。
The most critical is that with the warm feeling disappears.,He seems to feel that he is a good body.。
Although it is just a trace,But I gave him a strong impulse that I want to continue again.。
Su Qing is also tightly staring at Songminmin,He is also a bit worried about eating apples in the opponent.。
I have asked the nurse before.,But he is giving Apple’s moment or feels some adventures.。
“Xiao Su,Give it apple.,This apple’s confidence is the price。”
Looking at the excitement of Songshimin flashes,Su Qing is also very surprised。