Toned,Also,“This kind of secret treasure is refined,Can be integrated into the body,And forced your own breath to save a realm,But the strength will not change……”Summer pupil,“So to say,Nangong, the old thief, to deal with me.。”

He didn’t feel too unexpected。
What happened before and after,It’s easy to speculate some clues。
Wang Yuxin looks,“That’s dangerous.,South Palace will refine the secret treasure,I will tell you trouble.。”
Summer,“How long does it take for refining soul stone secret treasure??”
Wang Yuxin shakes his head,“Soul stone is a natural secret stone,Energy with incredible energy,And each of the energy of each secret is different。”
Merely,Swift,“Since they do threaten with black girls,Warn you can’t leave Shencheng within a year,Description, South Palace will refine it within a year.。”
“One year……”Summer clenched a punch,Immediately,“Soul stone press,Subcomizes are not changed?”
“That is not。”
Wang Yuxin shakes his head,Sink,“Nangong is bright, the god is full,If you press the soul stone,The breath fluctuations can be suppressed to the life and death,But there are fewer skills and will be affected.,In short, it is impossible to still be a great success.。”
……After a moment,Summer back to the top studio。
Activate the ban on the wall,Also closed the door。
The last dish is sitting on a jade bed created in the best crystal,I’m entering the body,Started from the top。
There are fewer complications between gods.。
A few interest,Once again, I will explore my mind into Qantian.。
Three months ago,He once had a closed door。
that time,It has undergone a certain change in a certain start.。
NS3506 Practice road
When a warrior reaches Wu Wang Peak,When promoting the spirit of the sea,Will be combined with the whole body and essence。
Finally condensed a heart print。
This heart-printing is in Dantian,Continuously,Become a source of energy。
therefore,This realm is called a heart printing,Also called Ling Haijing。
Only reach Ling Haijing,It is only true to explore the ranks of the martial art.。
Heartm,It is the foundation。
Will have been accompanied by the growth of the military。
After reaching the spiritual platform,Self-printing, regardless of quality or shape,Will change。
Heart shaped imprint,Will be converted to a stepped shape。
And this realm,Also called the Lingtai。
After the spiritual platform is life and death。