Qingshan District, Baotou City: Innovative mode measures to promote "double mining" work

In order to resolutely implement the "double reduction" deployment, Baotou City Qingshan District is active and accelerates the "double mining" work.

"Double Reduce" 100th, the new model and new initiatives in Qingshan District in Baotou City have been working well, and the initial results of reducing students’ workload.

Guangrung Road Primary School: Popularization of basic skills sports response, according to the Ministry of Education on "Health Knowledge + Foundation Skills + Special Skills", Guangri Road Primary School strictly implements a weekly physical education class, at the same time Sports health lessons, foot basketball cheerleading feature lessons, cheerlerans, post-class featured service courses, and collaboration with clubs … These courses, activities set and implement the church student Scientific use of health knowledge, guiding students to master special sports skills such as jumping, running, surprising, etc., making the children’s pulse, heart rate is significantly strengthened, physical fitness, good physical fitness. Up to now, the physical health test and gear rate of Guangri Road primary schools is more than 98%, and the excellent rate is more than 41%, which is higher than the average level of the region. One machine and one small: Cegens thinking, home school work together to return to education this true "double minus" policy landing, restricting the counseling class, carrying out the school after class, is it a good thing for the family? As a parent, it is a half-time, both have the sense of pressure, and is inexplicable. Reducing the training of disciplines, will it cause "private education" to prevail? Will "double minus" will cause children to "put sheep"? After "double reduction", what kind of child will stand out … one machine and one team weaving multiple online learning, earnestly analyzing the bottom of the "double minus" policy, so that I deeply realize that parents are the main body of children’s family education. First of all, teach children to be a person, then learn to live, and finally learn to learn. The guiding ideology of "Double Reduction" policy is to promote students’ comprehensive development, healthy growth, parents should pay attention to children’s mental health, protect children’s sleep time, strengthen sports, and encourage children to have art, sports, interested hobbies. This requires a higher quality companion, game, exercise, reading and communication, etc.

Secondly, the need to clarify what the family relationship between the school and the responsibilities, children learn discipline, assured to school, parents are concerned about the child’s moral behavior, focus on training the child’s study habits.

Good study habits, including a sense of responsibility, initiative, self-control and time management skills, which are necessary to develop penetration in the usual education.

Let the children understand that learning is its own thing. Homework should be regularly, quickly and independently limit, pay attention to cleanliness and other writing. To foster the children’s life skills.

Life skills is a prerequisite for learning and living habits are the basis of study habits.

At home, let the children in the household, at school, children are encouraged to participate in work, learn to do their own thing. In the course of this work, not only exercise the child’s self-care ability, but also train the child’s sense of responsibility. Fuqiang Road Elementary School: Reduction upgrading comprehensive "downsizing" to reduce the burden to bear fruit "double cut" Work is not only to implement the fundamental task Lide tree people’s major initiatives, but also an important content of deepening the comprehensive reform of education. "Double-minus" reduce the burden, increased teacher for their professional skills.

Fuqiang Road Primary School to establish a sound mechanism for regular school operations management, strengthen the daily oversight mechanisms, in violation of the relevant provisions, in particular the arrangement of punitive operations, require parents to complete these duties or other acts prohibited, timely corrective, timely manner.

The establishment of innovative mechanisms for school operations management. Job management principled, speaking strategies, find a way.

Requiring teachers to carefully prepared questions, topics careful, well-designed, less repetitive arrangement, for every one job, and more arrange some of the "quantity and quality high," "pit one against ten" job, pen and paper work arrangement less, and more arrange some "practical work" , less mechanical layout, uniform operation, a number of multi-layered arrangement, flexible and personalized work, to provide students with more job menu, select the job so that students have rights and opportunities. Beizhong a little: "1 + X" service and quality and after-school help upgrade based on the higher level, the weight of a small North "service + burden" concept, follow the law of education and student growth pattern, the full implementation of the "5 + 2" after-school services, take the "1 + X" programs that foster the development of students’ overall health. After-school services carried out in two periods, "1" is specified action, namely self-batch jobs and face surface change, subject teachers "Class guidance" to implement the "five management" primary job is not out of school "burden" requirement, At the same time, make individualized counseling students with learning difficulties; "X" refers to a characteristic daily practice that, according to student interests and specialties, to carry out sports art class, working class practice, class scientific creation, psychological counseling class, etc. Further reading a variety of community activities, and promote students’ overall personality growth. Rich curriculum to meet students’ overall development needs. School age characteristics of the student and learning needs, combined with the school’s "Chi-card" building curriculum, students are to meet the personalized needs of comprehensive development, after-school services and activities to promote the healthy growth of students. Community activities are divided into sports and health courses, language and communication, social life, art and aesthetics, mathematics and science courses five categories of 40 associations, student participation rate is one hundred percent.

Where basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, cheerleading, aerobics, Tae Kwon Do, Go, backgammon, chess and other sports associations to reach 15.

Huarong, jigsaw puzzles, Lego, puzzles, Rubik’s Cube, handmade, paper-cut, color clay, eloquence, speech, chair, technological innovation, cloth, Ke Benju, robotics, programming and other hands-on courses to 17, students’ overall development expertise, to meet the development needs of different students, parents enhance satisfaction. Literary Road Elementary School: Take Measures to promote the personality development of students rely literature Primary School PTA and community activities, respect for the personality development of students, enhance operational efficiency energy.

Students freed from the heavy academic burden, the return of childlike innocence. By the parents group, Parents of different forms such as a letter reading "double-cut" policy for parents, called for home-school collaboration and joint efforts to create a good ecological education is conducive to healthy growth of students. By layering and reviews design work, school-based teaching and research activities, improve the effectiveness and innovation of jobs, real to the students to alleviate the heavy academic burden.

To carry out "to understand traditional Chinese culture," "double-cut" feature practice.

Activities to teach students how to promote Chinese culture, enhance patriotism.

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