ACFTU "May Day" press conference

Wang Xiaofeng: Members reporter friends, Hello everybody morning! Welcome to the ACFTU in 2018 "May Day" press conference.

And today I would like to tell you about the situation with the ACFTU also Minister of Labor and Economic Work Department of Comrade Wang Jun governance. Today there are four main conference content, one is informed of the ACFTU celebrate "May Day" activities related arrangements, and second, to inform the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Civilization Office, the ACFTU issued propaganda "best workers" case, the three the ACFTU is the introduction to the first-line workers typically recommended by the central propaganda Department propaganda, fourth is to inform case selection 2018 annual National labor Award, and the National Medal of workers vanguard, and answered questions from reporters. Here, I would like to introduce the ACFTU celebrate "May Day" activities related arrangements, and the "May Day" before and after the front-line workers to the Central Propaganda Department recommended publicize typical cases. , On the ACFTU in 2018 to celebrate the "51" International Day activities scheduled this year, the ACFTU celebrate the "51" International Day mainly in the following two arrangements 🙁 a) be held in 2018 to celebrate the "five "international labor Day and the" as good masters, Jiangong new era "labor skills competition and promote the General Assembly.

The General Assembly will be held April (Saturday) morning 10 on the 28th, held at the Great Hall of the small auditorium. Party and state leaders, the ACFTU responsible comrades, the central ministries and state organs responsible comrades, comrades in charge of Beijing, the 2018 National Labor Award and the National Workers Vanguard as well as advanced collectives, model workers and advanced national trade union system representatives of workers, union Hong Kong and Macao "May Day" members of the delegation, the capital, workers and representatives of about 650 people attended.

Will celebrate the General Assembly read "the ACFTU decision on the recognition of the 2018 National Labor Award and the National Workers Vanguard No." "Human Resources and Social Security, the ACFTU national trade union system, advanced group, model workers and advanced work on the recognition of who decided "to won the National labor Award and the National workers vanguard and national trade union system, advanced group, model workers and advanced workers on behalf of the award.

4 National Labor Award winner and the National Workers Vanguard representatives will speak at the conference, representatives of the National Labor medalist will read out a written proposal to the national workers. The situation regarding the selection 2018 National Labor Award and the National Workers Vanguard, and later Minister Wang Jun rule will brief you in detail, I have here a brief overview of selected case this year, the national trade union system, advanced group, model workers and advanced workers.

National trade union system, advanced group, model workers and advanced workers named in recognition of once every five years, aimed at advanced recognition of role models, and the power of example to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers of the national trade union system, initiative and creativity.

This year is the fourth time in recognition, contest was launched in December 2017 to the end of 2018. In late April, which lasted nearly six months, uphold open, fair, standardized and orderly principle, strictly in accordance with the bottom-up, step by step recommended conduct of, the final selection of produce 32 advanced collectives and 99 advanced individuals.

The entire selection work strict selection criteria, recommended strict procedures, strict work discipline, showing the following five characteristics: First, to strengthen the political criteria.

Second, increase the intensity difference. Third, grassroots and working line.

Fourth, adhere to the best of the best.

Fifth, adhere to the "four must" that will review the file cadres, must report personal matters related to nuclear, discipline inspection organs must listen to advice, violation of discipline problems reflect the specific clues, there can be found of complaints and reports will check. This year by the recognition of advanced individual, the family level and 85% below the trade union cadres, grassroots union workers accounted for 42%; 64 men, 35 women; 93 Han Chinese, minority 6; college education 97 ; professional and technical titles of 40; are Communist Party members.

(B) held the "China Dream labor United States" – – 2018 to celebrate the "51" International Day Heart to Heart special program. 2018 "51" International Day special program, by the Federation of Trade Unions and the Central Radio and Television jointly recorded.

This year’s program continues the "China Dream labor United States" as the theme, designed in the form of art in-depth study and implementation of a new era of socialist thought and Xi Jinping nineteenth party spirit with Chinese characteristics, vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers and artisans spirit, encourage the majority of workers "a good master, Jiangong new era" for the winning building a moderately prosperous society, socialism with Chinese characteristics to win a great victory for the new era and worked hard.

May this year special program for the first time fifty-one special program after the nineteenth National Congress party, is also held in the Central Radio and Television was set up after the first large-scale cultural programs. Year’s 51 special program established two venues, one in Changchun FAW Group, one in Beijing. I have participated in two record the scene, and performance results should be said is very good, very worth watching.

Special programs respectively on April 19 and April 24 in Jilin, Changchun and Beijing finished recording two venues, the venue of the two programs after post-production, scheduled for May 1 evening prime time variety channel CCTV integrated with broadcast premiere is channel 1, 3 channel with the broadcast, the central radio and television simultaneously broadcast program audio.

Here, I strongly recommend you also to this program, I hope that we can put aside things on May 1st in the evening, watch and listen to our program.