Lin Yu looked at Qiao Ming,In fact, Qiao Ming’s inner complexity at this moment is no less than Lin Yu。

Qiao Shan is the young master of their Qiao family。
Qiao Shan is the young master of their Qiao family,People in these small places have heard of Qiaoshan,That is understandable。
and so,Qiao Ming thought of this,The sad cloud that just appeared on my face,It was at the moment Qiao Ming wanted to understand,And disappeared immediately。
and so,Qiao Ming immediately put on his face that looked down upon others,The words spoken are even more mocking:“Qiao Shan,That’s the young master of our Qiao family,In the family,The relationship between the two of us,That’s pretty good,But don’t know,This Qiaoshan in our house,I’m afraid I’m not alone with the Qiao Shan in your mouth, right?!”
Liu Chunlan sneered:“Not alone?I won’t know him,Not afraid to tell you,A few days ago,It’s the young master in your mouth,But go to our Lin’s house in person,Took a generous gift to apologize to Xiao Fan。”
That’s the end of what Liu Chunlan said,Qiao Ming was taken aback first,Subsequently,Laughed immediately。
“you,You are not mistaken,Qiao Shan went to your house to apologize to Xiao Fan?Just your home,Also equipped?Are you dreaming and talking in your sleep?,Still here,To support the scene,Just tell your own dreams。”
“Don’t blame me for not reminding you,This kind of thing,Even dream,Is not allowed,The young master of the Qiao family,Can you arrange it arbitrarily??”When Qiao Ming said this reply,In a colder tone。
That’s what Qiao Ming said,I don’t want to talk nonsense with Lin Feng and his family anymore。
and so,After Qiao Ming finished talking,Just turned his head,I walked directly to Lin Yang and sat down。
Then with a very unhappy tone,Said to Lin Yang:“Uncle Lin,I think it’s on Yu’er’s face,I call you Uncle Lin。”
“If it’s not Yuer’s relationship,The door of your Lin family,I don’t even bother to come in,About this,Uncle Lin in your heart,Is there a count?!”
Lin Yang listened to Qiao Ming’s words,I don’t know when a cold sweat oozes from my forehead.。
Because Lin Yang is now,I’m already a little panicked,Because Qiao Ming has been making friends with his daughter,I have never used this tone to talk to myself。
in contrast,Qiao Ming is in front of him,That didn’t put on the Qiao family at all。
When facing myself,Always respectful,And not only that,I bring myself a gift every time I come。
It is precisely because of Qiao Ming,So Lin Yang always felt that the Lin family wanted to go further,Want to carry the Lin family into the big family in Jiangnan,That day seems to be one step closer。