Fortunately, that pair of men and women are quite clear-headed,When Xiao Fan’s voice fell,The two of them quickly stepped aside from Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er。

“what!sorry Sorry,I don’t know what you guys are going to do?”Although it means that the man and woman gave way,But obviously the two of them still didn’t plan to fight Lin Yoona.、Xiao Fan and the two of them were separated。
“Is not,You two are planning to follow us all the time, right?,Where are we going next,Is it possible that two people have to worry about it??”For that pair of men and women do not have long eyes,Xiao Fan is really speechless。
Such a beautiful place,For those who come here on holiday,That’s the obvious meaning。
Regardless of the status of the person who has been on vacation,,Or from personnel control,All have strict regulations。
How many guests can only be accepted in how long,For fear that there are too many people,It will spoil the mood of those who come here on holiday。
Because people in the upper class already pay much attention to the feelings of personnel,What’s more, they are specially built holiday villas for people in the top-class society.。
so,In terms of number of personnel,It can be said that there is an extremely strict rule。
but,At this moment,Always“Entangled”These two people, Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner,Obviously I don’t understand the rules here,Just now,He is already quite obviously underground“Eviction order”of,result,These two people only understood the meaning on the surface。
It just gave way to Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner,I didn’t plan to do this with Xiao Fan、Lin Yoona, Obi。
And Lin Yoona is obviously already in a dilemma,Because express your opinions implicitly,It also seems to be a little bit impolite,After all, when people said just now,I have already admitted my mistake to myself。
So,Now they are considered to have nothing“Holiday”Understand。
If this time,To someone who has never had a holiday with him, said something not very pleasant,So obviously Lin Yoona can never do it。