“Jackie,Your evaluation is too arbitrary.,I’m seeing me……Nonsence,What is the relationship between people??”

Liao Wenjie Xiangxun bumps,Suddenly found the rhythm,I really didn’t have a good airway:“I’m seeing me,Let’s go to the road.。”
“Look again!”
Two people are 嘀咕,Cuisa’s female clients detected that the pointing point,Frown:“Kusa,Your business is really good,Every time you come, you are not missing.。”
“Hahaha,This time is not,The big nose over there is no,He is Asian Flying Eagle,Next to his partner falcon。”
Cusa smiled and explained:“Laura,Don’t take a colored eyes to see me,They come to the grassland travel,I have passed this place for one night.,Calculate time to leave。”
A female customer named Laura nodded,The purpose of this trip:“I am looking for the origin of life.,There is a guy to grave Pandora’s magic box.,But I don’t know the specific location,I only know that it is a mountain range.,Do you have any clues in your hand??”
“no,Pandora is my myths behind Greece.,You go to African Herber to find clues……”Kusa face weird,I didn’t say it later.,It is already in place.。
“I know this is very incredible.,But map display,Location is near this。”
“In this case,Let me think about。”
Kusa Shenqi,After a bargain,Face:“I think of it.,A‘God of the holy mountain’,There is a tribe station there.,Perhaps the elders there can help you provide clues。”
“take me。”
“Laura,God’s holy mountain is too far away,Driving to that day is black,You also saw it,I have other customers to entertain.,impossible……”
“Add money!”
“Let it go,Start now。”
Kusa nodded,Prepare weapons and off-road vehicles,CorrectJackieApologize,I drove off-road vehicle in a hurry.。
Deliver off-road vehicle,JackieA deep breath:“Falcon,Did you smell?,Is the taste of the risk,It is a deep call for me。”
“Is the taste of the treasure!”
“it’s the same。”
JackiePick,Pointing the direction of the off-road vehicle disappears:“Just that woman,Cusa named her‘Laura’,I am a little impression of this name.。If you don’t make a mistake,Full name is Laura·Crawford,Nationalifier,An archaeologist。”
“Have not heard。”Liao Wenjie shakes his head。
Laura·Who is Craw?,he knows,Just very strange,Why do you have to meet each other?。
Look aroundJackie,Greatly understand the reason,Just like the branch plot,JackieThis line is hitting a thief,Thief、Big thief、Tomb thief,It is not allowed to have new unlock people.。
“You have not heard very normal,She is an archaeologist on the surface,In fact, it is a tomb thief,And I am a class of people。But her father is famous.,You should have heard,Richard·Crawford,Very legendary archaeologist。”
JackieBruity:“This woman is on the fifty-year,It is very famous in the industry.,Because……”
“Extremely fierce?”
“Uh,Have this reason。”
JackieCannot deny,Look at the name of the popularization of Lara,Ghost can contact Laura·Crawford,Even if Kusa’s customers are thieves,He also guess。
JackieResolutely denied the point too wretched,It is the label of the Laura fudge.,He can guess each other’s identity。