Zhou Zhi twist towards。

The little girl’s hair has become messy.,Face is also red,Pleasant http://www.htdxkeji.cn makes her more soft,She is in the heart of a sense of chest.。
The little girl next to it is still closed eyes.,One hand hugs the safety lock of the chest,Another hand grabs the side guardrail,The calm expression revealed a feeling of surrounding the world with me.。
Turn around:“ended。”
Bun, this only opened his eyes,Torp and faceless look at him。
Zhou is very helpless,I don’t think she is like a motorcycle blowing.:“Are you close your eyes??”
“The middle opened a few times。”
“Is it?”
“believe or not。”
The next group is ready.。
Zhouzhi from the car,Just ready to take a mobile phone and other items,Just grab the arm as a bun。
“Waiting first……”
The buns are very calm:“Let me help。”
Zhouzhi stands。
Buns get off,But still didn’t let go of him,It is a step forward that caught his arms.,Trend to item storage cabinet。
Zhou Ziyun hit her look,But finding her expression as usual.,What can’t you see?,It’s just that it is very white and tender, it seems to be more white than the previous。He believes this.,She may really open a few times.。
“Is the legs soft??”
The buns are only faint, um。
Go downstairs,Go out。
The sun outside is already glare.,Tanned people,Baozi standing on the side of the road,Still catching,Look up at the sky:“cousin,I think I may not walk.,I have to eat ice cream.。”
So I left I bought ice cream.。
This ice cream is so expensive。
Then they went to a tree to hide the sun.,There are people in the chair.,But they don’t care,Sitting on the stairs on site,I only left empty to people.。
Box with paper bowl,Use a wooden spoon to pick a little on ice cream,Put it in your mouth and lightly,Suddenly squatting。
But she still does not forget working work,Stand up soon,A bite of ice cream has already made her full of blood,Start taking pictures of everyone sitting in a row,Also guided Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge、Let Nan Ge feeding。
Today,Just like you can play water。
There are also some mild projects.,Zhou feels that the little girl is poor,Also pulled her to participate。
already‘Be uninterested’The nanong is still sitting in a ferrous wheel again.,It is to see the scenery at dusk.。
Time, the more the wind on the edge of Dianchi,It seems that the car blowing the ferris wheel is shaking,Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge chat some no nutritious topic,I don’t feel fear and have not breed any special love.,Slowly rise to the top point and slow down,Not romantic at all。
Zhou Zhiyan and buns one person holding a big doll,Couldn’t help but ask:“Where is the doll??”
萱 一,Excitement:“We just went to arrow.,This is a brother to win.……序 哥 每 每 中 靶 靶,And you can shoot an arrow in a blink of http://www.ahdx10000.cn an eye.,The ten arrows will be fired.,Flexible!”