And now,For Qi Tianqi’s Qi Group,The benefits I mentioned earlier,For Lin Yoona,It was originally a surprise。

Thought of here,The pressure in Lin Yoona’s heart disappeared instantly without a trace。
“Chairman Qi,Today, Zi Qian, I think you still don’t take it home?”Lin Yuna thought for a while and said。
“Oh?why?”Chairman Qi didn’t let him recognize Zi Qian,There was a big change in attitude。
“Chairman Qi,You see,It looks like this,First of all, this Zi Qian is a child in the warm home,Even if he is your lost child for many years,I also want to say hello to Heartwarming Home。”Xiao Fan added。
When Chairman Qi wants to continue talking,I saw Xiao Fan raising his hand to stop him from continuing to speak。
Although Chairman Qi is not very happy,,But there is no way,then,I had to shut up。
Xiao Fan saw that Chairman Qi stopped talking,So he turned his head and said to Lin Yoona:“Yoona,You take Zi Qian to other places first,Or you can find Dean Wang。”
Lin Yuner glanced at Xiao Fan,Take another look at Chairman Qi,I suddenly understood why Xiao Fan wanted to do this。
and so,And smile politely at Chairman Qi,Then turned around and squatted in front of Zi Qian,Said:“Zi Qian,Sister takes you to other places,good or not?”
“Ok,it is good!”Finished,Zi Qian also glanced at Chairman Qi timidly。
“Zi Qian is so good,Then let’s go!”Finished,Lin Yuner stood up and pulled Zi Qian’s hand and walked towards the dessert table。
When Zi Qian was pulled by Lin Yuner and went out,Step by step, I turned around and looked at Xiao Fan and Chairman Qi here.。
Chairman Qi reluctantly watched Zi Qian and Lin Yoona go further and further,After both of them get into the crowd,When I can’t see their shadows,Chairman Qi asked Xiao Fandao:“Xiao Fan,Did you deliberately drive them away??”
Xiao Fan first glanced at Chairman Qi in surprise,Xiao Fan didn’t come first and Chairman Qi guessed his intentions。
Then he smiled and said to Chairman Qi:“Chairman Qi deserves to be Chairman Qi,With my little arrangement,You can guess my intention。”