The two had a preliminary discussion,Then Qin Feng began to count down。

Qin Feng
Stopped to throw a throwing knife,However, I found that no other throwing knives came out except my own attack.。Qin Feng was taken aback,After reacting, he ran away again。
At this time, there is some distance between myself and Chen Feng。
“You lie to me!Agree to get a knife together,You didn’t even watch it?”
The sound of a hit came from behind,But Qin Feng didn’t have time to control the results at this time。But keep scolding Chen Feng for being shameless。
And I heard the roar behind me,“what,Dare to kill my brother,I want you to die!”
Qin Feng knows,This is a very angry voice,The other party also chased at will from the beginning to become immortal now。of course,The premise is that they can catch it。
After Qin Feng ran a few steps, he found that Chen Feng took the lead and rushed into the downtown,Qin Feng hesitated,In the end, I chose to follow。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred Seventy Four Nine Heavens Chu Xiao
Qin Feng’s principle of life is not to harm innocent people。He thinks that crowded places will make him easy to escape,But some innocent people will be implicated。
The issue is,Chen Feng has ran in,Qin Feng can’t even keep up。Because whether he is separated from Chen Feng,He knew that the people in those two organizations would not be able to easily let them go。
“Ask for your blessing!”
After entering the downtown crowd,Some passers-by were scared to give way when they saw the magic runes holding weapons and a group of vicious men。
no way,They look like they are not good people。There are even enthusiastic citizens who have already called。