The first Li Xihua of the old man,And recently first out of the rivers and lakes, Yue Chengzhi,Under the support of many anti-Qing’s power,See the mysterious,I hope to borrow a chance to borrow Mo Shaolin,“In one way”Organize the turtle conference——That is to negotiate the things of Wu Sangui。

Xuanci does not agree、Don’t say——Anyway, he is in Song Ting,Not afraid of sensitive,but……Not afraid,But there is no need。
Xuocusen is the land of Shaolin,Ignore these customs,However, there is also a hidden talk.,When the rivers and lakes, the rivers and lakes will not stay only for a day or two.,What do you do at night?,As long as you are not in South Shaolin Temple,They will not multi-tube。
So many invitation received by the door,Both the morning tall lion conference、Afternoon butcher knife conference、Night killing meeting。
In addition, there is another big event in the South Land Wulin.,It is the gang finally has a master.。
Sincere“Qiao Feng”After breaking up,I have been split in the gang,Part of the old old、The help people don’t forget the Qiao Feng,Another part is extremely conflicted to Qiaofeng,Zhang Luo’s new helper。
So from the nine bags of the old age,All tear,Help the inner atmosphere is more confidious,Until Qiao Feng kills、Fengfeng County,Part of the unforgettable of Qiao Feng,I finally ended the fact that I broke up.……
And now the new helper,I am very mysterious,Usually take a pair of iron masks,I don’t want to be recognized.,Claim“Mr. Yu”。
Say, gang won’t choose one“outsider”Help,However, in the Nanyuan to help the contradictions, in the past few years,Chen Youmei left and right,Take a bordering、Put pressure on,Not only you are already nine bags of old age,And in the help of the internal power。
Especially the wave of Qiao Feng is blind.,Chen Youmeng will be originally“Qiao School”,Endout the power of the South Guard……Rapid,Six rudder rights replaced his association。
This new helper and Chen You may seem to have an agreement,The addition of the gang did not be in the long run.,Under the promotion of Chen You,Everyone is temporarily accepted.“Dealer”。
As for the official help,Chen Youmei and the long and old、The rudder is a vows,Who first checks the things of Ma Dayuan、And revenge for him,Do a new helper,No one has to violate,Before this,“Mr. Yu”Temporary help。
Butter、Butcher knife,I have to kill turtles at night.,Don’t be too busy,Naturally, you can’t help。
at the same time,Looking at the disciple of the gangs,Are gathering silently,Some people feel that some are not right.——This is unlikely to participate in several conferences.,Impaired……Want to do the protagonist!
There is another big and happy thing.,That is the Help the host stone、Stone Zhongyu,Being gave a good penalty、Slug a brand。
Shiqing、Musk wanted to stop,I have no wish……
Just also have a lot of people secretly,Because this stone is a blockbuster of Changle,Actually, I have been letting Changle,It’s too cheap.。
Why didn’t you die??
May,Chu Deirers walk from the sea,I heard that when these things,Dark doubts about the motivation of the gang,At the same time, I will not be more disdainful.——It seems that Changle help ten eight nine,It’s really dirty to the Raolong Mountain Villa.!
Heroes Island don’t want to provoke God Hou,Naturally, it will not be difficult to help,After all, it is just a famous penalty.……
Otherwise, who is the hand of the hand to hide,I didn’t see the second to get the initiative.,It’s all looking for someone.、Into kill。
at the same time,Chu Deiren also got an exclusive message from Qunfuyuan——Is Qiaofan special communication,There is no wind on the rivers and lakes.。
Dollow Conference、The butcher holster is good.,Qiaofeng will also appear!
Chapter 755 Night exploration
Woody Qingqing、Wang Yizhen is also a purple,After landing, you will separate the Chu Deirers.,After that, they will first integrate the same trend to Putian.。
Chu Deirers are temporarily unopened,I want them to set the field,There is only Huang Rong and dog hybrids and yourself.。
After coming to Putian,Chu Deirers first patronize Qunyuyuan——Time to be at sea,One another message,Shocking。
After that, the Chu Deiren took the big brother to give my own letter.,Back to the Inn and Huang Rong discussion。
“Feng Ge is also going to Nan Shaolin?”Huang Rong listened to the transcript of the Chu Deirers,It seems to realize what。
“Be right,The big brother gave me the letter to me.。”Chu Deirers said to make a big brother’s own letter,Gave Huang Rong。
Huang Rong took over,After the sigh:“It seems that the peak brother is not going well in Beijing.,This time I left 80% to avoid those who disturb。”
“what?how do you know?”Chu Deiren heard,Sitting in Huang Rong,I look at the letter in her hands.——Don’t I read it less?
“look,Here‘Huangcheng Division’s affairs is temporarily released’,Here is the time when it is mentioned in midsummer,‘The emperor and the Queen must go to the Qingliang Temple to pick up the summer’,Dictionary is,The power entanglement of the Huangcheng Division,And the little emperor is not in the peak brother,Then also said that the little emperor and the second day,So……It is very likely that you don’t worry about the peak.,So hint him to leave!”Huang Rong said one board。
Chu Dee people understand some——After all, the big brother is not intended to tell yourself.,Just write,Some heart is lush,And Huang Rong just looks like!
“Little emperor is not big、Heart is not big,Small heart’s heart of heroes!”Chu Deee is dissatisfied。
“I am afraid it is not only a bad heart.……If it is just to prevent one hand,Great to let the peak come together,Not to take him。”Huang Rong said after a silence.。