Sichuan, the tax system has helped more than 12 thousand people out of poverty

Zhou Yang Lin damiaocun where the city is located southeast of Nanxi District Yibin, when the establishment is known for surrounding poor villages. Poverty is the economic situation, but it actually has a wealth of praecox, roses and other agricultural resources. Nanxi District Yibin City, the tax department help identify the point of force, to play a wide range of economic sectors and big data platform edge contact with the village "two committees" work with, through data filtering, to help introduce Chengdu-day profit company, and the town, village set up jointly by Sichuan House vegetable garden catering company, the development of poverty Benkang industry.

Tax departments to help advise and guide the national committee for the public sale of rural revitalization of the whole franchise demonstrative, the village collective income alone increased by 30 million, the former poor village "live" up, in 2020 the successful demonstration degenerated into rural revitalization village. Some of the villagers were also like Zhou Yang, like the front door of the company to work, one thousand yuan a month to get the wages, while also shares according to the proportion of dividends in the village collective operating profits, fire up the day, no longer have to leave their homes work, bear the pain of homesickness. "Employment can be at home, with relatives waiting and my heart at ease." Zhou Yang Lin said.

Not just damiaocun, more than Zhou Yang, Zhou Yang more like the same masses to find opportunities to make money at home.

As of this year, Sichuan tax system has been involved in helping 41 poor counties hat, 538 poor villages of poverty exit sequence, more than 12 thousand people out of poverty.

Curved mountain road, the tax can not stop the pace of poverty alleviation cadres Mid condolences.

"Little Hao coming ……" Li Jicheng Zhao Zhen Hao elderly side with hellos, while his wife told myself.

Two days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhao Zhen Hao Yingshan tax cadres specialized rushed to Luo Jun Wang village town more than 40 miles away, the moon cake, cooking oil and rice to helping object Li Jicheng home. Units focus on helping the work, helping cadres intention to pay, Li Jicheng also through the development of planting, breeding, shares of industrial parks, etc., per capita income of $ 5,000 and the village, like other poor households take off poverty "hat." This year, Zhao Zhen Hao Li Jicheng old married couple and their own money to buy day-old chicks, buy seeds, fertilizer to buy, help them collect corn, peanuts close, step on the road to help more and more real.

Poverty alleviation as the main business dry, to help pay the family as an object, Zhao Zhen Hao elderly and forged deep feelings. Zhao Zhen Hao Li Jicheng to as his "pro-grandson," Hao Zhao Zhen is also happy to recognize this, "Lee Grandpa."

And my heart filled with poor people, to stir up shoulders the burden of poverty, like countless Hao Zhao Zhen as poverty alleviation cadres jointly mapped out the scene graph of tax help.

Since tackling poverty, Sichuan tax system high standards and strict requirements send "first secretary" and village-based cadres 1713 people, poverty alleviation cadres sink, solid stem, with practical action and sincere dedication to practice responsibility to act, the intentions of folks warm mountains . "Mom, we want to go home Mid-Autumn Festival it!" Before the holiday, the State Administration of Taxation Tax Bureau in Guangyuan City, Hebei cadres Zhang Dandan called the home phone, the news Mid-Autumn Festival reunion of home to tell their parents thousands of miles away.

Zhang Dandan has been working for a decade in Guangyuan, although already married and have children locally, but return home to visit their parents every year in Hebei is still an important part of their family of three. Last training camp contest, busy working on this year’s epidemic prevention and control posts, breaking the rhythm Zhang Dandan back home, for two consecutive years and did not make good parents reunited. Put away thoughts of parents, Zhang Dandan threw himself into work. Faced with the epidemic, she participated in Guangyuan lizhou district epidemic prevention and control organizations in the community commandos, grasping disinfection, grasping the investigation, prevention and control …… grab her into quarantine line of "Tomboy." Bureau deployed to participate in special work superiors, she learned policy, diligence study, to promote the implementation of …… months of continuous work, just to protect national preferential policies and tax cuts drop fee policies support the fight against SARS and service development solidly landing place . "I am part of the family, it is a unit.

Only their jobs well, the matter at hand done, thought will have to go home, in order to better family reunion.

"Dandan said.

Pay to get the harvest, wait is worth it.

Zhang Dandan finally set foot on the journey back home happy.

"Really awkward! (Nice)" chatted about the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion trip soon to open, Zhang Dandan said playfully with Hebei dialect. (Wu Jie Wang Teng) (Editor: Luo Yu, high Hongxia).