Shannan: 70 college graduates to Hubei employment

  On the afternoon of October 14th, Li Xunwu, deputy secretary of the ninth batch of Hubei Province, deputy director of the Shannan Municipal Party Committee, and Li Xunwu, executive deputy mayor Li Xunwu to offer Harda in Hubei employment.

(Correspondent Luo Yang), the ninth batch of Trench team leader in Hubei Province, deputy secretary of the Shannan Municipal Committee of Tibet, Li Xunwu, executive deputy mayor Li Xunwu sent the Shannan University Students, and everyone is unhealthy, active work, and is a national unity and progressive practitioners..Among the 70-mountain college graduates, 68 people were Tibetans, and they arrived in Wuhan Tianhe Airport on the 15th. He then went to Wuhan Hongnong Agriculture and Husbandry Co., Ltd. and Huangshi Dongchu Investment Group, Huangshi Guarantee Company, Jinchu Co., Ltd. and other enterprises.Work.Under the spirit of the ninth batch of Trench team in Hubei Province, there have been 38 mountains in the South Nanguo University in Yellowstone.With this 70 mountains, college graduates went to Hubei, and there will be 108 people in the Hubei group market.

(Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.