South Korea’s shooting game new work "Anvil" on December 2nd, STEAM support

  A few days ago, "Blade" developer ActionSquare announced that the game "Anvil" will be on December 2nd and XboxGamePass on December 2nd, and release the latest version of CG video.

  This video shows the main content of the killer and other games and the scene fighting with monsters. "Anvil" is the shooting action game of God’s perspective, supporting multiplayer games. The game uses ROGUELIKE mode, players in the game, will work with multiple players to go to the customs card.

  In the game, players chooses to find different skills and capabilities of killers, adventures, randomly generated silver rivers.

Players should use more than 100 kinds of relics and dozens of props, as well as killer-specific skills and skills to defeat alien organisms and strong BOSS.

  The preemptive experience of "Anvil" will be carried out simultaneously through the Steam and Xbox Cloud Tour Platform XboxGamePass, and the "cross-platform linkage" system is used to support cross-platform linkage between STEAM and XBOX users.

  Currently, it can be seen from the "Anvil" Steam page that the game supports 11 languages ??such as Simplified Chinese.