The World Cup Seed Team has determined that 7 Italian is also a seed team.

CCTV News: With all the championships in the European region of the World Cup qualifier, 10 direct outline teams have been released, and 12 teams participating in the surcharge have also been determined.On the other hand, Brazil and Argentina in South America have also been advanced.Spanish data expert Alexis determines eight seeds of the next year’s World Cup after calculating the rules of FIFA and the World Cup.

Alexis said that if the FIFA still follows the rules of the past 3 World Cups to determine the rules of the seed team, the Qatar (host), Belgium, Brazil, France, England, Argentina, Spain, Italy (if promoted) will become 2022The seed team of the World Cup.

If Italy can’t advance, the Portuguese will become a seed team. If Portugal can not advance, Denmark will become a seed team.The team of other files in the group is currently unable to determine.(Editor: Sun Qihao).