Beijing Winter Olympics International Test Race Semi-epidemic prevention and control, the work organization and other work is stable and orderly

On the 12th, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee said in the first steel park, the international test race has been too half since the 5th of October 5. At present, the current epidemic prevention and control, the work of the event is smooth and orderly, discovered two cases Nucleic acid detection of new crown virus nucleic acids in overseas athletes has been effectively disposed of. According to Yao Hui, the Minister of Management, Beijing Winter Olympics, as of now, speed skating China Open, Asian Dialect Skating Open, Short Travel Skating World Cup, etc. International events and snow cars International training week, curling domestic test The event has been successfully completed.

Subsequent test competitions and training weeks will also be held as scheduled as scheduled. In order to ensure that countries (regions) athletes can successfully arrive in the competition, under the close cooperation, Beijing Winter Olympics committee will participate in athletes in the test competition, with team officials, technical officials and Olympic broadcast service companies, sports show, etc. Various professionals arrange flights. Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Beijing Winter Olympics, said that the international test race has been raised to start the nucleic acid detection of two overseas athletes within the closed-loop management.

Among them, on November 4th, a foreign athlete who came to China to participate in the sled International Training Week and Sleigh World Cup was used to detect new crown viruses when entering the customs. After the re-examination was positive, it was diagnosed as a non-symptomous infection. On November 11th, in the routine detection of nucleic acids per day, a nucleic acid detection was positive in the front of the previous case, and was diagnosed as an invisible infection. According to the Epidemic Prevention Manual, these two athletes were sent to specialized isolation facilities for isolation monitoring, and their advice implemented a single room in the hotel, alone. Can nucleic acid detection positive athletes can continue to participate? Huang Chun responded that after evaluation of the expert team, its adduute uses a separate room, alone, alone, in strict health monitoring and personal protection, two nucleic acid detection daily, can work normally or participate in the competition Waiting for activities. If the positive athlete is in line with the release, the isolation site is eliminated or the hospital is not a problem, it is not a problem in the closed-loop, allowing the standard to take a follow-up or competition in the closed loop. Epidemic control, although closed-loop management is strictly implemented, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee strives to achieve "there is temperature".

Huang Chun said that there is a cafe, currency exchange, beauty salon, convenience store, etc.

On November 8th, in Yanqing, a Sleigh International Training Week, a Polish player was injured in training. According to the diagnosis and treatment, it is the leg fracture, and the surgery is carried out in the evening, and the operation is very smooth. It is reported that the athlete is expected to be discharged on the 12th. For the question of the media question, "Polish athletes were treated for 30 minutes after treatment", Yao Hui responded that the information was incorrect.

"Our medical staff arrived at the scene of (incident) on the scene, on the mountain road, we must ensure safety, but also to ensure fast, from starting to save to the hospital for more than 30 minutes." For the outside world questioning Beijing snowfall Less, can not meet the requirements, if you produce a lot of artificial snow may affect the local environment and residential water, Zhao Weidong, Minister of Beijing Winter Olympia, said that the Beijing Winter Olympics Snow project competition is mainly located in Yanqing and Chongli Mountains. There are more natural snowfall in these two regions.

On November 6th, Beijing ushered in the early winter, the early snow time was as early as all year round, and the same day Zhangjiakou also ushered in a wide range of snowfall.

According to the observation, the snowfall in the Yanqing Division and Zhangjiakou Division reached the flour level. From the global snow project, in order to protect the quality of the game, the international major events basically use artificial snow. Artificial snow will not affect regional water safety and ecological environment.

Zhao Weidong said, first, the data of the Beijing Water Affairs Bureau shows that the water volume accounts for the total amount of water in Yanqing District, accounting for 4 ‰ of the local water resources in Yanqing District; after the game, water is required to use water The total amount of the total amount of 6 ‰ of the local water resources volume.

Therefore, the Yanqing Division does not have a shortage of water resources. When the Winter Olympics, the water use water will not affect the water safety of Yanqing District.

At the time of the game, Zhangjiakou District demand water accounted for% of the total amount of water in Chongyuan District, accounting for% of water resources in Chongyuan District.

The above data indicates that the living water of Zhangjiakou resident will not be affected by the snow. Second, through the development of water safety protection, sewage treatment, saving water, etc., and improve the water environment carrying capacity of the sectic area.

The ski resort preferred to collect natural precipitation, surface runoff, etc. as artificial snow water.

The artificial snow system uses the world’s most advanced energy-saving artificial snow equipment and intelligent snow system, which can maintain optimal snow efficiency according to the external environment, saving water. (Reporter Ji, Gao Meng, Li Chunyu) [Editor: Zhou Yuli] Share:.