Changchun New Area: Weaving Tongda Convenience Road Network Carrying Regional Class Level

The eternal family is in the traffic. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Changchun New District will accelerate the improvement of urban road systems in Changchun New District, strengthen urban dry branch network, fast road network and trunk road connection, and comprehensively improve road network connectivity and accessibility; accelerate Improve the highway road network, realize the interconnection of the new district and the provincial highway road network; promote the rectification of Silicon Valley Street and Changchun Expressway System and the Ring Expressway, Zhongke Street is extended to the south of the Century Street, Shengbei The connection between the street and the new road, promoting the construction of Metro Line 9, and strives to include the second phase of the city, No. 7, North Lake Line, into the city’s rail transit, four construction planning, and strive to include Line 15 and Line 16 into the city. A new round of urban rail transit network planning; actively develop public transportation, construct multi-model rail transit as a skeleton, conventional public transport as the main body, walking and bicycle traffic as supplementary, high-quality new district public transportation system; integrated traffic management Resources, establish traffic comprehensive monitoring secondary platform, improve traffic management information level and quality of transportation service.

Tongda is bustling, and the land is bustling.

The convenient and smoothness of road network traffic directly affects the development of a region, crossing the road network, and the skeleton of Changchun New District, and also hides the blueprint of Changchun New Area.

Changchun New District will continue to create a new situation in urban and rural construction, with exquisite urban construction and refined management to help the city "Butterfly", build the high-quality platform for economic development, and provide a good home for the Changchun New Area to provide a source of high quality development for Changchun New District. Constant driving force. (Editor: Jiang Di, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.