Central Propaganda Department, Emergency Management Department jointly released the advanced deeds of "the most beautiful emergency management workers" in 2020

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 6th, for comprehensive implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the importance of emergency management, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the Party, talking about China’s emergency management stories, creating concerns to support emergency management reforms in the whole society The strong atmosphere of development, January 6, the Central Propaganda Department, the Emergency Management Department jointly released the "most beautiful emergency management workers" advanced deeds to the whole society. Chen Lu, Chen Jian, Kong Titt, Wu Di, Liu Xiao, Zhu Xuezhong, Wu Yuan Zhi and other seven personal and Fuzhou Fuzhou Gulou District Sanfang Qi Lane Fire Rescue Station, Hebei Earthquake Administration Hongshan Batch Station, Henan The three collectives of the Provincial Lanxian Emergency Administration have obtained the title of "the most beautiful emergency management worker" in the 2020.

Some of them have smell the "flood", "" 即, to the insurance, to search and rescue the people, unfortunately sacrificed; some fight in Wuhan, Hubei, fight the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, excellent completion of the emergency response, transfer patients, handling materials, Wash the anti-virus, rescue guarantee, etc. Technological innovation, successfully cracking old equipment to play new role, new equipment forms combat power project; some in coal mine safety monitoring first line is dedication, adhering to the belief of "more coal mines and smashing, curb accidents", put responsibility On the post; some based on the "law enforcement" "Warrians" "Warmer" "Warmer" should be urgent in the United States, pay attention to the "last kilometer" of safe production and emergency management; some 30 years Such as one day guards "eight 八 第一" Out of a roller, the rumor is ridiculous; some strongly passed on the spirit of Jiao Yulu, consolidate the grassroots foundation, building a "disaster prevention dike", guarding the peace of "Jiaoong".

The release ceremony played 10 "The most beautiful emergency management workers" advanced deeds, and interviewed their work life and life sentiments from different sides. The Central Propaganda Department and the Responsible Comrade for Emergency Management Department issued a "Most Beautiful Emergency Management Worker" certificate for the winning representative.

(Editor: Hao Ping, any Lin).