Cloud warehouse delivery within 1 hour delivery to Guanguan County Tongcheng distribution covers all 352 village communities

  This newspaper (Zhang Yan) On December 7, Wang Hongguan, Wang Hong, village, Tianma Guancun Village, Dongcheng Town, Guan County, and found that there were few people in the refrigerator. So, she opened the Zhenfei Mall app in her mobile phone, and she purchased 2 kg of quick-frozen dumplings. Not long, Zhenfei Mall staff sent the fast-frozen dumplings to Wang Hongjia. From Wang Hong, order to dumplings, the whole process is only 38 minutes.

  I took the child’s work, the dumplings were sent, it is really fast. Wang Hong said that a few days ago, under the recommendation, she downloaded the Zhenfei Mall app and did not expect such easy to use.

  Zhenfei Mall App is a shopping software developed by Yishang Supply Chain Management (Shandong) Co., Ltd.. As early as 3 years ago, the annual vibrating logistics (group) of the annual throughput of 3.6 million tons (group) made a decision to enter the city distribution field.

For the development of the same city distribution, Zhenfei Logistics (Group) Chairman Hao Zhenfei has its own opinion: Now the logistics industry has more operation mode to be B2B (enterprise-to-enterprise).

In this mode, the company is looking for logistics companies, and often has lost goods, and damaged. If the company stores the goods to a fixed cloud warehouse, the fixed logistics company is distributed, not only time, effort, but also reduces unnecessary losses. This year, Zhenfei Logistics (Group) invests 97 million yuan, set up a collection of business cities, cloud warehouses, and distributes all-chain integrated services in one of the supply chain companies, and is in the Guan County Development Zone. A cloud warehouse covered by 30,000 square meters and a total of 100,000 tons of cargo storage is built. It purchased 130 mall distribution vehicles, and has developed a supporting Zhenfei Mall app. It is officially distributed in Guan County pilot. .

  Although it is still in the trial operation stage, the daily trading volume of Zhenfei Mall has reached 20,000, and the service area covers 342 administrative villages and 10 communities in 18 townships (streets) in the crown county. 1 minute or 1 hour, 1 hour delivery. [Responsible Editor: Pang Yuwei].