Otherwise, he really dare not practice with all his strength,After all, the environment here gives Xia Chenglong a very bad intuition,It’s dangerous here,Very dangerous。

If you are a little careless,Very likely to die without a burial place,It’s pretty good with these crocodile,They will help clear the guys around。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Eight restore
Ignore the others,The most important thing is to quickly restore strength。
At this time, Jiuxiang Ointment has a good effect,Holding back the itch,Feel a trace of aura going towards the meridians,Cultivation restores the injured meridian。
What I didn’t expect is,When Jiuxiang Ointment stimulates the meridians,A bunch of unknown medicinal power appeared,And then repair the wounds in the body。
This medicinal power is a huge amount,Xia Chenglong can’t control,But it’s definitely enough to repair injuries in the body。
The best explanation is the medicinal powers absorbed when cultivating Tian Yuan Zhi.,Actually they are not completely absorbed in the body。
After an instant influx,Those medicinal powers are only stored in its body,Because of saturation,So there is no way to consume。
It’s different now,At this moment, the body needs such power to fill it,That’s why they slowly surfaced。
So natural is good,After all, for Xia Chenglong now,These are the most needed。
When the darkness in this Great Khingan Mountains becomes calm,In Lingxiao City,But the trade union square looked very bleak。
Old man Ma’s repair was abolished,For Zong Xueqin, other people are not much different from the clown。
Only a perverted person like Xia Chenglong can compete with the masters of the gods,The general holy state basically belongs to the state of spike when facing the questioning god state。
The red yarn came to the martial arts field when the sunset came,This makes many people feel inexplicable fear。