He Jingyi listen,Busy turning around,She smiled and asked Guo Meili:“Where are you going?“

“Hongchuan River, Qingshan County,Go together,Cure your upset problem“Xia Jian said,Opened the door。And threw the car key to Guo Meili。
He Jing hesitated and said:“OK!I can also ask you a few questions in the car“The voice just fell,The woman got into the car。
Guo Meili’s car doesn’t drive tenderly,Xia Jian found,The few women who came into contact with him,Except Wang Lin,One is stronger than the other,You can tell from driving alone。
As soon as the car drove out of Pingdu,Xia Jian asked He Jing, who was not very interested:“what happened,Like eggplant in a box,Have something to say“
“Oh so annoying!Which Wang De’an engaged in a price war again,Continue like this,We small households can really survive“He Jing said sadly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The mall is like a battlefield,Especially in this era where information changes instantly,You don’t know much,Maybe eaten by others。A big boss like Wang Dean,What he wants is to dominate the entire Pingcheng market“
“Oops you are so right,What do you say i should do?“He Jing asked Xia Jian anxiously。
Xia Jian glanced at Guo Meili who was driving,Then asked softly:“Mr. Guo!Have you been around in the county seat of Qingshan County?“
“I finished Hongchuanhe last time,Mr. Wang led me around”Guo Meili said loudly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You did not find,What is missing in the county seat of Qingshan County?”
“Of course high-rise buildings,Commercial configuration can be said to be particularly poor,Do you want to build a comprehensive commercial building in Qingshan County again?!”Guo Meili couldn’t help laughing。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The hero sees the same,It seems that you have also seen this business opportunity”
“Ok!Qingshan County must continue to develop,Won’t stay on this basis forever,So build a comprehensive commercial building,Hotel involved、entertainment、A large shopping mall can be opened on the following floors,Is it such a concept?”Guo Meili is driving the car,While asking Xia Jian proudly。