“Um,It is a quite Da Vinci Kaikon Chirahael,See your artistic accomplishment of this picture,I know that Picasso has succeeded。”

Liao Jie over white eyes,Pointing the avatar of the suspect:“It’s not that the ghost should be floating.,Solid impression,But this old brother is a beard,Rock the hairstyle,I have a good idea,Be too discounted,Let me believe that he is a ghost?”
“Jiege,Is there such a possibility?,The late wisdom died of the trap of his own capture,Grievances,Worry,I have been in the current。”
“I see you is a late wisdom.!”
Liao Jie waved,Let Zhou Xing hurl quickly,He also wants to close the repair,No work friend with birthmark time。
“Jiege,My big brother rang.,Let me pick up the phone first。”
Zhou Xingxing has no consciousness,One ass sitting on the sofa to connect to the big brother,Excited and hang up the phone after a moment。
“Jiege,I didn’t say it wrong.,Really have a ghost。”
“This kind of thing is not worthy of happiness。”
“The following person tells me,Dairy farm, not far from the police station,The blood of a cow is sucked。”
Chapter 67 Daddy in the big night
Dairy farm,Liao Wenjie and Zhou Xingxing,The latter looks at the watch,Complain:“Jiege,Your friend’s shelf is big,Let me have a church of four or two, forty-two seconds, forty-three seconds forty-four seconds.”
“Thirty minutes,First said,Don’t blame me for a long time.,I have to be a good one.。”
original,Liao Wenjie did not plan to eat this water,After all, the path of refining is near,It is a matter of urgency to accomplish strength to respond to the upcoming test.。
Can turn around,He lacks not just mental power,He is missing。
World background confusion complex,There is less than the ghost of the brother.,He helps force,The system will definitely not turn it,。
Do not seek new skills、New props,He is now clear,Come on a hundred and eight million,Also, sleep in the night.。
Even if the ghost event is purely a farce,All is human,There is no ghost at all,That is nothing。
Wenwu,A relaxation。
He took a few days at home.,Siji,The cultivation efficiency has dropped,Come out to breathe fresh air,Also work and rest。
certainly,Liao Wenjiegu Xiao Xiao’s sex,Will definitely don’t take yourself,He called the toolman Lyon,Appointed in the back door of the dairy farm。
Just this freight time concept is lacking,Has been late for more than half an hour。
Both beam lights are far from far and near,A taxi stops in front of the two,A black Lyon holds lilyLiyGo out,The other hand is a small-old suitcase。
“Jiege,Your friend is not a problem.,It’s dark and wear a sunglasses.?”
Zhou XingxingBB,He is not a,The most uncomfortable face。
It seems that you didn’t worry.!
Liao Wenjie heart spit,Before two steps:“Lyon,Said to save people like a fire,How is it late for so long??”
“no way,I don’t know where you live.,It’s too difficult to take a taxi.。”
“It is not good to buy a car.。”
“Do not be silly,The parking space of the hospital has been fried to dozens of thousands,There is also a big appreciation space,I have the money in my hand to invest in parking.,Didn’t buy a car。”
“Some people have fried this stuff?”