"You don’t seem to be the same as others." The leader of the fierce beast didn’t just watch you crazy warily.

This Xuanxiu must have planned something, and it’s no surprise that once lost, it will be shared by many fierce beasts, and even a corpse will not be left. At the same time, it has to be admitted that the Terran’s savvy and intelligent Terran can always achieve something that other races can’t do with their superior physique and mutual cooperation.
For example, three of the chiefs of the six realms are terrans who control the heaven, and among the six, except for the fantasy world, the world, the prison world, the spiritual world and the underworld, all the masters are terrans; Especially the great heaven also controls Ren Huang’s hand. Even the heaven favors the Terran. Even if you are not angry, you have to admit that the Terran is powerful.
"But as you know, most competitions need a little heat." You picked your eyebrows and squinted at the fierce beast leader.
The fierce beast leader felt a cold "what do you want?"
The female fierce beast around the fierce beast leader said angrily in the previous step, "Willing to fight with you alone is a great concession to you. You dare to push your luck in our territory. Is this what you Terran know? You can see the situation here. There can be no heat for you."
夜网论坛"No, no, no," Jun laughed wildly. "I hope you don’t misunderstand. This is to avoid meaning. Since you think that we have captured some blood in the stone, it means that we have received some benefits here. If we win, I hope that you will not pursue the blood in the stone; If I lose, I will be disposed of by you. "
"Feasible" does not wait for the female fierce beast to refute your madness. The leader of the fierce beast spoke. It seems that he doesn’t like to haggle over every ounce. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be crazy with you.
"Then it’s a deal," Jun Kuang nodded slightly. "But I have something to give to your group whether I win or lose."
"Hum Terran can give us any benefits, not to mention that adults won’t lose. Even if we take a little benefit from you today, we will die tomorrow." The female fierce beast said this, and the fierce beast stepped back and rested, and changed its comfortable and relaxed posture. All eyes were shining and stared at Jun crazy.
Jun crazy can almost immediately tell that this female fierce beast is a bit of a position even if it is not the leader’s spouse.
"Madam, please be calm." Jun looked at the female fierce beast with a smile, and her ears trembled slightly. "It’s just some gadgets. It’s just a Terran civilian game. Today, if I want to go out, I will definitely find a way to make your family see the light of day, but I hope this game will pass the time."
Your crazy words are sincere, and the previous female fierce beast was bought by his "wife" and no longer refuted the leader who looked up at the fierce beast.
Good bet. Sure enough, this female fierce beast is the leader. Just by seeing that it can understand the meaning of the fierce beast leader and communicate with him instead of the leader, I know that the old couple have enough tacit understanding and can be moved by the word "madam". Even if it is still the leader, the woman is not the only spouse of the so-called chief.
"Terran, you are very good." The fierce beast leader hates iron and doesn’t produce steel. He glanced at the female fierce beast with a big head and motioned for the female fierce beast to go back. It slowly moved its thick paws and walked the mountain of bones step by step.
The fierce beast leader didn’t make a sound during the March. It seems that he stepped on many bones, but in fact he stepped on every step.
"Then let’s start." Your crazy move is a warm-up
"Can" fierce beast leader mountain size gradually narrowed to almost two people high.
Give up the absolute advantage of body shape and shrink it. I think that the huge body affects the play. Even when elephants face mice, they are worried and understand this reason. The fierce beast leader chooses agility and speed to win.
"Come on" you crazy still negative hand and rest to see constantly grinding claws fierce beast leader.
The fierce beast leader didn’t make a move. It seems that he observed and determined that the "cunning Terran" didn’t set any ambush.
"I have confidence in myself, not what trap I set in front of me." After more than ten minutes, both sides sighed wildly. "Do you need me to make an oath of heaven?"
The leader of the fierce beast leaned forward and made a quick leap to the front of Jun Kuang. His huge claws grabbed it from Jun Kuang, and his nails were very sharp. Jun Kuang felt that if he was not mistaken, the aura would be broken if he followed the nails one by one.
With such strength, it is no wonder that many fierce beasts are sincere to it.
"Hey," you crazy seems a little nervous. You look up at your claws and don’t move.
Claws at the king crazy alongside of.seem caught near, but the fierce beast leader secretly forced the meat claw to emerge a huge meat claw virtual shadow for an instant, and the air seemed to stagnate and the aura of heaven and earth began to churn.
Is your crazy still funny to see meat claw virtual shadow also stay in his forehead half a foot.
The tentative attack method shakes the leader of the monster beast and immediately changes tactics. It flexibly hits the monster with a tumbling claw and a strong wind.
There are several light arcs in the strong breeze, which store a lot of mysterious force. Once the target collides, it will explode violently.
"Zunjing peak period" Jun crazy carefully looked at the light arc "Isn’t it that the dominant territory fell?" Generally, this situation may be due to old age and physical decline, which may lead to the fact that the leader of the spirit beast doesn’t look old, perhaps Du Jie failed.
The fierce beast leader repeatedly struck a few times, turned around and fell to the ground, staring at the crazy direction of Jun for a moment, even though the line of sight was blocked by the aftermath of the explosion caused by its own attack.
"Good" Jun crazy slightly evoked the corners of his mouth and looked at the fierce beast leader. "But you’d better come up with something really good." The aftermath of the explosion made Jun crazy body collide back and forth, which made the fierce beast leader see the front of Jun crazy.
Segmented reading 272
There is a golden light curtain, and the intensity of this light curtain is extraordinary, so I can’t feel any xuanli fluctuation.
The fierce beasts are also restless. It seems that I can’t believe that the leader’s five-component blow didn’t hurt your madness.
Chapter six hundred and nine War fierce beast 3
All the signs can prove that this Terran is not as capable as they see.
Fierce beasts are uneasy and worried that their leader Jun Kuang can’t take advantage of them, so they have no hope. But at the same time, they are a little excited. Once the leader is defeated, the prestige of the ethnic group will inevitably drop. Is it far from their future?
Jun crazy eyes over the fierce beast leader glanced at the rear of the fierce beast almost instantly white this is not so good.
"Still playing?" Jun asked with laughter.
"Terran don’t be too arrogant. I don’t know what treasures you have, but we adults are definitely more than that." The female fierce beast bites her teeth and opens her mouth. It seems to be white. This sentence sounds just like a face-to-face struggle. Maybe it is because she was annoyed by being bought off by the word "madam", but it means that she believes in the leader of the fierce beast.
"You have a good wife." Jun Kuang still smiled at the fierce beast leader with a negative hand.
The leader of the fierce beast is full of vigilance. Even if he didn’t put your madness at ease before, he knows that your madness is not arrogant, but there are still some things.
It has seen many terrans as well as Junkuang, and it has seen many exceptions. Their protective devices are easily destroyed, and Junkuang doesn’t know what means. It has a hunch that even if it is attacked for hundreds of times in a row, it may not be broken.
It’s the light curtain that seems to cover your crazy front, so you can see the reason and leave traces in the explosion.
After the explosion, the bones on the ground were blown away, but the bones were blown away in front of Jun Kuang, but there was nothing on the side and a lot of them were blown from the front to the side. It was not stupid, although there was no special skill in different languages due to the practice of martial arts. This observation was still there.
Fierce beast leader continues to test several claws, and the wind blows away. The claw wind suddenly turns to both sides in front of your crazy face.
It is full of madness, even if it is not beaten, it should be in a hurry, but it is unexpected that the other party is still unscathed and can see yellow screens on both sides of madness.
After that, it attacked from all directions, such as feet and overhead, and still made Jun crazy to change his posture, only then did he realize that this Terran was absolutely arrogant.
"What’s this?" It can’t help but want to get white.
"Long Lin" Jun looked at it with laughter. "I have a lot of pure natural golden dragon scales. If you are willing to make friends with me, I don’t mind giving you one or two." He deliberately looked at the fierce beast leader defiantly, and he was sure that the other party would not be shaken by such a simple inducement.
However, an unexpected scene happened.
The female fierce beast took a few steps forward and said to Jun Kuang, "If you can exchange Long Lin, we can return the remains of the monk to your Terran."
"What do I want?" Jun gave it a crazy and funny look. "If they come into my place and want to have a chance, it should be a white chance. Often, with great risks, their strength is weak and they deserve it. Why do I want their bones?"
"Aren’t you Terrans very United?"
"That depends on the object." Jun raised his hand wildly and deliberately dug his ear with his little finger. "I’ve made it clear that they are responsible for burial when my interests are infringed."
Smell speech The fierce beasts looked at each other. On the one hand, they didn’t listen to the trendy sayings of Bai Junkuang. On the other hand, they had a little doubt about the identity of Jun Kuanggong.
Even the female fierce beasts seem to be afraid to ask questions easily, and they can make eye contact with each other and discuss whether it is true or false to talk crazily.
The leader of the "friend" fierce beast unexpectedly bowed his head and said "Give it to me"
I didn’t expect the other party to come here. His crazy face and smile stiffened his eyes. "Let’s try to establish friendship now or after this."
"But" seems to be fierce beast leader is purely interested in scales.

"Who is the other party so soon?" Liu Yiwen exclaimed.

"You also know"
"How did this happen?" Liu Yiwen suddenly felt a feeling of tightness in his heart.
"The two families betrayed their children for common interests" Wei Haochen sneered.
"Does Hee know?"
"I don’t know if this is what I overheard just now. My mother has secretly prepared it now. It seems that it is bound to happen. Now I am worried about how to stop them."
"Have you thought of any way?"
"No, I’m worried about your words. Just help me think about it." Wei Haochen quickly dragged Liu Yiwen to the water, and he had to be accompanied by one more person.
"Now there is no other way to solve the problem. Let’s talk to Meixi."
"I guess I didn’t listen to my mother’s meaning. It seems that the family has agreed. Besides, it’s not that you don’t know how much Meixi likes my brother. Maybe she has already participated."
"But she knows how much Hee loves Xiaomi. Is it possible for her to do so?" Liu Yiwen also asked with some uncertainty.
"It’s terrible for a woman to be stupid." Wei Haochen is very knowledgeable.
"Then there’s no other way for us to be a dead horse now. Let’s split up. I’ll be responsible for asking for information and I’ll find Meixi." Liu Yiwen said calmly.
"all right"
"By the way, don’t tell Xiaomi about this matter. She’s tired enough. Don’t let her get upset until it’s confirmed," Liu Yiwen told him.
"Well, I know. It’s a good thing to have you, or I’ll be crazy." Wei Haochen finally got a little settled in his heart
"I don’t know if I can help. I’ll try my best," Liu Yiwen said with a frown.
"You can help me analyze and share this secret, which is the biggest help for me. You know I can’t keep a secret."
"See" Liu Yiwen squeezed out a smile.
"It’s urgent when it’s ready. Let’s take action quickly. What’s the matter?" Liu Yiwen looked at his watch and hung up.
Liu Yiwen didn’t dare to delay for a moment and picked up the phone and called Meixi.
Mei Xi looked at the flashing Liu Yiwen’s number and hesitated to answer it, but the bell became more and more urgent, demonstrating the determination of the other party to never give up.
"Hello" Meixi still couldn’t help answering the words.
"Is it sometimes in the afternoon?" Liu Yiwen’s tone was light and he didn’t listen to the emotions.
"Yes" Meixi also lowered her voice to answer.
"then sho at three o’clock in the afternoon"
"Good" Meixi hangs up thoughtfully.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, Liu Yiwen sat at the table with some cold coffee at hand.
Meixi saw Liu Yiwen’s back as soon as she entered the door, but her legs were as heavy as lead.
"Miss several" asked the student with a tray.
"Oh, I’m looking for someone." Meixi Kenai is going in the direction of Liu Yiwen.
"I’m not late, am I?" Meixi looked at Liu Yiwen’s coffee table and asked.
"No, I’m early." Liu Yiwen pushed his cup of coffee to the table.
"What would you like to drink, miss?" Mr. Sheng asked with a menu.
"Black coffee without sugar" Meixi said with a smile.
"Two cups" Liu Yiwen stretched out two fingers and added.
"Good" quickly withdrew Liu Yiwen’s cup of cold coffee.
"Bad to drink? Nothing to drink?" Meixi looked at a cup full of coffee and took it away. She couldn’t help asking.
"The manager recommended that I also want to have a change, but I still can’t get used to it." Liu Yiwen shook his head with a wry smile.
Meixi detected the profound silence in Liu Yiwen’s words.
"By the way, have you seen Hee recently?" Liu Yiwen didn’t want to play this kind of hide-and-seek game. He decided to cut to the chase.
"No, it was through words that he found out that I secretly called his bank account and asked me to take the money away." Meixi tried her best to make her tone calm
"Oh, do you have anything else to tell me?" Liu Yiwen asked, raising his eyebrows.
Meixi gently shook her head.
Liu Yiwen picked up the steaming coffee that had just been brought to life and took a sip gently.
"Well, try black coffee." Liu Yiwen pointed to the coffee in front of Meixi and said.
"It’s too hot. I’ll drink it later."
"The theory of what I like won’t change at any time. Even if it is better than black coffee, but it doesn’t suit my taste, I still can’t get used to it. I’d rather not drink it than make do with it." Liu Yiwen gently put a cup and looked Meixi in the eyes.
Meixi looked down and didn’t dare to look Liu Yiwen in the eye.
"What can I do for you today?" Meixi asked nervously.
"I have something to do, but I don’t think it is necessary to ask now." Liu Yiwen shook his head and said with disappointment.
Meixi was a little upset and took a sip of coffee.
"That I might get married" Meixi stared at the coffee novel in her hand.
"I know" Liu Yiwen leaned back and smiled at Meixi.
"Then you" Mei Xi is awkward.
"What did you want to ask me just now? I didn’t ask you directly."
"When I first heard the news, I didn’t believe it. I wanted to hear it from you. I didn’t expect you to look so smart. What kind of Wei Xi problem is always confusing?" Liu Yiwen said with some annoyance.
"I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my decision," said Meixi angrily.
桑拿会所"Do you know the relationship between Hee and Xiaomi? Do you think there will be a place for you among them?"
"But they have already broken up."
"Do you know why they broke up?" Liu Yiwen said excitedly.
Meixi looked out of the window and could see that she wanted to escape the problem.
"Xiaomi’s mother is sick and needs surgery. She needs a lot of money. The operation made a deal with his mother. No, I said maybe you know."
Meixi surprised stare big eyes.
"You miss Xi Xiaomi at the expense of making this deal with his mother in exchange for his freedom for the rest of his life. How important do you think he cares about Xiaomi? Your appearance will not only make Xi love you, but will make him hate you?" Liu Yiwen was even more excited.
"But this is the decision of two parents."
"Then are you willing to play chess? Your own life, your own happiness, why should others make decisions for you?"

I came to Wang Ye’s side and Wang Ye handed me a cigarette. I took out the lighter and lit it. Each of them took a sip and then leaned back against the post in front of the bar and looked at the sun.

He has an indescribable joy on his face. It is his happiest and most confident time to know him for so long.
At the beginning, he was my small manager, and we have been busy from a small bar, but now he has achieved such an achievement, which he never imagined
He tried to start a business, but he failed all the time, but now his success is enough to cover up his former failure. Now the sweet wine maker has made his world proud, and he can proudly shout "I succeeded"
Success in career and love harvest are everyone’s dreams. At this moment, he has no worries.
"Thank you LeiHao" He took a drag on his cigarette and looked at me with a smile.
He didn’t call me the boss anymore because I was no longer his boss, but he was a partner. He helped manage and mobilize me to be responsible for the capital contribution and Xuanfeier was responsible for the system.
The identities of the three of us have finally changed, which is what I want to see most.
"If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here."
I put my hand on his shoulder and said with emotion, "If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. You, me and Phyl are really partners and best friends who have experienced everything together."
He nodded and said, "Our business is over. It won’t be long before I go to her dream place with Phyl. I will really have a wedding with her."
"Then should I wish you a happy wedding and wrap a big red envelope?"
"That’s a must," he added after a pause. "You have to work hard, even if the road is difficult, we will support you."
"Yes, I will definitely solve these things, have no worries and have two big chubby babies like you."
He was a little surprised and didn’t quite understand what I meant. I punched him and said, "Don’t pretend that Phyl is pregnant. How long are you going to keep it from me?"
"Phyl is pregnant" Wang Yegen looked at me incredulously.
I was stunned and then said, "I remember that she secretly told Sebrina this morning and I learned it from Sebrina."
"Phyl is pregnant. He is pregnant. I’m going to be a father. I’m going to be a father." He immediately threw away his cigarette like a psychopath and ran towards it.
When I saw him coming to Phyl, I immediately reached out and picked Phyl up and turned around a few times. The cheers showed that he was happy with his current situation.
Sebrina came up to me and said, "You really can’t hide any secrets."
I threw away my cigarette and took a look at her. "Good people do good deeds."
Chapter 59 Give it a shot
It will soon be the last two weeks of the competition.
In front of this, I reached a consensus with Tang Xiao and Lin Chengwen for a while, and carried out different publicity in different provinces and cities respectively.
And this effect has also made the original Ma Fa things much smoother.
Sitting in the office, I received a call from Lu Boyan.
"Does it look good?"
"Of course, it is estimated that the contest must have a very brilliant result."
Liu Baiyan smiled and answered, "I will come back in the future."
I wondered, "Xu Mo agreed to let you come back."
"She doesn’t agree that I have to come back. You are now an important leader. If I don’t come back, Mu Yi can’t bring the new people well. When I come back this time, I brought Yan Xun and two little guys. They helped Mu Yi to bring these new people together."
"What about you?" I asked.
"I’m here for the election this time."
I’m a little surprised. I really didn’t expect Lu Boyan to have the opportunity to judge, because the judges have been mixed up in this circle for a long time. People not only have to be famous, but also have a very high level. I still believe in Lu Boyan’s level, but he actually has the reputation to judge. The selection is not only in the cheers of fans, but also in that circle.
"I’m going to replace my mother, not the Nansheng group primary."
I nodded my head, which is what Bai Lu Bai Yan said. If it is recommended by someone like Mei Yi, it must have great hope.
"How many applicants are estimated this time?" I asked Lu Boyan because the judges must know some scenes.
"five people"
喝茶约茶  title=I suddenly lamented the election of five people, which means that the election will take a long time, and the primary election, re-election and appointment are very strict.
Now that we have changed the planning scheme, the planning scheme of Down’s side will follow us, and we will not win by quantity, but choose the best people to train.
"How many people will you eventually allocate to each enterprise and association?"
"There are three people in the Nansheng Group with fine indicators, and there are three of them among them."
I frowned. Among the three people and two people, Nansheng actually accounted for 15% of the places. I asked with doubts, "What about him?"
"Down’s four Qiyi four associations and five other participants total 4"
On the one hand, personal indicators account for 4% of the total, which is a horrible number of 415. This is a gap of twice. If we don’t get the top people this time, it means that we will do more publicity later, and it will be much more than the variance.

It’s so listening, but it’s not easy to control at all. Han Jingjing turns hard with her slender hands holding the heavy head. However, when she is nervous, she regards the gas door as a brake. Before Gao Ze can speak, the motorcycle whizzes past the loess path and leaves a bunch of thick yellow smoke.

Wind hunting
Gao Ze stared at her beautiful eyes and finally said angrily, "Tu Niu, you are driving so fast to kill me!"
Han Jingjing bowed her head and her hands and feet became cold with fear.
"Little ye life is very expensive, ok? I depend … I haven’t seen such a poor qualification as you. I’ve taught you three times. Why can’t you remember … "Gao Ze screamed wildly.
The lower Han Jingjing’s head, the more she could not answer a word.
Takazawa is a doer. As soon as he said that grandpa began to force Han Jingjing to learn to ride a motorcycle, Han Jingjing was afraid of it. She knew Takazawa was good for her, but she was afraid to ride a motorcycle. The feeling of weightlessness simply killed her, made her nervous, panicked and suffocated her.
Young scolded for a long time to see Jing-Jing Han always said nothing. He hated iron not to produce and slowed down his tone. "Jing-Jing Han, if you can’t say it, don’t hold it in your heart. When will you learn to motorcycle?" I’m impatient, maybe I can’t speak very well, or maybe I’m not a qualified teacher, but I want to tell you that I didn’t mean to be mean to be mean to you. I did this to help you and save grandpa. How much will you suffer in the village after you went to learn from him alone? No matter what, you are going to fight and become a grandfather, ok? "
Han Jingjing didn’t answer.
Gao Ze bowed his head and brushed aside her long hair to make her face appear from it and asked, "Are you afraid?"? Still don’t want to learn? "
Han Jingjing shook her head.
Gao Ze sighed and said earnestly, "Come out and communicate with me. It is not good for a person to be so closed and quiet, so that you can be ignored forever. You should know how to open your heart and communicate with others so that everyone can know what you want and what you are thinking."
"But I’m scared."
"Afraid of what?" He gently guided her like a big brother.
"It’s just that I’m so flustered that I feel my mind is floating in the middle without a support point. I want to brake but I become a gas filler …" Han Jingjing came from the car with a lingering fear. "I still don’t drive a motorcycle. It’s too dangerous. I’m afraid I’ll hit someone."
Gao Ze held her hand and wouldn’t let her leave. "Don’t be afraid. People will be very scared when they learn cycling, motorcycle and car for the first time. This is normal psychology. You have to ride it."
"I can’t"
"OK, believe me, I almost hit someone when I first learned to drive out, but you can control it if you try to beat yourself."
Jing-Jing Han hesitated.
"Trust me, local girl, let’s try again. Don’t be afraid to be brave."
She looked at the motorcycle for a long time without saying anything.
"Tu Niu, if you don’t learn this motorcycle, it will be a wave of thousands of motorcycles. I can’t live here for a month or two. My family will definitely send someone to pick me up. I will leave when you are not strong. Who will protect Grandpa?"
Smell speech
Han Jingjing suddenly looked up.
"Are you leaving here?"
"Of course, I don’t belong here when I come. Although my father exiled me, my mother will definitely not pick me up in a month or two." Gao Ze turned her head on a motorcycle to overlook the magnificent mountains and rivers. "Although it is poor here, it is beautiful. I like it here and I have learned a lot. I think it is worthwhile to know you and grandpa."
It is worthwhile for Han Jingjing to know her and grandpa. Does this mean that he regards them as family? Or does he like her?
Han Jingjing was dismayed to find that she was a little reluctant when Gao Ze said she was leaving. Although the boy had a bad temper, she liked him very much. He liked his enthusiasm and closeness. He was really good to them.
Han Jingjing thought for a long time and finally got back on the motorcycle. Takazawa patiently guided her to drive slowly.
She couldn’t sleep that night, tossing and turning, and she was so sad that she couldn’t sleep at the thought of leaving Gao Ze. He didn’t come here long, but he was kind to them, not hypocritically, but sincerely.
next day
Gao Ze took Han Jingjing to the village to see the new house. Because he didn’t have time to build Gao Ze, he spent a lot of money to buy the best house in the village for grandpa, old servant and local girl to live in. He stayed in the room as a guest for a short time. Han Jingjing looked up at the clean and brand-new beam overhead and asked, "Gao Ze, why are you so good to us?"
Gao Ze smiled brightly. "Of course, it’s because I regard you as a family. The earthen house in front of our house is too shabby and too small, and the environment is not hygienic. I have bought you a new house, and our four people will live here. What do you think?"
Han Jingjing didn’t answer. She walked around the room and asked, "How much does it cost to have such a spacious room?"
"not expensive"
Section 374
"How much is it not expensive?"
"Just 2,000 yuan" Gao Ze compared two fingers. Although this room is the best in the village, it is actually a bungalow with painted walls. Compared with the adobe house before them, it is slightly clean and tidy, but there is a kitchen and a toilet here, so that they don’t cook in the living room or wash their feet and brush their bodies. The overall quality has risen a lot.
桑拿网Han Jingjing was surprised. "You haven’t come to us for a month and spent so much money. Won’t your parents blame you then? Although you want to be filial to grandpa, I think it’s unfair to your parents, who have earned their money through hard work. "
"You’re wrong. My parents didn’t care to show you this for tens of thousands of dollars." Gao Ze stretched out his wrist. "Did you see this watch? This is one hundred and nine of my many watches, which my mother bought for me when she went out shopping. In their eyes, hundreds of thousands are a few cents. You don’t worry that my parents will be sad and angry. They don’t care at all if I spend this money. But I can help you improve your life here. I think it is very meaningful. I don’t spend money on eating, drinking and helping. I am willing to do this. You don’t have to bear it. If I feel burdened, I won’t take it out to help you casually, right? "
Han Jingjing couldn’t answer.
Gao Ze went on to say, "Maybe you’ve been living here and you don’t know what the outside world is like. I’ll tell you what. My dad’s capital is very important. The capital is different from your small mountain village or from the distance. The definition of the county town is different for several hours. No one on our side has been driven away by the urban management, and there are no bungalows like yours on our side. It’s also called quadrangles. The downtown area is very valuable. It’s impossible to walk on such a loess road and there are cars and shopping malls everywhere." But living in that place, I feel lonely. My parents are not short of money, but they ignore me all the year round. I see questions and arguments every day. I don’t like the cold feeling at home. I feel like I’m in an ice palace. No one accuses me of doing bad things. No one still says no, but I’m happy here. I can chat with my grandfather. He’s sleepy. I can find you to play a door and go to the next door. Although I don’t have a blind eye, I can go for a walk and pick corn and persimmon. The most important thing is that I feel warm with my family.
Han Jingjing came over and patted him on the shoulder. "We will always be with you if you don’t dislike us."
Gao Ze smiled and waved her hand away. She turned her head away with a light tone. "Don’t be so emotional, Tu Niu. I’m just telling you what I mean, not asking you to pity me."
"I don’t pity you" Han Jingjing looked at his heart and added, "I pity you."
"Well, let’s not talk about it. Let’s go to the courtyard and have a look. There is still a well in this room. Let’s go and see if the water is dry."
From that day on, the two became close, but not ambiguous, but close friends, eating together, picking corn, catching fish in the river, watching hens lay eggs, and then counting them, packing them up and taking them to the county seat to catch them.
Both Han’s grandfather and Han Jingjing have moved in. There are four big houses in this new house, and there are two huts in one room. Grandpa lives in the east room with Han Jingjing, and the old servant lives alone in Westinghouse Takazawa. The south room and the north room are kitchens, but when Takazawa leaves, the Han family lives with the lonely old servant Zhang Ma, who is still young and can take care of Han’s grandfather, so there is no need to ask five aunts to take care of him.
As soon as the news went out, those talkative people in the village began to whisper that Han Jingjing, a girl of fifteen or sixteen, was living with a boy from other places at such a young age, and they bought her a house. Who would believe them if they didn’t tell anyone?
Actually, those people are jealous of the Korean family, so they have a new house. Can people not be jealous? Moreover, the little girl from other places goes out with Han Jingjing every day, driving a motorcycle for a while, going to the county seat for a while and picking mushrooms and pears in the mountains for a while, which looks like a couple.
Ling Yu, the daughter of five aunts, was upset when she heard this. She helped five aunts choose vegetables and asked obliquely, "What is the position of mom from other places?" Why do you look so rich and give Han Jingjing a house and a motorcycle? "
Five aunts bacon stopped and recalled the scene at first. "I didn’t know that he came to the village that day, but I heard that he was arrested by two men and drove a beautiful car. The two men left Zhang Ma’s house. Oh … By the way, I heard that the two men who arrested him called him master."
LingYu thoughtfully for a long time before saying, "Mom, do you think he is a rich kid who was caught here for doing something wrong? And their family should not really want him, otherwise how can he have so much money? "
At that time, the one hundred Gao Ze was rolled away without thinking. It can be seen that he has no concept of money, so it doesn’t matter that the rich man is a well-off and extravagant type
"Now that you mention it …" Five aunts paused and nodded gently. "It seems reasonable that he is so beautiful and so tall, or that the boy’s family won’t be so stupid to leave him?"
Smell speech
Lingyu smiled shyly. "Mom, I like him."
Chapter 23 Han Jingjing vs Gao Ze (5)
That night, my aunt and daughter talked for a long time in the two rooms. The next day, at first light, my aunt went to the next door and bought a chicken. On a gray day, she went to Grandpa Han’s new home. She set up the eaves and knocked on the door softly.
"Who is it?" The door is Zhang Ma’s sound.
"It’s me, Auntie Wu." Auntie Wu came to Rehmannia to say hello.
The door was silent for a while before saying, "Then wait for me to get dressed."

Standing in situ, Ouyang Jingxian’s face was a little distorted with anger. Kuang Wenfei jumped happily to see that the media reports were all true. Shao Feng and Tao Zhi Ling were really together.

Burst! Burst!
All this way, Tao Zhi Ling’s heart is beating so fast that it will burst out from her throat. Tao Zhi Ling dare not go to see Xiang Shaofeng, and her head is so low that she is almost buried in her chest.
Is it true what just happened? The big boss actually carried himself into the car in front of so many people, and then carried himself from the car into the temporary hospital bed. It felt like the king holding the princess into the wedding hall in a fairy tale, but it was a pity that he was not a princess, but an ugly duckling at best.
Then again, my weight doesn’t seem to be light. At that time, I was afraid that he would suddenly "burst" in the middle of his arms. When he arrived, not only his feet would hurt, but even his ass would swell. It seems that I have to lose weight when I go back! Otherwise, when he hugs himself, oh, no, no, no! Where do you want to go? How could there be another time?
After an integrated examination, the doctor said, "I twisted my tendon and didn’t hurt my bone. I just need to rest for a few days."
TaoZhi ghatpot long relieved "thank you doctor! Then can I go home? "
The doctor hesitated. "In your case, I suggest you stay in the hospital for one night!"
"ah? Hospitalization? " How much will that cost? Tao Zhiling shook her head like a wavy drum again and again. "No, no, no!"
However, as soon as the words were finished, Xiang Shaofeng ordered the driver next to him to say, "Wei Yuma will go through the hospitalization procedures for her."
"It’s a manager!"
This TaoZhi ghatpot anxious "yi, and so on! Boss, it’s just a minor injury. It’s not so exaggerated. When I was a child, I once broke my head, but I found some herbs to dress it up. What’s worse, this minor injury is really not in the hospital. My mother will be worried if I don’t go home! "
"won’t your mother worry if you go back to you like this?"
"I" was dumb for a moment! Not the kui is a good material to do business, and a glib tongue. How can such a mouth material as yourself compete with the top 500 powerful profiteers in the world? She rubbed her head in annoyance. "But I really don’t want to be hospitalized!"
Xiang Shaofeng hesitated. "If you don’t want to be hospitalized, then live in my house!"
"ah? Live in your house? " Oh, my God, did I hear this correctly? The big boss actually asked me to live in his house, which is too good for the employees! No wonder the company has done so much. It turns out that he will gather people’s hearts! It’s a pity that not everyone wants to get too close to the boss. Maybe people will think that I’m infatuated with being the president’s wife, and even if I don’t get killed by that pile of women in the office, I’ll be run over!
The fact is that there is no half-life left in the run now. It is better to stay away from this dangerous person to save your life.
She laughed. "Boss, thank you for your kindness, but I thought about it carefully and thought it would be good to stay in the hospital for one night! Look at how advanced the equipment is here. The environment is elegant and fresh, which is very suitable for patients to recuperate. "
Xiang Shaofeng still said with a straight face, "Well, then Wei Yu will go through the formalities with the doctor."
"yes! Boss! "
Zhou Weiyu turned and followed the doctor to the outside. However, when he reached the door, the doctor suddenly thought of something and stopped to explain, "Oh, by the way, Miss Tao, you’d better not do strenuous exercise now. You will know that men and women are in love at first glance, and you should recognize what I mean!" Then he left with a face of ambiguous smile and Zhou Weiyu.
Taozhi ghatpot scratched his head with a startled face "strenuous exercise? What do you mean? Does this intense exercise have anything to do with men and women in love? "
"no!" Although this is ice-cold, a big president’s face actually appeared a little embarrassed
"Yes, the doctor speaks strangely. Besides, we are not lovers. Why do you misunderstand us like this?" Taozhi ghatpot rubbed his feet and said
Smell a Shaofeng face froze with laughter and then a sharp eyes swept over.
Tao zhi ling shut her mouth when she was surprised. Shit! I think I said something wrong! Why does the big boss look at me with such strange eyes? Does he want to discuss medicine with me?
夜网论坛Oh, yes! I think this is a work-related injury! Since it is a work-related injury, this medicine should be given by him!
"Uh-huh!" Clearing her throat, she looked up at Xiang Shaofeng and said, "The boss has something I want to ask you."
"What is it?"
"That’s me. I was injured in class and in the factory."
"Don’t worry!" No, when she finished talking, Xiang Shaofeng said with a facial expression, "I will give you medicine on one condition!" "
"Conditions?" Tao Zhiling was startled and finally relieved. "What conditions?"
Xiang Shaofeng walked over, her eyes fixed on her long eyelashes, and she gently flapped two Taozhi ghatpots. I had to admire this man’s appearance, which was so uber that people had an impulse to strangle him!
"The condition is that you can’t be body double from now on."
"Or what?"
"Or I’ll fire you!"
Huh? It’s hard to get into Tianhuang. How can you be fired so easily? But then again, why can’t he make himself a body double? Are you afraid that you will get hurt again and then ask him to pay for the work-related injury? The last person in the world, body double, is probably himself. It is also right for him to think for himself.
Tao Zhi ghatpot raised three fingers solemnly and swore, "Good! Don’t worry, I promise I won’t be body double again. "
☆ Chapter 31 The boss has a cramp in his head.
Tao Zhi Ling Xiang Shaofeng will hire a nurse to take care of himself. I didn’t expect this nurse to be himself! When did this super president become so frugal? I can’t even afford to take care of it.
However, he feels embarrassed because of himself. How to say it, he is also alone in the same room. If he goes out and is misunderstood, can he still get married?
Twenty-four-year-old hasn’t been married yet, and the idiot mother at home has long been anxious like a cat in hot bricks.
Finally, I woke up at dawn and saw Xiang Shaofeng leaning against the sofa. At this time, he was sleeping quietly. The sun shone from the French window and poured his face warmly, reflecting a faint light.
A king is a king, even when he is asleep, he is so elegant and beautiful, unlike himself, who can be kicked under the bed even if his foot is injured.
Hurry up and pick it up before he wakes up, or it would be embarrassing to be found out.
"Are you awake?" Just as she was being pulled, a magnetic sound suddenly came to the ward.

"Lian Shaoming asked him to hand over Qujing Wen and the special forces."

Meng Qingzhuo decisively ordered him to take back his mobile phone and stride to the car.
Before the car started, the mobile phone received a short message from Xu Bin telling him which hospital Gao Shenran was in.
Meng Qingzhuo didn’t come fast, and the speed was fast and slow all the way. I really wanted to see Gao Shenran and wondered if it would be difficult for her if she appeared too soon. Is it because Ding Yi will be a mother? Today, all the hardships have never happened.
Too many fantasies make Meng Qinglong’s thoughts a little messy. Before something comes to an end, he is the first person who is difficult and distressed.
When I like someone too much, I am usually in such a mood, even if I am thoughtful and decisive.
He will also become less like his former self because he thinks too much about Gao Shenran.
About four hours after Ding Yi was pushed into the operating room, the three words in the plaque operation in the operating room were still illuminated by green lights.
The dark light seems to give people hope and stab Gao Shenran like a needle tip. His eyes are very painful and sour.
She curled up her legs, pressed her face against her arm, and her black eyes didn’t want to blink, staring at the three words in the operation.
Ding Yi can’t have anything. He can’t be so selfish and lose all of them. She prayed for him. What would she like him to do if he could live well?
The wind is also flustered, but it is more fragile. Gao Shenran must be brave.
He comforted her again and again, as if to comfort himself that nothing would happen. No news is good news, but the nurses and doctors didn’t come out again after they went in. Just say that they are trying to save Ding Yi’s life, and nothing will happen.
However, as the operation gets longer and longer, Shen Ran may feel more and more worried and nervous, as if he is about to reach the boiling point. If one more minute is needed, a pot of water will roll out and burn everyone.
It was at this time that Meng Qingzhuo appeared.
He moves very small shoes and floor tiles. He tries his best not to make unnecessary noises, as if he were afraid of scaring her.
He walked towards her quietly and slowly, but with firm steps, until her warm and beautiful fingers brushed her hair behind her head.
She looked up dully, and all the fears and fears, nervousness, anxiety, pain and ambivalence came to him in an instant through her eyes and a little face that was no longer shining.
He slowly exhales, and there is no more unnecessary emotion in his heart. He is distressed by her, and she is more distressed than her.
品茶论坛"I’m not afraid he won’t give up on himself"
He is still so young, ambitious and fond of women. He is praying that he will not let himself die so easily.
Gao Shenran’s pale lip seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t say a word after half a ring.
She suddenly raised her hand and hugged Meng Qing’s waist and little face tightly, as if she had found a harbor boat and docked firmly at his strong abdomen.
All the anxieties, anxieties and negative emotions that troubled Meng Qingzhong for half a night were scattered for a moment and could not be found again.
He shouldn’t worry that she will suddenly disappear. Now that they have decided to start a relationship, they are all responsible for the journey.
He won’t change his mind without special changes. He should have known from the beginning that he shouldn’t have guessed blindly when he didn’t see her.
Meng Qingzhuo’s slender fingers and phalanges are beautiful and powerful, one by one, Fushun has her black hard short hair.
"Sorry," he said, "I’m late."
He didn’t accompany her when she helped her so much, which is something to be annoyed and apologized for.
Gao Shenran didn’t speak. Meng Qinglong gave her a feeling of peace of mind, but at this moment in my heart, the most important thing is still Ding Yi, whose life and death are uncertain.
She didn’t quite catch what Meng Qingzhuo said.
The brain is white and cloudy, and if it is not cleaned up, it will be chaotic. She can only wait for silence and expect a better result.
Royal wind will accompany Gao Shenran at this moment. He found Meng Qinglong coming earlier than her.
He should have stopped him from approaching Gao Shenran, but somehow he looked up and saw his face. After he noticed Gao Shenran’s sight, he suddenly forgot what he should do.
He watched them interact, and Gao Shenran devoted himself to relying on him like a child. He also had more words to ask her, but instead of apologizing to her.
He is a man and can understand him. I’m sorry that he didn’t accompany her when she helped her in this way.
The wind seemed to understand for a moment that they were so harmonious that they were not troubled by the outside world and believed in each other physically and mentally.
It seems that Gao Shenran rejected Ding Yi. When Ding Yi wanted to be with her forever when she just knew her girl identity, she didn’t give her a chance to choose and adapt.
But unlike Meng Qingzhuo, he wants Gao Shenran to change her focus and make a decision himself.
His mind is clear and clear, he wants to tell her together, and then he takes action step by step to make the two hearts gradually close.
They are all good friends on the simple matter of Gao Shenran’s mother, but they never thought that they would go through the difficulties with Gao Shenran and encourage her at that time.
They want a result, step by step, and think of calculating the feelings of Gao Shenran and Meng Qingzhuo, but they have never disintegrated from the root. Gao Shenran is determined to win her feelings from the root.
But Meng Qingzhuo is different. Maybe he also plays with his heart when two people are together, but he is more concerned that Gao Shenran will change his strategy immediately if there is anything wrong with his mood.
He respects her very much.

When she looked at it, she stretched out her hand to cut her hairstyle and dress, and then she stretched out her hand and pulled Anmen out.

Gujia second floor corridor
Jiang Chao stretched out his hand and touched his neck after putting the phone down.
Just now, when he went in with a mask to deal with Gu Liqing, that girl was really bad. Her long nails caught several bloody mouths, and she still hurts badly.
Hearing the sound of "mm-hmm" coming from the room, he came to want to hit him, but on second thought, he went over and opened the door and went in.
Gu Liqing, a carved classical big bed, couldn’t talk with socks in her mouth, and her hands and feet were tied with ropes. She lay shivering on her side without dressing.
There is a very obvious slap mark on her face, which Jiang Chao left impatiently when she was struggling just now.
At this time, the sight of leaving the man and returning suddenly turned pale with fear, while shrinking hard to cover the key parts and making a sound in his throat, hoping that someone could hear him and come to help … although she knew that this was almost impossible.
Jiang Chao wore a mask and showed a pair of slanted eyes. At the sight of the glistening woman’s body, renal gland hormone secreted sharply, especially when she kept on bed, twisted her face and was full of fear expressions. The sign in her heart was even stronger.
Jiang Chao has never been a Liuhui. Over the years, besides Jiang Mengyi, there have been many women outside him, and no young women are willing to follow him because of their age.
Gu Liqing is twenty years old this year, although she is not too small, but her figure is excellent. Her skin is white and her facial features are exquisite. Plus her long legs and thin waist for breast enhancement … A look is regular exercise and maintenance.
Jiang Chao watched and threw Jiang Mengyi’s words behind his head and smiled. He pressed and loosened the metal buckle of the trousers belt, and then untied the zipper of the trousers button, and suddenly the bust was exposed naked.
"Well, well, well, well!" Gu Liqing finally understood what he wanted to do, not only taking nude photos but also raping her!
When Jiang Chao came toward the big bed, she couldn’t help crying.
"What’s your name?" Jiang Chaochuang directly pressed her body and slammed her arms with one hand.
This sound?
Gu Liqing one leng.
At this moment, she finally understood what this man had to tie himself up as soon as he came in and took nude photos of her.
At first, she was robbed at home, but … How could community security be so unprofessional? Besides, the villa doors are locked. How did he get in without a key?
"Pa" slap Gu Liqing’s face turned to one side again and felt that half of her face was completely numb with pain.
"behave yourself if you don’t want to suffer." Jiang Chao said and pressed her thigh with his big hand.
Gu Liqing closed her eyes in despair and felt something pressing against her face …
She just gritted her teeth and suddenly heard the man’s heavy body suddenly fall down on her for a second.
When I opened my eyes and saw that the person who saved my own life turned out to be Gao Zhenning, Gu Liqing’s tears fell.
Gao Zhenning kept shaking with a golf club in her hand until Jiang Chao’s blood dyed the sheets red. She suddenly opened her eyes and the club fell to the floor with a thud.
Gu Liqing pushed Jiang Chao aside and threw himself in front of Gao Zhenning, shouting "Woo-hoo" in his mouth.
Gu Liqing immediately yelled at her after Heng Zhenning took something out of her mouth, "untie me quickly!"
"Oh," Gao Zhenning shook hands and tied Gu Liqing’s hands and feet.
Li Qing’s hands and feet were untied
At the moment when his hands and feet were relaxed, Gu Liqing immediately picked up clothes and went to the bed to find out his mobile phone from Jiang Chao’s pocket and open the recent phone records.
Sure enough, the person who just called was Jiang Mengyi!
She squinted and quickly clicked into the photos, deleting all those unpleasant photos that he had just taken.
Because I was not at ease, I went into the WeChat mobile phone text message and looked at it again. I made sure that I didn’t miss any photos, so I picked up my mobile phone and dialed 11.
夜网论坛Gao Zhenning gawked at it until Gu Liqing finished speaking. She was weak and asked, "How did Li Qing return a responsibility? How could this person …"
Gu Liqing gave her a look, turned and walked into the bathroom, threw the phone into the toilet and pressed it open.
Section 522
When the water "swish swish" sounded, the mobile phone was instantly flooded.

"Who’s kidding you!" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at him angrily and struggled desperately not to be hugged by him.

Just washed, the body is soft and fragrant. Because of struggling, the neckline of pajamas is slightly open, revealing the soft ups and downs inside.
Having given birth to two children, he feels that his wife is becoming more and more feminine, and all the gestures and smiles are amorous feelings, and he is becoming less and less resistant.
Han Shan’s whole person slowly got together, and his eyes deepened, and then …
"Bang" When he was slightly cold and his lips were lightly kissed, Gao Xiaoxiao immediately became sensitive and trembled, and his voice changed from serious to a little soft. "What are you doing?"
"Wife, we haven’t made out for a long time," said Han Shan, picking her up and walking towards the big bed.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
I just made out the night before yesterday!
At the end of the year, Gao Xiaobai successfully passed the advanced placement exam and became a fifth-grade pupil in the spring.
It’s time to welcome the final exam in June, and Gao Xiaoxiao has to prepare for CET-6, so every night after dinner, Gao Xiaoxiao and her son come to the room to do their homework and review the test questions, and one to memorize the words with an English dictionary.
Yu Han can enjoy watching cartoons with her daughter in the living room outside.
One night, when Gao Xiaoxiao read an English word, she felt something was wrong and couldn’t help but read it back and forth …
"Mom, can you recite the words somewhere else?" Gao Xiaobai suddenly spoke.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
After coming out of the room, I glanced into the living room and saw my daughter crawling on the carpet, sitting in front of a white jelly.
Four eyes relative to the little girl immediately stretched out two short arms and shouted "Ma Ma Hug Ma Hug"
Xiao Momo is now one and a half years old and can speak some simple words such as "Ma Ma", "Ba Ba", "Brother" and "Grandpa" and "Grandma".
Every time I shout like this, MengMeng Gao Xiaoxiao feels that her whole heart has melted.
She threw the English dictionary on the sofa and went over to pick up her daughter and asked, "Where is Little Momo’s father?"
I thought he was babysitting here!
Little Mo Mo blinked and didn’t speak yet, but the jelly screamed and ran to the door of the bathroom.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
This is …
"Baba stinks," said Xiaominko immediately.
Okay, I get it.
Gao Xiaoxiao sat on the sofa with her daughter in her arms.
Jelly also "hengchi hengchi" came and just jumped off the sofa, Xiaominki reached out and hugged it, and then … opened his mouth to bite.
"Ow!" A whining jelly was scared and fled to the other side of the sofa.
"Ah, ah, move!" Xiaominko landed on all fours and quickly "crawled forward" toward the sofa …
品茶论坛Gao Xiaoxiao finally knows what his daughter did just now.
Well, Xiao Bai is anxious to skip grades for a reason and the plot needs it ~
And at the beginning of the article, Xiaobai set it as a genius child. Although it is not as exaggerated as being a hacker when he was five or six years old, the golden finger is not small, and he doesn’t like it.
Referee [extended family] Levin
"Meng Wife is Tall" Lu Ziheng vs Ran Yu
"My wife hurts you before marriage" Jing Muchen vs Su Ruowan
"Warm Wife Addiction" Han Wei vs Gao Xiaoxiao
☆, 16 Daughter Nuhan General Manager
Gao Xiaoxiao finally knows what his daughter did just now.
Feelings this is to treat jelly as delicious.

"Huahua, my mother is a beautiful flower," he blurted out happily to long summer. Since then, he has often called long summer Huahua because his mother is always as beautiful as a flower in his mind

"Oh, my mommy, be confident, okay?" Amber impatiently shook off long summer and pinched his little face. Seeing that his hands were thrust into his waist, he seemed to hate iron and not produce. He solemnly taught long summer, "How can I call you mom when you just turned 30? I never thought you were old."
With the elegant pace of Anbao, long summer turned around and gesticulated with his hands along long summer’s body. "Look at your skin. It’s a beautiful woman."
For a second, Amber hugged long summer’s handsome face tightly, which is fascinating and funny. "I can’t find a second beautiful woman as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade like my mother with lanterns in Beijing. I call you to spend a little."
"Look at you, you little uber, your mommy. I really spoil it for you." Nai long summer thought Amber was angry and funny. It’s too early for a five-year-old to speak. Where did he learn these words?
Long summer crouched down and raised her hand and gently flicked on Anbao’s forehead. "You are as sweet as honey at such a young age. How many girls will fall into your sweet talk in the future?"
"Mommy, I’m also your designer, Su Da. You underestimate me, too. I speak sweet words to the woman I love most." Amber seems to feel insulted and refute long summer.
"Yo, then tell mommy who is your favorite woman." long summer looked at the drama.
"That’s true. One is my mommy Su Huahua and the other is my future wife." Amber answered neatly without thinking, and her eyes were full of assurances.
Looking at the front of a face as serious as mini Yu Enze little people suddenly long summer heart was sour and warm eyes can not help but a damp and hot.
Is Anbao Yu Enze? Even when he speaks, his tone and manner are very much like his father’s. Yu Enze’s blood is flowing in his bones, which inherits his father’s affection, devotion and infatuation.
Su Lixia, you must be the happiest woman in the world.
You have the most perfect two men in this world, and they have no love for you. One is that you never forget the kindness of your true lover. One is to lose meat from you, your baby amber.
So you should stop demanding anything, you should know how to be satisfied.
But now you are still so sad.
"Mommy, why are you crying?" I noticed that long summer’s look suddenly became dignified. Amber held out her white and tender hand and lovingly long summer wiped the tears from her eyes.
Long summer held Amber’s little hand and turned to show a big laugh at Amber. "Mommy didn’t cry. Mommy was moved when Amber said such beautiful words to Mommy."
"Mommy, I want to tell you a secret." Amber saw long summer smiling again. He hugged long summer’s neck and put his thin lips close to long summer’s ear. "A beautiful, gentle and virtuous woman like you, I would definitely chase you if I were not your son. I would love you more than Chen Moran."
"You are such a child that you flirt with your mommy. Don’t say that Chen Moran is your father. You have to call his father by his first name." long summer held up Anbaoba’s eyes and a trace of anger emerged.
"Hum, I just don’t like him." Amber pouted and turned her back on long summer.
"He’s your father. You have to like him." long summer forced Amber to look at herself.
"He’s not my father." Amber’s face flushed. "He never went out with me to play. He has spoken to me since childhood, which adds up to less than ten sentences. There are still ten fingers. If he is kind to you, he doesn’t like me. Why should I like him? I don’t like him. I just don’t like him."
Look at amber stubborn and angry little expression long summer heart suddenly a pain.
Amber is right. Chen Moran does not like Amber.
From the beginning to now, Chen Moran has never hugged Anbao-never told Anbao a story; Never accompanied Amber to a playground.
If long summer doesn’t go home, Chen Moran won’t say a word to Amber. Every time he talks to Amber, it’s when long summer is home, such as simple "good morning" or "good night". Even the most common words such as "good morning" or "good night" can only be said to Amber when he is in a good mood.
"long summer forgives me for not being as strong as I thought." long summer suddenly remembered that Chen Moran had said something to her. "Whenever I see Amber, Zhang Yue looks more and more like Yu Enze’s face, I seem to see Yu Enze in front of me. This feeling really makes me suffer. I always say that I accept Amber.
Only your child and I can follow my family name. Only your child and I can have a father’s love for Amber. He is not your child and I can raise Amber with you, but I won’t have a father’s love for him. The only thing I can do is to be nice to you. "
Long summer has accumulated over time, and Chen Moran and Anbao have been getting along for a long time, and their rigidity will gradually ease. I’m afraid that after so many years, Chen Moran Anbao has not improved, but it has worsened, and their attitude towards each other has become more and more indifferent as strangers.
Is it doomed that she, as a mother, can’t give Anbao a complete lack of fatherly love? How much psychological shadow will this have on Anbao’s growth?
But she is not a qualified mother. She is a failure.
Self-blame, guilt, depression, negative pessimism, came to haunt long summer.
Su Lixia, did you make the wrong choice?
At this moment, she suddenly felt that she was lost and helped again.
"Amber Mommy knows that you are unhappy, and I’m sorry, it’s all mommy’s fault." For a long time, long summer was full of apologies and gently said to Amber, "Mommy will love you more. Mommy hopes that you will always be happy when you are with Mommy."
"Of course, it’s enough that I have my beautiful Su Huahua mommy to love me." Anbao is very sensible. He understands that his mother is not easy to have a small chest, but he gives her a warmer hug than the sun.
"Amber’s lovely" long summer couldn’t help hugging her arms. Amber’s mouth crossed with a bitter and gratified smile. "Mommy takes you to eat your favorite strawberry Charlotte, okay?"
"Good, good, good. Amber is going to eat strawberry Charlotte with Su Huahua." Amber was immediately as excited as a white rabbit.
Long summer took Amber’s little hand and walked over to her red Alfa Romeo. When she was about to open the car door, suddenly a familiar voice behind her revealed the uncertain tone "long summer".
Chapter one hundred and ten You are white
Long summer Wen turned around in amazement and saw two people opposite him, but he couldn’t help but slightly zheng.
"long summer, it was you. I just looked at your figure behind me and I felt very familiar." All smiles, Qin Chen was holding a handsome strange man’s arm and quickly coming towards long summer.
"Long time no see Qin Chen. How did you come to Beijing? This gentleman is" long summer took Amber’s little hand and greeted her with joy. When talking with Qin Chen, he did not forget to nod and smile gracefully at Ye Simiao.
"long summer, he is my boyfriend Ye Simiao, and this is my good friend Su Lixia." Qin Chen immediately introduced each other to long summer and Ye Simiao.
The facial features are exquisite, with a shallow and beautiful blush and a charming smile. This is the first time that long summer has seen Qin Chen smile so brilliantly and clearly, full of happiness. It is precisely Yu Enze who can never give her such a heartfelt sweet smile.
It can be seen that Qin Chen fell in love with her, not Yu Enze, but this handsome man named Ye Simiao beside her who can walk into Qin Chen’s heart must be different from others and he will make Qin Chen smile like an innocent and happy child.
桑拿网Qin Chen and Yu Enze are not together.
Qin Chen always chose to let go of Yu Enze
So how is Yu Enze doing now?
Ye Simiao smiled and gently extended his hand to long summer. "Hello, Ms. Su, nice to meet you."
Shi Ye Simiao has heard the name of long summer. Five years ago, Y City Hospital accompanied Qin Chen to take care of Yu Enze, who was in a coma. At that time, Qin Chen often talked to him because of depression and depression. Qin Chen told him about her love and hate entanglements with long summer and Yu Enze.
This is Ye Simiao’s first time to see long summer. Seeing long summer is the kind of woman who impresses people at first sight. Her temperament is unique, beautiful, refined, charming and not glamorous, and she exudes a kind of forbearance and strength that hides many stories.
Long summer politely shook hands with Ye Simiao. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Ye."
Touch Anbao’s little head with long summer’s spoil. "Laibao, these two are mom friends. Say hello to uncle and aunt."
Anbao blinked his beautiful phoenix eyes that looked like Yu Enze, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with clean, clear, lovely smiles but charming hearts. "Uncle Ye of Yushu is so charming and charming, and Aunt Qin is so charming. I am a charming and stunning Su Anbao, a beautiful man."
Can this bear child talk well? long summer was so angry that he secretly blamed Amber.
"The handsome boy is really likable, so confident and so sweet. I’m afraid no one can resist it." Qin Chen and Ye Simiao couldn’t help but be amused by this queer little handsome boy in front of them, and they liked this little Uber.
Just when Qin Chen bent down and stretched out his hand to touch Amber’s little face, her eyes suddenly shocked. Amber’s appearance was more and more like him. It was simply that he was a replica of Murphy Amber. He was really Qin Chen’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. She had that question five years ago and now it is rekindled more and more strongly.
"I’m telling the truth. Uncle Ye and Aunt Qin are really good-looking." Amber put her two small arms on her chest and looked very stylish. "Although they are not as good-looking as Su Huahua, they are not bad."
"Amber is not allowed to be no big or little in front of adults." long summer quickly rushed to Amber to drink this child, which was really spoiled by her. Look at what he said.
In the end, long summer apologized awkwardly to Qin Chen and Ye Simiao. "I’m really sorry that Amber is spoiled by me. I hope you don’t rest assured."
"No, long summer Amber is cute. We all like him very much." Qin Chen didn’t have the slightest dislike. She gently squeezed Amber’s little face. "Aunt Amber took you to eat well, okay?"
"Bad" Amber pursed her mouth and decisively refused.

If a player eats illegal food privately during the training period of the national team, he will also be punished according to the situation. The maximum punishment is that he will never join the national teams at all levels.

The autonomy of the national team gives the coaching staff more freedom and more professional management of the players.
Everything is for China football. Anyway, Lu Wenbin is in favor of it with both hands.
China football must use a big knife.
It’s not bad to start with the national team before the local reform has started.
On June 3, 2012, the first round of China vs. Iraq in Hongkou Stadium, Shanghai, officially started in Group B of the Asian Top Ten World Cup qualifier in Brazil 214.
China has begun its journey to qualify for the World Cup finals again.
The Top Ten Competition is the competition in which ten teams in Asia advance from the Top Two to play double round robin in two groups, and the top two teams directly advance to the World Cup finals in Brazil.
桑拿会所There are four direct promotion places for the two groups, and it is more troublesome to play the play-offs for the third place.
Therefore, everyone wants to get the top two directly and advance directly.
Group B of China team consists of China, Japan, Australia, Iraq and Oman, which is stronger than Group A and the qualifying situation is more severe.
Of course, the grim situation is for Japan and Australia.
Lu Wenbin, the champion of the Asian Cup, led the China team to qualify. It should be a problem to see if it can qualify before.
The first round is the China vs. Iraqi Day vs. Oman Australian Round.
At present, fans at home and abroad are waiting for Lu Wenbin to lead the China team to beat the Iraqi team and win the top ten.
Chapter 57 frontcourt anti-robbery
At 19:3 p.m. on June 3rd, 2012, Beijing time, with the whistle of the referee, the first match between China and Iraq officially started.
China’s formation is still 4231, but the specific tactics of this game are not defensive counterattack but pressure attack.
As soon as Iraq came, it put on a counter-attack posture. After a few trials, the China team had to start pressing the attack.
The Asian team probably didn’t dare to face the China team led by Lu Wenbin. This is still an away game.
Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the head coach of Iraq and the famous Brazilian coach Zico let his team put on a counter-attack posture as soon as they arrived.
With all the opponents like this, it is naturally impossible for China to shrink back and wait for others to attack.
This is the home of China. It would be ridiculous if the Asian Cup champions dare not attack.
In the 7th minute, Lu Wenbin almost assisted Gao Lin to break the goal. Unfortunately, Gao Lin shot over the crossbar, and the actual action once again explained the correctness of his nickname "Gao airplane".
In the 12th minute, Lu Wenbin himself shot twice in the National People’s Congress. Unfortunately, Iraqi defender Akram gave his life to block the loophole and blocked the bottom line.
The back corner kick didn’t get the first point, and was pushed out of the forbidden area by Iraqi players.
In addition to the ball organization and breakthrough shooting, Lu Wenbin also actively participated in the anti-grab.
If the ball falls to the right hands and feet, Lu Wenbin will rush to fight back.
Former Lu Wenbin’s defensive ability and position selection value are not high, and the counter-attack has no effect, and it is often passed by opponents.
But today, Lu Wenbin’s anti-robbing ability was a big surprise.
In the first ten minutes, Lu Wenbin had a successful counter-grab, which almost threatened Iraq because his teammates didn’t grab the ball he poked out.
However, in the 16th minute, the Iraqi defender finally made a mistake when the ball fell backwards in the backcourt.
Lu Wenbin, Gao Lin and Hao Junmin fought against each other and forced Iraqi full-back Munir to throw the ball forward.
But Munir didn’t want to lose possession of the ball. He wanted to let his teammates stay a little longer to avoid losing the ball.
Because Lu Wenbin’s anti-robbing ability was not high in the previous game, Munir didn’t care too much.
He forced Lu Wenbin to drive the ball out without big feet, but was going to give it to midfielder Jasim who seemed to be in the middle of the road.

Before the words were finished, Jiang Heng slapped her again!

"What are you doing to provoke Yu Tingchuan’s wife?"
If his wife hadn’t tried to stop him, I really wanted to kill this shameless thing!
Jiang Ning covered her cheeks with tears. "What happened to my future marriage? Is it wrong for me to let Shen Zhi see her true face when she is married? "
"So if you marry a man, you can ignore your parents and your grandfather, right?" Jiang Heng neck the veins stood out suddenly and violently "nearly thirty people are stupid like this! Do you know what those netizens say now? Because your private life is chaotic, people want to thoroughly investigate your grandfather and your mother! "
"If you want to check, let them check. I don’t believe they can find out anything!"
Jiang’s mother looked at her daughter disappointedly. "You ran to Yu’s house to trouble you. The old man in their house didn’t have us. Jiang’s family can crush others?" Not to mention that Yu Tingchuan’s former father-in-law is Mu Jingrong. Even if he divorced his daughter, Weng Xu didn’t get stiff. Even your father met Yu Tingchuan at dinner. How can you be so confused! "
There are some things that Jiang Heng can’t come forward by himself and can entrust a middleman to make peace.
The leader in charge of making peace now sat with Yu Tingchuan and sighed long. "I heard about your wife’s affair. It’s because the Chiang family’s daughter can’t do it properly, but it’s really too much for your brother to release the video."
Yu Tingchuan slowly opened his mouth with a teacup. "To tell you the truth, I just got the news. My half-brother always likes to mess around and called me. I just asked my assistant to fish for people in the past."
The leader was silent for a few seconds and then picked the words "You really didn’t let him do this?"
"At my age, I am busy with business all day, and there is no Weibo app on my mobile phone. I don’t know how to operate it. Besides, I know that it is illegal. Even if I want him to be my father, I can’t explain where he is afterwards."
桑拿会所Smell speech leadership agreed to nod.
Yu Tingchuan added, "My wife is really troubled by online comments these days, and it is difficult for her husband to feel uneasy when she has a premature baby in the month."
Said YuTingChuan tone a change seems to be talking and laughing "now miss jiang even followed me on tenterhooks. If she wants to do something, I’m afraid it’s impossible to prevent it. Guess Fan Ji just helped me go to Chiang’s house to intercede."
Fan Ji said, "Jiang Heng is not a confused person. Even if he doesn’t look like Jiang Lao, he won’t allow this to happen again, especially this stall."
Unless the Chiang family really don’t cherish their feathers.
Jiang Hong’s age will be retired in a few years. If something happens now, it will be that the boat capsized in the gutter and the night will not be guaranteed.
Having said this, Fan Ji looked at Yu Tingchuan and said, "Your wife Jiang Heng and I will let her visit to apologize to your wife if you agree." After a pause, he added, "You and I are both white and locked in a ring. Sometimes it is just to put ourselves in."
Yutingchuan took a sip of tea noncommittally.
Fan Ji: "No matter who leaked the video, Jiang Heng’s daughter can be regarded as having learned a lesson. The situation is worse than your wife’s. Is his daughter engaged? If the man is afraid that it is not good to look at others after breaking off his marriage. "
Some families in China don’t want this kind of daughter-in-law.
Fan Ji wants to leave Yutingchuan and get up to see him off.
Before leaving, Fan Ji patted Yu Tingchuan on the shoulder. "In my eyes, you are also a young man. No matter how refined a man is, he always wants to be a baby when he likes a woman. He doesn’t want her to be wronged and angry. It is a much-told story, but it is too big to put it into practice."
Yu Tingchuan, who is left in the lounge, paced and stopped at the French window.
He stood with a negative hand and tapped his left wrist watch with his right index finger. None of them were so slow as to buckle into the depths of his heart.
Yu Chengye was sent to Yunxi Road Garden by Xu Dong.
Song Qingcheng was resting in bed and was brought to accompany her by Yu Sister-in-law. She heard the noise in the building and asked Yu Sister-in-law to go out and have a look.
Sister-in-law Yu will come back soon and say that it seems to be a guest, Aunt Gong.
Let Yu Sister-in-law’s room take care of the Qingcheng Building in the Song Dynasty.
As soon as she walked down the stairs on the first floor, she saw Yu Chengye, a sofa lying askew, whose face was unkempt and dark circles were thick.
Xu Dongzheng aside and saw the whole Song explained, "I just released Qi Shao from the police station on bail. It was General Manager Yu who ordered me to send Qi Shao back to his residence, and said that I should come here first-"
Song Qingcheng nodded his understanding.
"Aunt Gong went to make breakfast for Qi Shao."
Xu Dong and explain.
Song Qingcheng pointed to Yu Chengye and asked Xu Dong, "Is he caught selling films?"
"…" Xu Dong.
Song Qingcheng knew that she didn’t guess wrong. She didn’t rush to let Xu Dong take people away.
It wasn’t long before Aunt Gong brought breakfast to the table.
Original dead Yu Chengye instantly got up to eat. Xu Dong took a message. Song Qingcheng saw that he had something urgent to let him go first.
Xu Dong looked at the sofa Yu Chengye.
"Let him be here."
Song Qingcheng said, "Anyway, there is a guest room at home for people to rest."
After Xu Dong left, Yu Chengye raised her eyelids and glanced at her feet. She stood on the sofa and tore the toast and said, "I’ll live here these days and ask the nanny to prepare a set of washing for me."
Hearing his tone of course, Song Qingcheng frowned slightly. She kept people for breakfast or for sleep at home, but she didn’t intend to let people stay.

Ye Lidao "Let’s eat"

Teng Jun still had a cold face but didn’t dare to say anything.
I can’t help secretly sighing that Ye Li is still very prestigious in this family.
Ye Xiangyuan is an exception, of course.
He didn’t even look up at Ye Li eating selfishly.
But I understand him.
It is not easy for one’s relatives to be killed one after another and it is his enemies who are sitting opposite.
I’m afraid I’ll lift the poison on the table or in the food.
A meal is so quiet that even Xiao Jin behaves himself.
Teng Jun Cheng has a cold face and occasionally cold eyes scanning Ye Xiangyuan and me.
I smiled at her.
Her eyes are colder.
Ye Sanye gave me a hard stare and said to Teng Jun, "Mom, eat more."
Teng Jun looked at Ye Li and pointed out, "My face is still swollen and I have no appetite."
She meant that I slapped her in the face.
Ye Sanye was indignant and said, "Me, too. Some people are so no big or little. It’s really disgusting."
Said the 1 vigorously Chou Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t seem to hear it, but he still ate slowly and gave Xiaojin a chicken leg.
spa会所Xiaojin smiled sweetly at him.
It is estimated that Ye Xiangyuan’s careless attitude stimulated Teng Jun to put chopsticks darkly.
Ye Sanye buried his grievances and said, "My family was so happy to eat before Dad, and now there are a few outsiders who are not used to it with me."
"Shut up!" Ye Li stared at him.
Ye Sanye shrank his neck in fear.
Rattan Jun said crossly, "Old man, what are you doing? He also loves me dearly."
Say that finish to cover your face.
Ye Li hubris her one eye didn’t say anything.
I put chopsticks tearfully to see Ye Xiangyuan "Ah Yuan, did he mean me when he said I was an outsider? You’re a grandfather, Sun Xiaojin is a grandfather’s great-grandson, and you’re all grandpa’s closest relatives, so I’m an outsider … Why don’t I go … "
Ye Xiangyuan took my hand and gently comforted "Don’t worry, just think of it as a dog barking."
Ye Sanye was so angry that he blushed and came together. "Who are you calling a dog?"
"All right!" Ye Li taught him, "I don’t stop eating a meal. I think you are more annoying than a dog."
Leaf three yes injustice pie mouth.
He’s a fat forty-year-old, but he looks funny and funny like a child.
I took a look at Yan Fujin.
This time, she actually endured not quarreling with Ye Li.
I secretly frown.
This is her true face. Since she has been pretending to be in front of Ye Li for decades, I don’t believe that she will let her business fall short.
She can’t hold her breath today. It should be testing Ye Li’s bottom line.
And Ye Li thrived on Ye Xiangyuan’s side, and she must have understood Ye Li’s attitude.
That’s all right. Later, she will probably make less trips and dare not move any bad thoughts.
Ye Sanye and Li Qingqing … I think Ye Sanye was still angry at losing in the past and deliberately kept looking for Ye Xiangyuan, and he was honest after being severely trained by Ye Li.
His wife, Li Qingqing, is not very simple. Both her mother-in-law and her husband are full of anger, but she still eats calmly and looks elegant and obedient.
It seems that I have to pay more attention to it after I have worked so hard.
After dinner, Ye Li called Ye Xiangyuan to the room again.
I saw Sister-in-law and Xiaojin Lou, but I met Ye Sanye on the stairs.
He seems to be waiting for us on purpose.
I winked at my sister-in-law
She took Xiao Jin to the floor and shouted, "The bad guys are coming! The bad guys are coming! "
Xiaojin pedaled to run with her.
Ye Sanye stared at their leaving direction and turned to me with a black face. "I warn you not to Xiaoyan in front of my wife, or don’t blame me for being impolite. It will be more than just two whips."
It turned out that his wife didn’t know that he and Xiaoyan were dirty …
Didn’t he personally give me a handle?
I can’t help laughing.
The first time I heard Ye Sanye speak "No Name" was Xiaoyan’s mouth. She kept saying that Ye Sanye would make decisions for her. I think Ye Sanye must be a particularly powerful person.
But after several contacts, I found out that his real strength is that he has a very good acting mother and a wife with a strong background.
I smiled. "I’m sorry. I prefer being lured to threats."
We discussed this topic the next time. At that time, Ye Sanye didn’t take me seriously and satirized me for not being lured.
I think he should change his attitude this time.
He stared at me for a long time, rain or shine, and snorted, "You just rely on the fact that there is a leaf behind you!"

Sebrina and Lin Xiaoyu talked for a long time. After that, the coffee shop waved to us. We walked over to Lin Xiaoyu and said to us, "Tonight, Xin Xin let me borrow it. We are still going to make a mask and a hair place. I can’t accompany you to eat. You can just look at the window and eat alone."

With that, Lin Xiaoyu pulled Yan Jia Xin’s hand up and said "goodbye" to me. The two sisters drove away and never looked back.
I asked Sebrina, "Where are you going?"
"I’m going to the company to report that I’m working for a few days again. I think the boss will scold me to death. I’m going to report my little brother now. I can’t accompany you to dinner, but thank you for letting me see Lin Xiaoyu and get her number so that I can get in touch with her more. If you stay in Beijing, I can take you around for a vacation. I played all over Beijing."
"Let’s see. We’ll stay if we have a chance."
"Well, goodbye, little brother."
Sebrina blew me a kiss goodbye, took on her sunglasses and left the hotel.
Time passed quickly. Two days passed, and the day before the wedding, I promised Yan Jia Xin to change my appearance. On this day, my department spent a lot of time to transform my image until Yan Jiaxin helped me lay a good job and finally got a pat on my body and said "good", so I relaxed the day.
Although Lin Xiaoyu didn’t make the wedding much, there should still be ostentation and extravagance, perhaps because both of them are wealthy businessmen, many shopping mall predators came, followed by many leaders
Yan Jiaxin and I came to the wedding venue together in the wedding car prepared by Lin Xiaoyu.
She was the maid of honor and accompanied Lin Xiaoyu into the venue, while I was an ordinary person in the best man group.
"Is it decent to wear?"
Hearing this sound, I immediately turned my head and saw that Tang Xiao looked at me a little improperly. I smiled at him, but my face was very embarrassed after the smile.
Suddenly, the two of us looked at each other again, and Tang Tian walked behind Tang Xiao. The complexity in his eyes made me very unpredictable, and he didn’t like it.
After chapter one hundred and ninety, we will also have.
"Bad old man looks like someone owes him 50 thousand."
Tang Xiao scolded his father discontentedly until Tang Tian slowly left him from our sight.
However, my mood didn’t return to calm after Tang Tian’s brief departure, but it seemed heavier. From Tang Xiao’s expression, it seemed that he didn’t know everything about Tang Tian.
I looked at Yan Jiaxin around Zheng Xiaoyu. Perhaps in a sense, Yan Jia Xin was his brother and sister. I immediately turned to Tang Xiao and asked, "Why didn’t your mother come over?"
Tang Xiao replied to me in a bit of a daze, "My mother couldn’t when I was 5 years old."
"Don’t die" I was surprised.
Tang Xiao went on to say, "From my world, I think I should be pissed off by this dead old man. I clearly remember that my mother had a big fight with him on my fifth birthday because of that woman. This old man had my mother in mind, but it was another woman who said that he would go to find her. It was that quarrel that my mother never came back. From then on, I hated him and hated the woman who tore my family apart."
After hearing what Tang Xiao said, I seem to understand something, but it is still very confusing. If Tang Tian abandoned Yan Jiaxin and her mother at the beginning, why would he argue with Tang Xiao’s mother and want to find Yan Jiaxin’s mother again? Didn’t he know that Yan Jiaxin’s mother was dead at that time?
I was confused by this series of things, and I always felt that there seemed to be a big knot tied tightly. It seemed that many people knew everything in it, even if they knew how to untie it, but no one was willing to take the initiative to untie it and tell her what it was.
I sat in a spare seat with Tang Xiao. Yan Jiaxin smiled at me and walked towards me. At this time, the figure that made me hate also came in. Qi Qi followed a man about the same age as Tang Tian. She seemed to find that we were coming towards us actively.
夜网论坛And that man was sitting next to Tang Tian. He should be Qi Yi. Qi Yi, the boss of Qi’s company, and Chairman of Qi Yi, two men smiled the same as soon as they met. Then they looked back and saw just a few of us sitting beside Tang Xiao.
Yan Jiaxin came to my side and found Tang Tianzheng looking at her. She looked at him directly. Tang Tianze looked at me and glared at me again. Then she turned her head and Qi Qi walked next to us and said to Tang Xiao, "Come with me. My father and Uncle Tang are waiting for us in their seats."
Tang Xiao ignored her and threw her head aside. "If you want to go by yourself, I won’t sit with those two bad old men and feel depressed and breathless."
"Are you going or not?" Qi Qi asked him again.
"If you don’t go, you’re bored. Do you know or not? I really don’t know why you have so much energy and want to die with me."
Qi Qi lifted her head and looked at Yan Jiaxin’s eyes, but she didn’t say anything. Then she glared at me and motioned for me to give her my position. I didn’t want to talk to her more directly. She snorted "You are smart" at me.
As soon as she sat in Tang Xiao, she got up and said to me, "Come with me and ignore this crazy woman."
Qi Qi just got up and shouted at him, "Tang Xiao, what are you doing? If you don’t go over, just sit somewhere else and let me put it there."
"It doesn’t matter where you put it, Qi Qi. I really want to ask you what kind of trouble do you want? Did I offend you? What do you want to pester me like this?"
"Because I’m your fiancee, what will others say about me if you don’t go there? You don’t want to be a master. I don’t care, but you can’t let me lose my face like this."
"Shit face shit fiancee to put it bluntly, it’s just that two bad old men are messing around and specifying bullshit engagement. Qiqi, if you want to go there, you can go there by yourself. I’ll stay here anyway. Whether you lose face or not, I don’t care about anything."
Tang Xiao said to Qi Qi grumpily. Suddenly Yan Jiaxin and I felt that the situation was a little out of alignment. Qi actually shed tears. Such a unruly woman with a little princess temper actually shed tears.
She asked Tang Xiao with a sob, "Tang Xiao, do you really want to do this? You really don’t want to sit with me."
"Don’t go, just don’t go. I said, Miss Qi, can you stop messing around? I’m begging you. Let me feel at ease for a day. You’ve been bothering me since I came back. I want to live a few more years, you know?"
"Good" Qi Qi wiped her tears and walked straight towards the front without saying too much.
JiQi such a walk Tang Xiao this just sat down with relief to Yan Jiaxin to Tang Xiao said, "maybe she likes you."
"She likes me. Bullshit. She’s lucky if she doesn’t toss off two layers of skin. Even if she likes me, I won’t like a woman like her who is unruly and sexual."
With that, Tang Xiao picked up a cigarette and smoked. The wedding horse was about to start. Yan Jiaxin motioned me to get ready. I didn’t stay with Tang Xiao, but I looked at the whole wedding venue and found that Qi Qiqiang endured a smile and said good things to the surrounding people. Even if it was a little embarrassing, she still behaved calmly and faced all the people.
I said another sentence to Tang Xiao, "Like it or not, give some noodles to others. Although I don’t like her either, you still have to do a little work on both sides. After all, you two still have to combine the Tang family’s career and will hand it over to you when you arrive. Your disrespect may be the loss of hundreds of millions of gentleman’s money."
After I said this, Tang Xiao gave me a thoughtful look at his cigarette, and then said, "What a troublesome woman." Then he got up from this free seat and walked towards Qi Qi. Seeing Tang Xiao, Qi Qi seemed a little secretly pleased and smiled at him, whether it was true or not, and she smiled at him to cope with the situation.
And I finally walked next to Yan Jiaxin and watched the two couples perform all the wedding ceremonies on the stage.
There was hope in her eyes, and I shook her hand with the music and said, "We will have it later."
Chapter one hundred and ten Wait for me
From the beginning to the end of the wedding, Yan Jiaxin and I accompanied Lin Xiaoyu to finish all the work at the venue until after the end, when Lin Xiaoyu got out of the car and waved at us and left us, which was a very safe sigh.
As soon as Lin Xiaoyu left, we went to change clothes and changed them back. Yan Jiaxin got her own bag outside the venue. At this moment, she has changed into an ordinary dress, not just as white as that.
"It’s finally over. Are you going to stay here for a few more days or go back now?" She looked at me and asked me.
I thought for a moment, "Go home early and have a little thing."
"Well, then let’s go."
As soon as we took two steps, a black Mercedes stopped in front of us. When Tang came with a smile, he looked at Yan Jiaxin and said with a smile, "President Yan Tang always wants to talk to you, hoping you can spare some time."
Yan Jiaxin’s face became complicated. Tang Tianna, the seat covered by the windshield in the car, sat in it as steady as Mount Tai. He didn’t look at us through the window, as if he had been sure for a long time. Yan Jiaxin would definitely talk to him in the car.
"Please take the car, President Yan." Tang helped her open the back seat and made a gesture of please.
Yan Jiaxin looked at me and I nodded at her. "Go, maybe there is something important."
After saying that, I suddenly felt like something was missing. To be honest, I was afraid that it would be difficult for her to see me again when she left. I was not too sure. After all, I was like that at the moment before him, I could step on ants at any time and could not afford to lift the wind and waves.
Yan Jiaxin smiled at me and seemed to see my emotions. I took out a pen and handwritten two very obvious words "wait for me"
When I saw these two words, I felt as if I had a reassurance, so I let go and grabbed her and watched her enter the car door that had been opened until the car door.
Tang came up to me and said, "Tang always wants me to say four words against my promise."
With that, he went back to his car and started driving. As soon as this Yan Jiaxin Mercedes-Benz car passed by me, it went farther and farther until I couldn’t see the moving car.

After Lu Zhan scolded Xiao Chengjiang in his heart, he told him to flirt with his sister and ask others for words. It is normal for her to see that Lu Zhan and Xiao Chengjiang would misunderstand each other.

At that time, Lu Zhan didn’t intend to avert suspicion and always looked at Xiao Chengjiang. Who would have thought that he would meet this elder sister again?
He can say that the world …
It’s really too small
Chapter 61 Really became a pervert
"Don’t touch my little purple behind you, pervert!" Chen Nannan opened the back door and called Lu Zhan in.
Lu Zhan sat in the car with a wry smile. He was not afraid that Chen Nannan would sell him.
Chen Nannan "bang" a door seems to vent his dissatisfaction.
Lu Zhanyu seems that this "sex maniac" brand has been filled, and he has to find a chance to explain it to Zihua.
Chen Nannan started the car and put it in reverse. The car backed up from the lawn and followed the right direction.
"Lu Zhan, my father is working in Paris now. He asked me for something, so I came to Paris. You won’t blame me for not asking for leave with your captain, will you?"
A car full of purple flowers turned to stick out your tongue to Lu Zhan.
If you have something, you must drive to him specially?
Zihua has always been so ambiguous with him. Lu Zhan certainly knows that Zihua came to Paris to find him.
"Oh …" Should not be Lu Zhan is promised to pretend not to see the purple flower embarrassed.
"Where are we going?" Lu zhanwen
"I just went to the airport to pick her up and haven’t eaten yet! You have eaten like you. "Chen Nannan snorted.
Just got off the plane …
Lu Zhan’s heart warmed with purple flowers. Obviously, he came looking for him as soon as he got off the plane. It was probably just the lawn that saw him before he appeared here.
With these purple flowers, I turned my head to wear a belt to tie the posture, and it was not easy to talk.
Purple flower tried to open her mouth but stopped. When I came, I was full of words to tell Lu Zhan, but I forgot when I saw Lu Zhan.
"How was the pre-game?" Purple flower finally thought of a breakthrough.
"Lost …" Lu Zhan sighed.
"Lost? Haven’t you ever played in North America? Sure enough, you are flirting with girls! I recognized you on the plane for professional reasons. I can’t say more. "Chen Nannan’s eyebrows seem to be very familiar with the game.
"Nan Nan, don’t talk nonsense about how Lu Zhan could do such a thing!" Purple flower knows that Lu Zhanren naturally defends him.
"Losing is losing for no reason" Lu Zhan shook his head.
Two words brought him back to reality.
桑拿按摩Even if Zihua came to see him, the result of today’s game could not be corrected. They lost after all.
He looked out of the window, and it was raining. The rain flowed back and forth along the window glass, covering the night in Paris and not seeing it at all.
"If you know your mistake, you can admit it. It’s still a gentleman. Well, I put my foot in my mouth." Chen Nannan saw Lu Zhan’s face through the mirror and couldn’t help adding.
Lu Zhan ignored her. He didn’t need this kind of pity comfort.
At that time, the car was quiet again, and the sound of wiper kept ringing.
"To the place! You can’t even say a word when you come to you so far? "
After a while, Chen Nannan pulled over to greet the two cars.
Lu Zhan opened the car door and reached out to explore the rain. It was quite heavy, almost like pouring it out.
He looked around and saw that they were not a hotel but a residential area. They were located in a small five-story building.
"Not to say that to eat? Where is this? " Lu zhanwen
"If you don’t want to go out to eat in such a heavy rain, just eat at my house. I’ll cook for you!" Chen Nannan stood up and came out of the car. She took an umbrella in her hand, which was specially put in the car for preparation.
"Just go to the first floor of the front unit and I’ll cook. You wait." Chen Nannan pointed to the front place and ran through the rain-covered place with an umbrella to open the stair door.
Lu Zhan has some nai. He wants to come out for fun. Who would have thought that this fun would spread so far? It is estimated that he can’t even find his way from this place to the top of the arena.
"Let’s go too!"
Hesitant purple flower calling Lu Zhan
Lu Zhan nodded when he came from the right car, Zihua had opened the door and leaned out.
"It’s raining too hard. I’ll cover it for you!" Lu Zhan took off her coat to the purple flower head and helped her close the door.
"Let’s go!" Lu Zhan ran for a while with purple flowers in the rain and finally reached the front of the stairs.
Chen Nannan has opened the stair door, and she is surprised to see two people coming in the rain.
"Why are you here? I’m here to bring you an umbrella!" Chen Nannan said.
"You said I was a bad person. How dare you take an umbrella?" Lu Zhan put away his coat and wanted to fold it. It suddenly occurred to me that the color of scrambled eggs with tomatoes was the team!
When I came, I was all dressed up, and now I’m wet …
"I’ll help you wash it later!" Purple flower stretched out his hand and asked Lu Zhan for clothes.
Lu Zhan wanted to be humble, but when he saw Zihua insisting on washing it, he gave it to her. Someone washing it is better than washing it himself.
"Hey, I said that you are lovers?" Chen Nannan looked at two people with huge breasts in his hands and full of fun.
"No!" Lu Zhan and Zi Hua are different from each other.
"That’s it. Don’t show your love for a pervert!" Chen Nannan turned and walked to open the door.
"Can you stop calling me a pervert? I didn’t do anything to you!" Chen Nannan bite a sex maniac so let Lu Zhan some angry.
"Hehe, I didn’t do anything to flirt with my sister’s private words?" Chen Nannan eyebrows a pick.
Lu Zhan also wants to say something. Zihua pinched Lu Zhan’s arm and whispered, "I’m your best friend. Don’t pay attention to her. I believe you didn’t do anything."
Lu Zhan nodded his head. He was depressed and didn’t want to be angry.

I smiled at Gu Changning. "That’s your site. You won’t let anything happen to me, will you?"

Gu Changning leng solemnly said, "I promise."
Lu Xun also said, "No matter what the final result is, we will ensure your safety."
Gu Changning nodded. "Well, we can’t talk to Ayuan if you have an accident."
I laughed. "Thank you."
So it was decided that I would go to thorns to find Li Yuyan.
Have Pan Dong know this later euphemistically opposed "chief said to wait for him in your home …"
I waved and interrupted him. "He also said that you have to listen to me in this paragraph."
Pan Dong was silent for a moment and finally compromised. "Then you should be careful."
I gratefully answered.
I lay in bed after washing in the evening, but I couldn’t sleep at all.
This is a guest room, and I didn’t stay long. When I came back from France, I followed Ye Xiang away from Qinyuan.
But I suddenly feel nostalgic.
品茶Maybe this is my last night here, and maybe I’ll break up with Ye Xiangyuan completely from now on.
From then on, I will never find a chance to come back
I looked at the backyard and lost in thought.
Infrared rays are still flashing there, and there are still many guard posts
Ye Xiangyuan once said that he wanted me to live in the master bedroom with him, but it never materialized.
We had an appointment to settle at the foot of the Alps when all the dust settled …
I haven’t watched Xiao Jin grow up …
So many regrets
But life is like this, there will always be many forks in the road and many turning points. You must choose a road to move on.
In the past, when people in your business always parted ways, they said good-bye to you for a long time, and people might say goodbye halfway.
I was lifted and walked to the window and looked at the dim light in the courtyard. I felt my chest was blocked by something.
Just when I was born, there was a knock at the door outside
I looked back and saw my sister-in-law walk in with Xiaojin.
During this period, Xiao Jin followed her sister-in-law, but even if my training intensity was so great during my hospitalization, he would come to see me almost every day.
I know he really depends on me as a relative.
He seemed to know that I was sad and threw myself into my arms and wiped my eyes. "Aunt, are you crying?"
Chapter 145 You can promise anything.
Actually, I didn’t cry, but my heart felt bad.
I picked him up and kissed him on the cheek. "Baby, you have to listen to your mother and be as good as your uncle, you know?"
Xiaojin nodded "and smiling! I really like my uncle ~ "
I looked at his face and smiled so childlike as if I had no worries … Somehow the haze in my heart was blown away.
He put his arms around my neck and looked at me with a brighter smile.
Sister-in-law patted his ass and then looked at me and whispered, "I wronged you …"
I smiled. "Sister-in-law, you know me and Ayuan very well … this is what I should do."
Because he is not a real husband and wife, because he signed an agreement, I have to rush when he is in danger.
What’s more, I am willing to let him do things.
Sister-in-law was silent for a moment and said, "But even so, you are wronged."
I didn’t speak, but there was a warm current in my heart
Section 13
Xiaojin touched my forehead and said, "Aunt, don’t be sad. Uncle will be fine ~"
I hugged him tightly. "Xiao Jin is right and will be fine."
Finally, Xiao Jin pestered me to sleep with me
Sister-in-law laughed. "He prefers to stick to you … and he will always be your nephew no matter what happens …"
I was moved to pick up my lip angle and choked, "Good …"
Actually, I also like being stuck by Xiao Jin. In the past year or so, Xiao Jin has given me as much warmth and laughter as Ye Xiangyuan.
I told Xiao Jin a story. He closed his eyes and breathed evenly, as if he were going to fall asleep.
So I tucked him in and was about to light the lamp.
I didn’t expect Xiao Jin to suddenly open her eyes and look at me. "Auntie, I still want to go fishing in that beautiful mountain. I have uncles and you … Let’s go camping with grilled fish for dinner … There are stars in the sky …"
It sound like Aaron, but I understood what he meant.